Which Superstars Paul Heyman Is Looking To Push In 2020

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com discussed which stars Paul Heyman is looking to push on the RAW brand heading into the new year:

“They have [people] that they’re trying to get over,” Meltzer said on WOR. “You can see them every week. It’s Aleister Black, it’s Ricochet, it’s Buddy Murphy, it’s Charlotte Flair and it’s Drew McIntyre. They want to get these people over. They want to elevate these people. At least there’s a plan. I rather at least there’d be a plan than just this scattershot nothing where you can watch and think ‘they got no plans.’ At least there’s something going on. They’re attempting to start to build something for the future.”

He added, “Granted, every time we say that, it never gets there. But at least there’s an attempt.”