Xavier Woods Taking A Twitter Break, WWE Broomstick Challenge Video, Shamrock

– WWE posted this video of several Superstars participating in the Broomstick challenge, which went viral on social media recently. People claim the challenge came from NASA, who allegedly said February 10, 2020 was the only day a broomstick can stand up on its own because of something to do with a gravitational pull. However, the challenge actually stems from a longstanding urban myth, claiming that every year on the vernal & autumnal equinox, eggs are able to balance on their ends. The claim pops back up most years, and has taken the form of brooms instead of eggs this time. This video shot backstage at Monday’s RAW from the Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA features Drew McIntyre, Zelina Vega, R-Truth, Sarah Logan, and Sarah Schreiber.

– Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock turns 56 years old today while former seven-time TNA Tag Team Champion Hernandez turns 47.

– Xavier Woods of The New Day took to Twitter on Monday and said he’s taking some time away from social media because he really misses being in the ring.

“I’ve been doing a million and one things since I got hurt in order to stay ahead of my feelings. Unfortunately today i woke up with the intense emotion of how much I miss being able to wrestle. Its really messing with me so I’m gonna be off socials for a little bit,” Woods tweeted.

Woods has been out of action since suffering an Achilles tear at a WWE live event from Sydney, Australia on October 21, and at first it was said the injury was very bad. Woods underwent surgery on October 25. It was reported that he would likely be out of action until this summer at the earliest, meaning he would miss WrestleMania 36. Woods stated during a “Feel The Power” podcast in December that the injury has shaken him to his core because of the extended time away from the ring.