When Bray Wyatt Is So Good, He Makes Others Reinvent Themselves…

(Photo Credit: WWE)

I recently read an article that had a transcript from an interview that Seth Rollins did. In this interview, he basically stated that it was difficult to work with Bray Wyatt.

Now, let us break this down. Before reading anything else, people will automatically assume that Bray Wyatt is tough to talk to backstage, is a stiff worker, etc. But that is not the case here.

Seth Rollins basically continued on to say that his character had no more room going forward after his program had ended with The Fiend.

The opinion here is that Seth was about to be a top guy, but The Fiend truly buried him.

Um. What the heck do you expect?! When you are put in a program with one of the most “suspend your train of belief” characters out there, you will undoubtedly question your own existence on the roster, or quite literally this planet.

What a lot of people don’t get – and this is the crowd I refer to as fans with no common sense – is that this type of situation needs to be looked at from a different perspective.

In fact, Bray Wyatt is so damn good, and his stories and storytelling are so on-point powerful that even your greatest creation can fail in comparison to this. This is why Seth Rollins actually came out stronger out of all of this. Look at him now, you know you are already singing his entrance song in your head. Don’t lie. 

To go even further, that scumbag David Shmeltzer went on to say that Bray won’t face a top guy at Mania because no top guy wants to go against him; Rollins being the prime example of why.

What these morons don’t understand is that in work environments such as the WWE, employees, or superstars, are all there to make each other look better, grow faster, and become maturer creators of their own domain, literally. Now obviously if you ask Shawn Michaels this in 1997, he will give you an entirely different philosophy. But this isn’t HBK.

We are dealing with Bray Wyatt who is absolutely brilliant, and so profoundly different than all of us. This is why the basic WWE fan has no patience for his current storyline.

Look at just how he is elevating LA Knight. Will LA Knight get buried? Probably. But not before an excellent match, months of amazing promo work, and proof he can roll with the top guys.

LA Knight will not only come out stronger out of all of this, but his acting ability will take him to greater heights once he does something different with his character, an example being him growing more and more depressed due to losing to Bray at the Rumble.

He was great as the head of Maximum Models, he is great as LA Knight, and he will be even better after his program with Bray ends. 

Darling, this is just the beginning. It is called a slow burn to reveal the seven circles of Bray Wyatt’s calendar. Welcome to his brilliance. 

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