Why Sheamus Missed WWE SmackDown, Ricochet Shares Sad News

– Sheamus is out of action due to a concussion. It’s believed that the concussion occurred during last week’s Smackdown Live main event, according to F4WOnline.com. If that was the case, it would mean Sheamus and Big E were injured in the same match.

– Richochet recently set up a GoFundMe page to help out his mother:

“Monday afternoon I found out that my mom came home from the theatre to find her house engulfed in flames. Luckily my mom, her boyfriend and his two boys are all okay, but devastated from losing all of the memories that were in this house. Not only memories that they have made together, but from me and my brothers childhood, my son growing up and everything in between.

I’ve never done a Gofundme before and wouldn’t be doing this one right now if I didn’t feel it necessary in this crucial situation, but I knew I wanted to do something that could take this horrible negative and possibly turn it into something positive for them. If you are able to donate anything at all it will be greatly appreciated. If you are not able to donate, your love and support will be just as appreciated. This is something I want to do to show my mom that she is not alone in this and that we are all here for them in their time of need.

Thank you all so very much.”

As of this writing, almost $10,000 has already been donated.