WWE 205 Live Results – August 6, 2019

WWE 205 Live Results – August 6, 2019

Drake Maverick says he was vindicated last week and he says that he hopes that it is the only time he will be in a 205 Live ring. He says that Mike is welcome on 205 Live. It is time to see who moves on to the biggest party of the summer. Drew Gulak will defend the title, but who will be his opponent? We will have Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari, Oney Lorcan, Akira Tozawa, Kalisto, and Jack Gallagher battle in a Six Pack Challenge.

We are in Detroit, Michigan and your announcers are Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English.

Match Number One: Humberto Carrillo versus Lince Dorado (with Gran Metalik)

They lock up and Dorado with a take down and wrist lock. Carrillo escapes the hold. Carrillo with a waist lock and Dorado with a standing switch. Dorado with punches and a hammer lock. Carrillo with an elbow to escape. Carrillo with a leg sweep and cartwheel. Dorado with a head scissors take down. Carrillo with a springboard arm drag. Dorado and Carrillo miss kicks and then they go for drop kicks at the same time and block kicks at the same time. They put their feet on the mat at the same time and shake hands.

Carrillo with a springboard head butt that sends Dorado to the floor. Dorado with a kick to the head to stop a suicide dive. Dorado with an arm drag to send Carrillo to the floor. Dorado with a kick and then he hits a springboard cross body onto Carrillo. Dorado with a splash for a near fall. Dorado with a kick to the back followed by a near fall. Dorado with a reverse chin lock. Dorado with a surfboard on Carrillo. Dorado keeps Carrillo from reversing the hold. Dorado with a rana but Carrillo rolls through for a near fall. Dorado with a chpo. Carrillo moves when Dorado goes for a drop kick into the corner but Dorado lands on his feet. Dorado with a rollup but Carrillo gets a near fall.

Carrillo and Dorado with near fall.s Carrillo with a drop kick and both men are down. Carrillo with a back elbow and kicks in the corner. Dorado misses a splash and Carrillo with a clothesline into the corner followed by a snap mare and drop kick. Carrillo with a rolling moonsault for a near fall. Carrillo with a near fall. Dorado with a drop kick and he goes for a monkey flip but Carrillo puts Dorado on the turnbuckles. Dorado with a kick and then he pushes Carrillo off the turnbuckles. Dorado with a cross body for a near fall.

Dorado with a forearm to the back and Dorado goes for a slam but Carrillo escapes. Dorado with elbows and then Carrillo blocks the handspring cutter. Dorado with a double knee facebuster from a tombstone position and then Dorado goes up top. Dorado with a leg drop in the ropes and then he misses a frog splash. Carrillo with a springboard round kick for a near fall. Carrillo with a slam and then he pulls Dorado into position. Carrillo iwth a headstand in the corner and Dorado stops Carrillo. They fight to the turnbuckles. Dorado avoids being sent into the top of the ring post and Dorado with chops to Carrillo. Dorado goes for a superplex but Carrillo blocks it. Dorado is on the middle rope and Carrillo with a missile drop kick that sends Dorado to the floor. Carrillo with a twisting plancha and both men are down.

Carrillo is on the apron as the referee gets to nine but Dorado pulls Carrillo down and the referee makes the ten count.

Double Count Out

After the match, Carrillo with a plancha onto Dorado and Metalik

We go to comments from Tony Nese. He says last month, he walked into Extreme Rules against Drew Gulak and he thought he was going to win back the title. Sometimes, life doesn’t go the way you want. It is that one match that proved to him that he needs to be more than a premier athlete to be champion. He will be champion again and tonight is the perfect opportunity. When he wins, he will face Drew at SummerSlam. Tony says he will walk out of Toronto as Cruiserweight Champion. Tony says he does not know where he stands in this division if he does not win.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the end of the Carrillo and Dorado match.

Lince Dorado is in the back and Ariya Daivari shows up. He says he wants to talk. He says eveyrone is talking about Humberto Carrillo but they should be talking about Lince Dorado. Ariya says Carrillo was frustrated because he was outsmarted by Lince. Lince is the star of Lucha House Party. He could be a star like Seth Rollins.

Dorado says he will not buy what Daivari is saying. They are a unit in Lucha House Party.

Daivari asks Dorado why is Kalisto in the match instead of him. Daivari says he is in the match because he asked to be in the match. Daivari says if he wins on Sunday, he could have his first title defense against Lince.

Gran Metalik shows up and Daivari leaves.

Kalisto says he has been champion before and he knows what it is like. After he wins tonight’s match, he is going to throw the biggest Lucha House Party of the summer.

