WWE 24 Episode On R-Truth Announced

A new WWE 24 documentary on R-Truth will premiere on the WWE Network later this month.

WWE announced today that Truth’s “incredible life story” will be told during the special, which premieres on Thursday, February 27 after the WWE Super ShowDown event goes off the air.

Below is WWE’s full announcement on Truth’s 24 special:

Learn R-Truth’s incredible life story on a new episode of WWE 24

Prepare to see a side of R-Truth that you’ve never seen before when WWE 24: R-Truth streams on WWE Network on Thursday, Feb. 27, immediately following WWE Super ShowDown.

Though the endlessly charismatic Truth is perhaps best known for providing some of the most riotously funny laugh-out-loud moments in WWE history, his path to Superstardom, as detailed in WWE 24, reveals the story of a man who had to overcome severe hardships to get where he is today.

From humble beginnings and a stint behind bars, to discovering his passion for music and sports-entertainment and realizing his ability to inspire others, Truth’s life story — the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful — is laid out for the WWE Universe to see.

Watch it all when WWE 24: R-Truth premieres Thursday, Feb. 27, only on the award-winning WWE Network.