Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars Review

The producers of “Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars: Emergency Room” asked if I would review the upcoming pay-per-view that is set to debut on various cable systems this week and I took the opportunity to watch the show. This edition of the series features the stars of Combat Zone Wrestling and the action is insane. You won’t see action like this on Monday or Wednesday, as the blood flows freely while the combatants are involved with some unbelievable stipulations.

Lucky 13 vs. Scotty Vortex
The show opens with a ladder death match and it proves from the start of the show that these competitors will take some crazy risk during these ultra violent contests. Lucky 13, who is an aerial wrestler, deserves a lot of credit for his efforts in this match, as he was power bombed on a light tube ladder and as a result, he had a very serious gash on his back. Most performers would consider concluding the match earlier, but Lucky 13 actually had the event staff wrap tap around him to stop the bleeding and he continued the match. His opponent, Scotty Vortex is one of the original Nap Town Dragons and he was more than willing to risk injury with a series of light tube spots. After his Sabu style repair, Lucky 13 bridged a ladder between the ring and the guard rail to set up for the next ultra violent scenario. As Vortex was standing on the apron, Lucky 13 attempted what seemed like a reverse hurricanrana, but landed awkwardly on the ladder and it was a rough bump. Again, Lucky 13 continued the match, but Vortex eventually won it.

“The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont vs. “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy
This match featured a variety of weapons including, a bed of nails, barbed wire, and other insanity. This contest will make you concerned for Termont’s safety, as he takes some nasty bumps, including a barbed wire board, a guard rail, and other dangerous spots. During the bout, Tremont’s arm gets sliced with two gashes that resemble some of the trademark scars of hardcore legend, Mick Foley. As Joe Gacy, who is a good prospect from the CZW dojo, continued the offense, blood poured from Tremont head. A side note about Tremont, he has become one of the top death match wrestlers in the United States in just a few years and he can be credited for keeping the ultra violent style relevant after the genre started to fade a few years ago. After going through a barbed wire table, Tremont used a barbed wire submission to get the win.

Danny Havoc vs. Rory Mondo
Both of these competitors use the hybrid style of wrestling, as there can blend the technical aspect into an ultra violent atmosphere and it’s displayed during this match. After a technical exchange, a staple gun, carpet strips, and thumb tacks all became involved in the match. At one point during the bout, Mondo’s boot is removed and he was dropped onto the tacks with many of them sticking into his foot. Each wrestler has toured Japan with the Big Japan promotion and the international influence was displayed at the conclude of the contest. Mondo was bleeding profusely, but he set up an open chair upside down and he put Havoc on his shoulders for the next sequence. Mondo hit the Burning Hammer on Havoc onto the open chair, which nearly impaled Havoc on the legs of the chair. After the insane spot, the referee actually stopped the match, but Mondo wasn’t done, as he landed a double stop from the top rope onto Havoc while he was on a stretcher.

Devon Moore, Danny Havoc, and Lucky 13 vs. Rory Mondo, Ron Mathis, and Drew Blood
This six man war was complete insanity and it one of the highlights in a feud between these two teams. Ron Mathis, who is one of the younger talents to make a name for himself in recent years took a nasty suplex into the guard rail during the start of the match and he also took a bump with Danny Havoc into a barbed wire board to the floor. Devon Moore, who is a veteran of the independent scene and he did some crazy spots. Moore and Mondo climbed a scaffold that was at ringside and Moore put Mondo on his shoulders for a Finlay roll off the scaffold through a barbed wire board hanging from the ceiling for an insane spot. Moore climbed the scaffold again and he did a shooting star press onto Mathis to win the match.

As mentioned earlier, you won’t see action like this on a WWE or TNA show, but you can order it on pay-per-view at an afford price. You can go to stonecutterwrestling.com for details and check local listings for when the show will air on different cable systems.