Woman Accuses Heath Slater Of Violent Assault – WWE Comments

WWE star Heath Slater has been accused of a violent assault on a female security guard during WrestleMania 27 weekend in Atlanta, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper.

Corinne Oliver, a security guard who works for Allied Barton security, says Heath Slater approached her in the early morning of April 4th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and allegedly put her in a chokehold and tried taking her into his hotel room.

Police are still investigating the matter and no charges have been filed against Slater yet.

“She basically said he [Slater] approached her and asked her to go to his room,” Oliver’s laywyer said. “She said no. He started telling her she was pretty and those type things. The next thing you know she was in a chokehold, and he was dragging her and bending her backward, trying to get her on the elevator to his room. She violently had to struggle to get his arm from around her neck.”

Oliver says she told her supervisor about the alleged assault immediately after it happened. After months of inaction by her bosses, the woman filed a police report on June 22nd. Her lawyer says she contacted police after supervisors told her for months they were going to handle it.

WWE is keeping distance from the situation. WWE spokesman Jerry McDevitt has commented:

“The alleged victim is making claims against Slater individually, and it’s being investigated. This has nothing to do with the WWE.”

Looking back at Heath Slater’s Twitter account, it appears that he did not make any tweetd during WrestleMania weekend. Slater returned to Twitter on April 6th with the following tweet:

“Just got home from a long, yet exciting,fun, and life changing week.. You have to love the WWE..”