William Regal Looks Back On Pairing With Triple H In WCW

(Photo Credit: AEW)

What does William Regal think of his 1994 run with Triple H during their respective runs in WCW?

The AEW star and leader of the Blackpool Combat Club spoke about the pairing on his “Gentlemen Villain” podcast.

Featured below is an excerpt from the episode where he touches on this topic with his thoughts.

“We were put together as a tag team to be the original Blue Bloods. Jody Hamilton was running the Power Plant in Atlanta. I had been in WCW a year before him (Triple H). We were constantly training together. On our days off, we were training together. I wanted to teach him as much of that old British stuff as possible, not that he ever really needed it or used it that much. He was a young fella that was a student of the game as they say nowadays, and I wanted to pass that on to him. We trained and we traveled together a bit and whatever else, and that’s where that friendship comes from.

“There was a decision to put us together as a tag team, which there are a few matches that you can see on YouTube. Jody Hamilton was an expert tag wrestler, so he taught us and we worked with him a lot. We were ready to unleash this team. They were going to put Sherri Martel with us and there were big plans for us. At the same time, his contract was up. There was some talk of me going as well, but I had already had a deal with WCW, and WCW was paying for my family’s green cards. I wouldn’t have left anyway because I signed a deal with them. But I said to him, ‘You need to go to the WWF.’ He needed to go because what he lacked was reps. In late ’94, they (WCW) weren’t doing many shows. They decided it wasn’t viable to do that financially. He made his mind up I think anyway, but he asked me my opinion. I said, ‘What you need now is reps.You need to go.’”

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