What To Do, Where To Go And What To Eat At WWE WrestleMania 40 Weekend In Philly

What’s up y’all! ‘Tis the season – the most wonderful time of year for wrestling fans – Christmas in April – aka Wrestlemania Season.

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This year, the Show of Shows is celebrating 40 years, and is in my hometown of Philadelphia, a place it hasn’t been in 25 years. However, the more things change, they stay the same; because much like back in 1999, pro wrestling is as hot as ever, and The Rock, who faced Stone Cold Steve Austin in the main event of Wrestlemania XV, is back in the fold, and figures to play a huge part in this Wrestlemania’s final match as well. The show figures to be the centerpiece of an entertaining weekend for sure. 

However, in 1999, tickets to Mania XV were a little bit more affordable, where a mezzanine level seat at the then-First Union Center went for just $75.00. Today that MIGHT get you parking on the premises, as Wrestlemania XL tickets today are going for an average of $500 for the two-night extravaganza–far more if you actually want to see the action.. There are literally wrestling related events every hour of every day of Mania Week, but I’d recommend doing some other things to avoid rasslin’ burnout. It’s a thing.

So if you’re in town and looking for some must-see, must-do, and must-eats without breaking the bank any further, say less. I got you. Here are Mega Ran’s Guide on having a good time in Philly Mania Week.

(Photo by Derek Montilla)


Philly is a fat city. And we’re not ashamed of that. It’s because we know how to eat well. 

Let’s get down to business. It’s a cheesesteak. No one calls it a Philly Cheesesteak, that’s redundant. You gotta get yourself one..or many. I can show you how to do it right.

Pat’s? Geno’s? NOPE.NO. AVOID.  overpriced, overrated. If you want a good steak you must venture out. Now, some of these places are not in the most savory of neighborhoods so you might want to travel with a local or just observe the law of the land (don’t stare at people, try not to smile too much, lock up your belongings and keep your head on a swivel), but if you want some good grub, I highly recommend: 

Max’s Steaks (North Philly) – My favorite. they shot some “Creed” scenes here. There’s also a bar connected. Eating in might be a little clunky, but it’s a great steak. Open till 1AM, perfect late night spot. 3653 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140

Dalessandro’s Steaks and Hoagies (Roxborough) – probably the best quality meat in a cheesesteak in town, and if you get it with “gravy” you have to eat it with a knife and fork. Weird, but good. People travel far and wide for it, highly recommended. Outdoor seating available. 600 Wendover St, Philadelphia, PA 19128

John’s Roast Pork (South Philly) – If you’re staying close to the stadiums this is your best bet as far as distance goes. They have a good cheesesteak but the roast pork is the star here. Get yourself a roast pork sandwich with spinach and Provolone cheese. You won’t regret it. 

Ishkabibbles (South Philly)- Located perfectly on South Street, Ishkabibbles has been a go to for years.They even have a second, much bigger location just two blocks up the street. It’s no wonder Ishkabibble’s expanded. Fire cheesesteaks, chopped and packed just right. Order the Gremlin to drink and the cheese fries as well. 

BONUS: if you’re feeling frisky or don’t eat red meat, try the SALMON CHEESESTEAK, I get it from Oh Brother Philly, 206 Market St Philadelphia, PA 19106 and it’s amazing. 

I’ve also had the vegan cheesesteak from HipCityVeg… and it’s cool if you’re into that sorta thing. 

Other food places I really like:

FEDERAL DONUTS (a few locations) really good donuts and surprisingly great chicken sandwiches. 

SCHMEAR for good bagels (Thanks to Adam Bernard for that one)

MIXTO RESTAURANTE (1141 Pine Street), great Pan-Latin food, strong Margaritas. 

Breakfast in Philly is tricky. We don’t really do diners and stuff, it’s always on the go. If you’re in a neighborhood, any corner store will hook you up with a fire turkey bacon egg and cheese (i get it on a scooped long roll, and add jelly, YUM). If you’re downtown you can find a food truck that can do the same.

If i’m out and about, I usually just go to WaWa (they’re everywhere) and i get the everything bagel with veggie cream cheese and add bacon. 

And my favorite one-stop shop: 


More amazing food options than you can shake a stick at await you in the Market. You could go every day of the week for lunch and have something totally different each time. You won’t regret it. The Market is right by the Convention Center, so if you’re doing the WWE World or Wrestlecon, it’s super close.


In the years since I’ve moved away, the stairs to the Philadelphia Museum of Art have become a total tourist institution: there’s a placard on the spot that Rocky stood in, and hustlers will hover the area offering to take pictures of you in exchange for a tip. There’s a statue there too, so whether you’re a fan of Rocky or otherwise (and come on, who isn’t) you absolutely have to do it. 

If you’re a Rocky superfan, here’s a great list of all the sites from the movie that are still standing: https://www.visitphilly.com/articles/philadelphia/quintessential-rocky-tour-of-philadelphia/

Nailed it. 


Take yourself out to the ballgame! Citizens Bank Park is beautiful, and just a week after Opening Day, the Phillies play the Reds on Wed April 3rd. It’s an afternoon game that should be a fun time if you’re in town early. 


Philadelphia has more street art and wall murals than any other American city, and they’re breathtaking. MURAL ARTS celebrates the city’s amazing history of transforming urban spaces into canvases of hope, inspiration and dialogue through street art. They even do a great guided subway tour. Get info at muralarts.org

Also, the Philly Museum of Art (home of the “Rocky Steps”) is pay-what-you-want on Sundays. Definitely get in there. 


If you’re a history buff, go see The Liberty Bell, that’s free, as is The Constitution Center across the street. Also take a stop at the 2300 Arena, formerly the ECW Arena, where it all began in Philly. 

Lots of cool parks as well, with Spruce Street Harbor Park or FDR Park being my faves, with tons of greenery, people and most importantly, dogs.


Just got your Mania credential email and now you have to book travel and accommodations late in the game? Get on it. This is a new thing for visitors to the city, and it’s a steal if you haven’t booked a hotel yet. 

You book your stay, park your car for free upon arrival at your hotel and then, depending on the dates of your visit, pick from one of the following perks:

two tickets to The Art of the Brick at The Franklin Institute (available from March 1 to September 2, 2024)

two tickets to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rodin Museum, or

two tickets to the National Constitution Center and the Museum of the American Revolution.

I’d take the Art Museum. But it’s pay what you want on Sundays

Go to https://www.visitphilly.com/things-to-do/ for details.

I hope this helps fill your already tight schedule for Mania Week with even more things to do. If you’re in the city for the graps, holler at me on Twitter, my schedule will likely be just as packed but I hope to run into you out there at least at Walemania.

 Merry Wrestling Christmas! 

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