Fifth Wrestler Removed From WWE NXT Roster, Pepper Parks Competes In WWE Match

– A fifth WWE developmental wrestler has been removed from the roster page of the official NXT website; Lincoln Broderick. This would indicate that he has been released.

Broderick, whose real name is Marcus Anthony, is a heavily muscled wrestler the company signed out of Ohio Valley Wrestling in February. Despite possessing a great look, Broderick had limited experience and sparingly competed as a result. In his only match on the NXT television show, which was taped in September, he was squashed by Bronson in under two minutes.

The other profiles removed were that of Chad Baxter, Chase Donovan, Louis Fontaine and Nick Rogers. confirmed that Baxter, Donovan and Rogers were let go from their respective developmental contracts, while Fontaine claimed Wednesday in a Facebook post that he asked to be released.

– Fandango’s dark match opponent at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Cleveland, Ohio, was journeyman wrestler Pepper Parks.

The 13-year independent wrestling circuit veteran was profiled the week before by SLAM! Wrestling (article available here). Despite being over 30-years-old and apparently not meeting WWE’s size standard, he continues to vie for a WWE contract.

“A while back, WWE was going through this thing, where they were saying that they didn’t want to hire ‘rookies.’ But a lot of things have changed with Triple H taking over and everything,” Parks said. “I know guys personally who have gotten signed and are close to 30. I don’t listen to any of that stuff, because I don’t think age or height or look really matter, as long as you have what it takes, and you have what they’re looking for.”

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