Women Of Honor Title Tournament Matches Set

ROH issued the following:

The tournament to crown the first-ever Women of Honor Champion begins on Ring of Honor Television the weekend of February 10! Excitement is at an all-time high, with competitors from all over the globe, including Stardom stars, jockeying for their opportunity to become the first-ever Women of Honor Champion!

And with the partnership with the premier women’s professional wrestling organization in the world growing stronger by the day, Women of Honor and Stardom are thrilled to announce that two of the opening round of 16 matches will take place in Japan! On February 24, Osaka Sekaikan will host two first-round matches!

In the first match, Women of Honor star Jenny Rose returns to Japan, where she has spent many months training and competing, to meet the leader of Oedo Tai, Kagetsu! The decade-long veteran is in the prime of her career and is a member of the faction Oedo Tai. Oedo Tai is one of the most dominant groups in Stardom, where she has held the Goddess of Stardom Championships twice and the Artist of Stardom Championships, their six-women championship, once!

Kagetsu has some familiarity with a few of the domestic favorites in the Women of Honor Championship Tournament, having fended off “The Gatekeeper” Kelly Klein and her then-partner Bea Priestly after Kelly and Bea won the Goddess of Stardom Tag Team tournament to win a shot at the championships!

Kagetsu has clearly excelled in tag team wrestling but remains a major threat in singles action, as well! Kagetsu has an impressive combination of speed and power, using the Ebisu Drop, a devastating variation of the Michinoku Driver from a firewoman’s carry position, and the Oedo Coaster, a 450 splash! Jenny will have the toughest match of her career but with her own international experience and a recent win against Mandy Leon, Jenny is looking to prove a win against one of the world’s best would be no upset!

In the second match, two Stardom stars do battle! The woman known as “The Icon of Stardom” Mayu Iwatani looks to bring her pedigree and experience of having held every Stardom Championship into her match with one of the most exciting competitors in the tournament, HZK! This match will be a battle of experience versus exuberance as Mayu’s devastating Dragon Suplex has won match after match and title after title while HZK, currently one-third of the Stardom’s Artist of Stardom Six Woman Tag Team Championships as part of Queen’s Quest, is the youngest in the tournament!

Mayu versus HZK has the potential to go either way and both matches will undoubtedly shape how the tournament shakes out as it leads into the semi-finals at Supercard of Honor’s Festival of Honor on Saturday, April 7 in New Orleans!

More information will be available on how you can watch these great bouts so keep it locked into ROHWrestling.com!