What WWE Originally Wanted To Do With Sheamus’ Look

In an interview with Alex McCarthy of talksport.com, Sheamus talked about ideas that WWE had for his look when he returned from injury:

“Mate, I got these notebooks of ideas from creative with like, a small moustache, and suspenders and my hair go over to the side,” Sheamus stated. “It looked almost exactly like Jack Gallagher from 205 Live and I said ‘you know, we have a person who looks just like this here, right?’ Man, if I did any of it any of those pictures, I’d just be done! I would have been toast. The amount of slaggings (abuse) I would have gotten… and that would have just been off my granny! It was just terrible.”

“People were asking on the channel, on social media – bring back the old Sheamus. So, I did. I wanted to bring back the old music too, but some things you can get and some things you can’t. But yeah, it’s very important, especially the spirit of the Celtic Warrior. That kick-ass, Celtic Warrior vibe. It made sense.”

You can check out the full interview below: