Why WWE stars are using CBD & medical marijuana for pain

CBD has gained a lot of attention among wrestlers and other combat athletes. Wrestling is an intense and demanding sport that often causes injuries, aches, and pains to the body. Since research suggests that CBD has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, CBD for wrestlers is proving to be a popular natural remedy. 

In much the same way, medical marijuana may ease certain types of chronic pain, including that resulting from inflammation and nerve damage. 

Typically, CBD products contain only trace amounts of THC, whereas medical marijuana often contains a high THC ratio. Therefore, the choice to use CBD or medical marijuana for pain usually comes down to whether or not the user is comfortable getting high.

Another issue is that medical marijuana is not legal in all states, and there is still much controversy around the use of THC. Therefore, many may prefer to stick to CBD products. These 750mg CBD gummies from Premium Jane are an excellent option as they taste delicious and deliver a healthy dose of high-quality CBD.

Below, we explore the link between CBD and WWE in more detail.

Why Are WWE Stars Turning to CBD?

The WWE has strict drug policies regarding pills. If a wrestler is caught using prescription pain meds, steroids, tranquilizers, or other such pharmaceuticals, they risk being suspended immediately or could even be kicked off the circuit. However, the organization is much more lenient regarding cannabis and its key ingredients, CBD and THC.

While the WWE doesn’t exactly promote the use of cannabis, wrestlers who test positive for the substance can avoid suspension by paying a $2,500 fine. Although not ideal, it’s often worth the risk for some much-needed pain relief. 

Also, drug tests typically test for the presence of THC, not CBD. Therefore, CBD for wrestlers is often a safe option, as long as the product only contains trace (undetectable) amounts of THC. Additionally, CBD topicals are an excellent option for wrestlers since they are applied directly to the area of pain and discomfort. Since no ingestion occurs, there is little risk of them showing up on a drug test.

Finally, there is also the matter of CBD being a much safer and healthier alternative to opioids. The president of the National Wrestling Alliance agrees with this sentiment. Back in 2017, he strongly advocated the use of cannabis for healing injured wrestlers. He drew attention to the huge problem with opioid addictions and related deaths in the sporting world, highlighting that CBD for wrestlers does not pose the same risks.

CBD for Wrestlers: Pain Management Potential

Wrestling is a strenuous sport that puts a lot of strain on joints and muscles. Pain is the nature of the game, but that doesn’t mean wrestlers should have to live through it with no remedy.

CBD and Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a common occurrence for pro-athletes, and it often causes joint and muscle pain, slows down recovery time, and decreases performance. As a powerful anti-inflammatory, CBD could alleviate associated muscle soreness. 

CBD decreases inflammation by minimizing swelling and reducing levels of certain cytokines that release proinflammatory agents into the bloodstream. This is just one way CBD may exert its anti-inflammatory properties.

One 2016 study explored how CBD could benefit rats with joint inflammation. Topical CBD gel reduced joint swelling and pain in the rats. Plus, no adverse side effects were noted.

CBD and Pain Management

Aside from alleviating inflammation, CBD may block pain signals from reaching the brain. The cannabinoid interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) by activating certain brain and spinal cord receptors, thereby diminishing the pain signal before it travels to the brain.

A recent study from 2021 discovered that patients with pain levels ranging from moderate to severe experienced reduced pain levels after 90 days of receiving CBD treatment. 

CBD for Muscle Cramps and Soreness

Muscle cramps are very common in the sporting world, especially in an intense sport like wrestling, where muscle overuse and fatigue are part of the game. During intense workouts, muscle fibers can get microscopically damaged. As a result, the muscles become inflamed, triggering a response whereby the body tries to repair the damage, leading to stiffness and muscle soreness. 

According to one 2020 study, oral CBD may reduce muscle soreness when administered immediately after a workout. Moreover, many athletes report using CBD topicals on sore muscles post-workout. This helps relieve pain while improving flexibility. his growing trend highlights how CBD Hawaii is being embraced by athletes as a natural aid in alleviating post-exercise discomfort and promoting physical well-being.

What Is the Best Way to Use CBD for Pain?

Generally, there are two primary ways for wrestlers to take CBD for pain, in the world of CBD and WWE. They can ingest it or apply it topically. Often, the type of pain being treated is a key factor in determining the best administration method.

For instance, CBD topicals can provide some much-needed temporary relief for general muscle tightness and tension. Topicals are also excellent for treating temporary muscle soreness from workouts. However, oral CBD like this 1000mg CBD oil from PureKana, is more suitable for athletes with joint conditions and chronic pain. 

Ideally, though, a combination can be especially helpful since ingesting CBD helps alleviate pain from the inside while applying it topically targets a specific area of discomfort. Aside from CBD oil, users can take CBD orally in the form of gummies, capsules, and edibles.

It’s also worth mentioning the use of medical marijuana for pain since some wrestlers prefer marijuana over CBD. As discussed, medical marijuana often contains significant amounts of THC, which causes intoxicating effects. It also has a relatively high CBD content, which means that users benefit from the pain-relieving effects of both CBD and THC.

Typically, medical marijuana is inhaled in a joint, koi CBD vape juice or vape pen – the preferred consumption method of many. One of the key benefits of inhaling marijuana is that the effects kick in fairly quickly. Much like CBD, though, marijuana is also consumed in the form of edibles and oils.

Ultimately, the choice between using medical marijuana or CBD for pain comes down to personal preference. CBD is often a safer choice since it’s more widely accepted, and it won’t cause the user to become intoxicated.

Final Thoughts 

Wrestling is a grueling sport where aches, pains, and injuries are commonplace. The body is subjected to enormous physical pressure, and managing associated pain is key to maintaining good form and maximizing performance.

While opioids are all too common in the sports world, medical marijuana and CBD for wrestlers offer a much safer and healthier alternative. Although research is ongoing, initial findings show that CBD has excellent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, making it an excellent solution for athletes from all sports. 

In recent years, the world of CBD and WWE has really started to take off. CBD can be ingested or applied topically, but a combination often works best. This is especially true for a strenuous sport like wrestling, where the joints and muscles are overexerted. 

Cannabis is the natural remedy that many wrestlers praise, with plenty more sure to catch onto in the future.