Why Bayley Feels She Needed To Turn Heel

In an interview with NYPost.com, Bayley talked about why she felt she needed to turn heel:

“I need to be able to do everything and test the waters everywhere and ride the waves and challenge myself,” she said. “I can’t get stale and bored and do the same thing over and over. In order to excel in this business, you have to constantly evolve.”

“I think honestly it’s real frustration,” Bayley said. “I’ve been wrestling for over 10 years. I’ve been with WWE for seven years, so not all of it has been colorful and castle-like and wacky wavy inflatable tubemen and happy and fun. It’s been a struggle. It’s really, really difficult to kind of stay on top for a period of time, so it’s pretty easy to find frustration believe it or not.”