Wrestling Legend Comments On Not Liking Vince McMahon, Reveals Why He Left The Company

Wrestling legend Ivan Putski recently did an interview with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling. Here are the highlights:

Why he quit the WWF in 1987: “I wrestled up there for almost twenty years. Me and Bruno Sammartino were in the WWF longer than just about any wrestler that was ever up there. I finally said that I was getting tired of it and when Vince Jr. took over it just helped me make my mind up. Matter of fact, me and Bruno used to talk about it and after he retired I said it won’t be long until I retire too. We always had conversations and we used to tell each other that is not like it used to be and a lot of big changes came about. But I feel fortunate that I was there and was able to see the changes come and to get the opportunity to go through the changes and retire when I did.”

Not liking Vince McMahon Jr.: “I don’t know it is just the personality. Vince Sr. was such a good man and if you did something or made a mistake, he’d come and sit down with you real nice and he was just a good person and a good man and I got along with him real well. For some reason I couldn’t get along with Vince McMahon Jr. He just didn’t like me and I didn’t like him so I guess it made us even.”

You can listen to the show below: