Wrecking Ball Legursky Talks Upcoming Match at Alwayz Ready, The Fixers, More

Ahead of his three-way tag team match on Saturday, Wrecking Ball Legursky sits down exclusively with PWMania.com to talk about his time with the NWA, teaming with Jay Bradley to form The Fixers and more.

In late 2021, Wrecking Ball Legursky would make his debut with the NWA. “It was a rush,” says Legursky. “I’ve been working for a long time to get to the next level. It was a huge payoff getting here and it’s a great feeling getting to wrestle for the NWA.”

As soon as Legursky arrived in the NWA, he knew he had to kick butt, and that was exactly what he did, alongside his partner, Jay Bradley. Legursky recalled him and Bradley getting close throughout the pandemic. “Fast forward a year, he wanted to wrestle for the NWA, and Billy Corgan told him to find a partner,” says Legursky. The audience is still very much alive and kicking for wrestling action – and where there is action, there is usually sport betting online.

Bradley would choose Legursky to be his partner and the two would ultimately form one of the toughest tag teams around today, The Fixers. Legursky says that he always considered Bradley to be like a big brother to him.

Throughout their time in NWA, The Fixers got to work with many great and talented tag teams. One of the teams Legursky got to work with was OGK. Mike Bennett and Matt Taven have made a name for themselves in the professional wrestling world, and Legursky enjoyed working with them.

Legursky trained with Taven for a little bit, but never actually wrestled him. He was able to wrestle Bennett once about three years ago. “It was such a fast-paced match and it was great getting to share the ring with them,” says Legursky. “It showed that The Fixers belonged and are here to stay and that we can kick the butts of everyone.”

When The Fixers picked up a victory over OGK, Legursky says it was great to prove that they could beat one of the best tag teams in the world today, in only their third match together. “We lost the first match but won the second one. Fixers Rule!”

Throughout his time in the NWA, Legursky also got to work with the likes of Jax Dane. Dane is the current NWA National Heavyweight Champion. “It was intense,” says Legursky. “He’s a big, strong, and athletic guy. It’s not often you get to wrestle someone like that.”

Legursky also credits Dane for being a “veteran with a lot of knowledge.” Unfortunately, The Fixers came up just short that night, but it was still a very intense match. “Jay and I were bigger and better than Marshe and Jax. They cheated. Jax low-blowed us. Fixers Rule!”

Alwayz Ready: The Fixers v.s. The Mortons v.s. AJ Cazana and ???

On the upcoming PPV Alwayz Ready, Wrecking Ball Legursky will be teaming up with Jay Bradley to take on The Mortons and AJ Cazana and a mystery partner in a three-way tag team match.”

Legursky says that it’s great bullying around the “two idiots with mullets.” He enjoys being able to tell everyone he knows that he bullied a legend, “babyface Ricky Morton.” “They deserve it though,” says Legursky. “They have stupid haircuts and pretend to be nice guys, but they’re not.”

Legursky goes on to talk about how Ricky Morton pretends to be a nice guy by playing one on Twitter. “He tweets how he wants to leave wrestling a better place and generic nice guy things,” says Legursky. “When you listen to him on a podcast, it’s the complete opposite. He doesn’t give any instructions or feedback, it’s all kids these days this, and kids these days that.”

“Well guess what Ricky Morton, I am a kid these days and this kid is going to kick your and your son’s butt,” says Legursky. “I’m over 6’4″ and 400lbs. This kid this day isn’t a kid, he’s a monster.”

Looking ahead at the match on Saturday, Legursky knows all the teams have bad haircuts so far. He assumes that AJ Cazana’s surprise partner will have a “bad mullet” as well. “We’re preparing as we do for every match,” says Legursky. “We’re going to smash, come out with full brutality, and just start kicking butt and taking names. We don’t prepare for people, they prepare for us. The only thing that matters is Fixers Rule!”

Don’t miss Alwayz Ready on Saturday, June 11, on FITE.tv to see this match, and more live.

What’s Next For The Fixers?

“The goal is the top,” says Legursky. Legursky says that he and Bradley want to become NWA Tag Team Champions. Whether it’s Le Rebelion or another team, The Fixers are here to show why they are the biggest and scariest guys in the NWA.

“Right now we want to focus on humiliating The Mortons,” says Legursky. “I’ve already beaten Ricky Morton. What will be more painful for him is beating up his son Kerry right in front of him, and not being able to do anything about it.

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