Jack Gallagher says that if you have been paying attention you have seen that he has had some wins and losses. He has been pushed to the limit many times. He came here more than prepared for the Six Pack Challenge. He says he will be more than prepared to take the title from Drew.

Oney says he knows Drew Gulak real good. Tonight he has what it takes physically and mentally to win. At SummerSlam, Drew says he wants a fight. That is just the kind of fight he likes.

Akira Tozawa says that he has learned many things since joining 205 Live. He knows what it is like to lose the Cruiserweight Title at SummerSlam. He will show Drew what that feels like.

Match Number Two: Kalisto versus Tony Nese versus Ariya Daivari versus Oney Lorcan versus Jack Gallgher versus Akira Tozawa in a Number One Contender Match

Daivari goes to the floor and Tozawa with a suicde dive onto Daivari. Daivari is sent back into teh ring and Lorcan with a chop followed by Gallagher, Kalisto, and Nese. Daivari covers up and Tozawa with a punch. Gallagher runs into a boot from Daivari and so do Lorcan and Nese. Daivari goes up top for a cross body and everyone moves out of the way as Daivari hits the mat. Daivari is kicked to the floor. Kalisto with a side head lock on Lorcan while Gallagher is pulled to the floor. Tozawa kicks Nese in the corner while Lrocan with an Irish whip to Kalisto. Lorcan is sent to the apron and Kalisto with a kick. Tozawa kicks Kalisto but Nese with a drop kick to Tozawa. Nese lands on his feet when catapulted by Kalisto. Tozawa with a clothesline. Nese with a leg sweep to Tozawa.

Kalisto with an elbow and tornado DDT. Kalisto goes for a tornado DDT but Nese blocks it and gets Kalisto up and sends Kalisto into Tozawa. Daivari is sent to the floor by Nese. Lorcan chops Nese and Nese chops back. Lorcan with a European uppercut followed by a plancha onto everyone on the floor. Nese with a Fosbury Flop onto everyone but Gallagher. Gallagher gets his umbrella and goes Mary Poppins onto Lorcan, Tozawa, Nese, and Daivari. Kalisto is in the ring and he hits a slingshot pescado but he is caught and tossed over the announce table to the floor.

Daivari sends Tozawa into the ring post and then Gallagher is sent into the ringside barrier. Lorcan is sent back into the ring and Daivari chops Lorcan. Lorcan with an Irish whip and Lorcan with a running hip strike followed by one more. On the third attempt Daivari with a boot to the head. Lorcan avoids Daivari off the turnbuckles. Lorcan with a running blockbuster for a near fall. Gallagher with a dragon screw leg whip on Lorcan and Gallagher wtih a step over toe hold and he drops back to the mat. Tozawa with an octopus on Gallagher. Nese with a Muta Lock on Lorcan. Daivari breaks up the submission monster.

Kalisto with a springboard cross body to Daivari followed by a drop kick to Nese. Kalisto with a Listo Kick to Daivari followed by a spike rana for a near fall. Lorcan with a European uppercut to Kalisto. Lorcan goes for a half and half on Nese but Nese with elbows. Nese with a thrust kick to Lorcan. Nese with a Sunset Driver for a near fall. Nese power bombs Tozawa onto Lorcan and Nese gets a near fall on Lorcan with Gallagher breaking up the cover. Gallagher with windmill forearms to Nese. Gallagher with a rebound head butt to Nese for a near fall. Gallagher puts Nese on the turnbuckles and connects with a forearm to the back. Nese with a back elbow and then Lorcan with a running forearm to Nese’s back. Lrocan goes for a half and half superplex but Nese with elbows. Lorcan is sent to the floor. Kalisto goes to the turnbuckles with Nese and Kalisto with a head butt and Nese is in the tree of woe. Gallagher goes to the turnbuckles.

Nese stops a Gallagher superplex attempt and hits a spider German suplex. Tozawa with a cannonball to Nese. Daivari with a frog splash to Tozawa for a near fall. Lorcan and Daivari are in the ring face to face and Lorcan with a chop. Daivari chops back. They continue the exchange. Lorcan goes for the half and half but Daivari blocks it and hits the hammer lock clothesline on Lorcan. Kalisto with Salida del Sol to Daivari. Tozawa with a back senton to Kalisto. Gallagher with a head butt to Kalisto. Nese with a German suplex to Gallagher followed by a running knee. Lorcan with a half and half suplex on Nese for the three count.

Winner: Oney Lorcan

Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak makes his way to the ringside area and he holds up the Cruiserweight Title belt.

We go to credits.

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