Why Tyler Breeze Returned To NXT Brand

During the post-NXT Takeover XXV media call, Triple H commented on Tyler Breeze returning to the NXT brand full-time and his match with Velveteen Dream:

“I think it cemented his legacy, but I think it also earned Tyler Breeze the respect of a young man called Velveteen Dream he looked at [Tyler Breeze] and said: ‘You’re not walking back in here, this is a different place now, this is my house. You are not taking my spot.’ Tyler said, ‘I’m coming back and going to take what I want.’ In the end, they earned each other’s respect.”

“It was a lateral move for Tyler Breeze. It wasn’t calling him up or sending him down. It was him going to a place where he can do his thing as good as anyone else in the world. I think they both earned each other’s respect and realized that this is the place to be.”

“People have asked if this was a one-off for Tyler Breeze? It is not. I think Tyler Breeze took the first step back to being gorgeous and this was just the beginning.”