What’s Going Right with WWE NXT 2.0

Hello everyone. I’m Justin C. I’m the host of the two new podcasts on PWMania: The Hot Tag and Watching Rasslin Podcast.

Before I started doing strictly podcasts I wrote for a handful of sites. I would bounce back and forth between column pieces and retro PPV reviews. Well, I’ve decided to get back into that on PWMania!

As you can see from the title of this article, I’ve decided to take a look at NXT 2.0. The show has been getting a good amount of criticism from wrestling fans and deservedly so. 


I think there are a few things working on the new NXT 2.0 show from a wrestler perspective. There are some wrestlers that have found a character and have continued to grow them over the time they have been on TV. I’m going to dive into some of those things in this piece. Feel free to comment on my article if you agree or disagree with my thoguhts!


Like you I’m sure, I was quite skeptical when Mandy Rose went down to NXT. Then I was even more skeptical when they put the NXT Women’s Championship on her. But you can’t deny that she’s gotten better as in ring and out of ring character. And the addition of Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne to form Toxic Attraction has worked out perfectly.

I will say that I think Mandy has held the title a bit too long, and I would have had Roxanne Perez win it a few weeks ago. But to me there is no doubt that the group gets eyes to it. They are always a topic of discussion every week. I think they are the right combination of diva era sexy and current era in ring workers. I would argue they are almost main roster proof. I don’t think even Vince McMahon could screw them up if they ever get there. 

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams

Every time I see Carmelo Hayes on NXT he just screams money to me. He just exudes confidence and charisma to me. He is a great worker. He can cut a great promo. His act with Trick Williams works. It is one of those things where you feel like he should be NXT Champion. But he is doing a fantastic job making the North American title, as he says, seem like the “A Title” of NXT. I really hope they give him a long reign with the title this time, making whoever beats him for it a big deal.

When it comes to the main roster, I worry that they would immediately have Carmelo dump Trick and push Trick as the star. Why is that? Well Trick is taller to start. Hayes is only 5’10 and you know that is a problem with some WWE execs. But Hayes charisma and talent should be what is looked at if he ever gets to the main roster. He doesn’t even have to be a main eventer. There is no reason he could not be a long term upper mid carder with long reigns as United States or Intercontinental Champion. 

The Creed Brothers

There was a good amount of hype about these guys before they even showed up on NXT if you read the internet. And they have delivered. I would listen to arguments that they are the second best tag team in all of the WWE after the Usos. I think they are that good. Now granted, the tag team division in the WWE is not all that great to start. And again I worry what would happen with these two on the main roster.

But the Creed Brothers are continually getting better each week on NXT. And the promo this past week after the attack from Tony DeAngelo and his crew was great. Again, these guys should be holding the NXT Tag Team Titles for quite some time. Mostly because I do not see a team that should win them at the moment on the NXT roster. 

The Women’s Division

I know I singled out Toxic Attraction earlier in this column when it comes to the women’s division in NXT. But I think, for the most part, the entire division deserves some love. Roxanne Perez debuted and was instantly treated as a star. Cora Jade continues to grow as a performer and am interested to see what she does with this latest heel turn (even though I was not a fan of it).

Alba Fyre has a unique look and presentation and I like that she has adapted this new persona after being forced to ditch the Kay Lee Ray name. Tiffany Straton is even growing on me. I was nowhere near a fan of hers when she first debuted but she is making small tweaks to her in ring move set and character as she gets more TV time. Nikkita Lyons is obviously pegged to be a big star down there as well and the crowd continues to respond to her every time she is out there. If you listen to the Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast you know that I am an advocate for dumping the NXT brand as a whole and making the Tuesday night show a full women’s show. And with the amount of women on NXT and the main roster I think it would work.

Oh by the way the only woman this does not apply to in NXT is Lash Legend. She is awful and should not be anywhere near a wrestling ring on TV at the moment.

Andre Chase

Is Andre Chase ever going to main event a big NXT show? Probably not. But is he going to get over as an undercard act because of his vignettes? I would say absolutely. Every time he does one of those teaching segments then goes into a Bobby Knight like tirade on someone asking a dumb question it is great. I think I have always gotten a laugh out of them. I think the segments with Thea Hali are dumb but the standalone segments are great. He would get over on the main roster as an undercard act.

Solo Sikoa

I’m still surprised they haven’t jumped Sikoa to the main roster to be with The Bloodline. But to the WWE’s credit for now, they are letting him to continue to grow on NXT. Sikoa gives off an energy that he is a bad ass every time he is on screen. He always looks like someone that is ready for a fight. Unlike the Usos who pose and play to the camera, Sikoa just comes out looking for a fight. 

If it were up to me, I would have Sikoa eventually come up to the main roster and not join The Bloodline. Have the Usos and Roman try to recruit him in and make them think it is a no brainer he will join, but then have Sikoa reject them. It makes him come off as an instant threat. The main roster crowd would look at him differently and as someone who thinks Sikoa believes he can be a star on his own. 

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