Will Ospreay Apologizes and Denies Role In Allegations, Issues Statement

NJPW wrestler Will Ospreay, has spoken out against allegations that he was accused to blackballing Pollyanna (UK Wrestler). As the story goes, Pollyanna was reportedly abused by a friend of Will Ospreay by the name of Scott Wainwright. Ospreay tweeted back in 2017 the following statement that was believed to be regarding that situation between Wainright and Pollyanna.

“Think it’s disgusting that people can use social media to accuse people of sexual assault. More than a handful of people know the real you. Trying to use your position to isolate and assault someone is pathetic.”

Ospreay tweeted out the statement from 3 years ago and apologized, but Pollyanna replied and was obviously very upset over the situation.