When Seth Rolling And Becky Lynch Started Dating, Ali Comments On Brock Lesnar

– In an interview with SI.com, Seth Rollins talked about his relationship with Becky Lynch:

“We started dating in February. We didn’t really keep it a secret that much. We were in public, went to concerts and took pictures. We were friends a year beforehand. It’s not like we hadn’t taken pictures at the gym or elsewhere before. I think people were like, ‘Maybe they’re just friends’. We started seeing each other in February and I don’t think we let the cat out of the bag until April. But weren’t taking extreme measures like she was walking around with a mustache. We did what we did and eventually she put the thing on Twitter when she was arguing with Beth and Edge.”

– Ali commented on the Money in the Bank PPV and why he didn’t react on the ladder when Brock Lesnar made his entrance: