Should Vince McMahon Finish His Story?

(Photo Credit: WWE)

When Monday Night RAW opens each and every week, we are reminded that it is the longest-running episodic television show in history. And this is true. While shows like Law & Order: SVU and Grey’s Anatomy have been around for a long time, they have an off-season, unlike the WWE. On top of this, many fans like to explain to non-wrestling fans that the show is like a soap opera, and through its 30-plus years of airing on TV, many different storylines have come and gone. However, it is difficult for the casual viewer to understand that there is a much bigger, overarching story.

And that story is the one Vince McMahon started, but should he finish it?

We love to say that Cody needs to finish his story, but honestly, that can be said for every single superstar in the WWE, or any other promotion for that matter. There are countless number of stories in wrestling, but there is no bigger one than the one that Vince McMahon created. Will he be damned if we don’t let him finish it?

Would Dick Wolf want the reigns of his empire taken away? Would George Lucas? Would any successful showrunner and creator of television let go of their baby so damn quick?

As more details of the merger between the WWE and Endeavor have become available, it is becoming more apparent every day that Vince will be in power for a long time to come. He might not have the creative control he once did, but he will be very present. Is this what’s good for business? Ari Emmanuel understands Hollywood more than 99.9 percent of the fans watching the product, and he understands that successful stories start and end with one person: the creator. And when it comes to the WWE, is there anyone else that understands how to create better than Vince McMahon? Yes, there have been a lot of crappy ideas, but other TV shows sometimes have crappy storylines, crappy writing, and crappy ideas. But they do not last forever, or they get canceled.

There is a reason the WWE has yet to be canceled, and that reason is because of its creator. The longevity of his creation depends on two things: him having some kind of say and the sacrifices that the individual wrestlers make day in and day out.

The same can be said for acting. You can only have great television with great showrunners and great actors; it simply does not work another way.

Should Vince finish the story?

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