WWE Classic: Looking Back at John Cena vs. Edge TLC Match at Unforgiven 2006

The blowoff to the feud between Edge and John Cena in a TLC match for the WWE Championship. This feud really helped Edge get himself into the main event picture. It also helped Cena develop his first real rivalry with someone that raised his stock in the company.

The Feud

The feud all started in one of the biggest moments for WWE. The first Money in the Bank cash-in. Edge cashed in the briefcase and won the WWE Championship from John Cena after Cena had competed in a grueling elimination chamber at New Years Revolution 2006.

Only 3 weeks later at the Royal Rumble, Cena won the title back. After that, both men went their separate ways going into Wrestlemania 22. Cena defended the WWE Championship against Triple H, while Edge made an unbelievable Wrestlemania moment when he speared Mick Foley through a flaming table.

At Backlash their paths crossed once again, this time in a triple threat match involving both men as well as Triple H. Cena retained the title on that occasion. Edge cost Cena the title at ECW One Night Stand as RVD won the WWE title, interestingly by cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Not long after RVD dropped the title to Edge in a triple threat, he pinned Cena in the match. This match took place in the July 3rd edition of Raw. The feud started really heating up when Edge’s championship celebration was interrupted by Cena when he attacked Edge in his hotel room. Before their match at Summerslam, Edge went to the Cena household which resulted in the infamous moment where he slapped Cena’s father.

Summerslam 2006 and the event is held in Cena’s hometown of Boston. Edge got the win over Cena in his hometown and retained the title. The rematch was held at Unforgiven 2006, in Edge’s hometown of Toronto. Going into the match, this was Cena’s first TLC match, Edge had never lost one. If Cena lost, he would be shipped off to Smackdown.

The Match

The match was insane, both men showing what great chemistry they have together, and giving these guys the platform to show they would be the men to take the company forward.

Cena took early control, then it switched when Edge hit a neckbreaker. Edge grabbed a chair from outside the ring and attempted to hit Cena, but missed and hit the ring post. Two chairs were set up facing each other by Edge, and hit a reverse DDT to Cena onto the chairs.

A little bit into the match now and Cena is draped on the middle rope. Edge jumps from the barricade and dropkicks a ladder right into the face of Cena. After, Cena set up a table parallel to the corner of the ring, climbed the turnbuckle. Edge went for a sunset flip powerbomb but missed the table. Only just after though Cena came out of the opposite corner and received a powerslam from Edge putting Cena through the table.

The match is really heating up now. Cena sandwiches Edge between the legs of a ladder, slams one of them onto Edge. Then applies an STF with the ladder in between them, absolutely amazing visual. Cena then performed an FU on the ladder to Edge.

The next spot is where Edge is out, Cena grabs a bigger ladder, sets it up and begins to climb. As he climbs, Edge is coming to, and spears Cena off the ladder, from the other ladder still set up in the corner. Smaller scale spot to the one he did at Wrestlemania 17 when he speared Jeff Hardy from the top of the ladder.

The ending sequence involved Lita, who was obviously with Edge at the time. As Cena gets to the top and very close to winning the title, Lita comes out and pushes the ladder over, sending Cena to fall through the table at ringside onto the floor. Edge is starting to get to the top. Cena comes back in the ring and Lita who had a steel chair in hand, hits Cena in the back. This sends Cena into the ladder with Edge at the top, who then falls to the outside through a table similarly to how Cena did. Only on a different side of the ring.

This is where the closing moments happen. Edge gets back into the ring after Cena hit an FU to Lita. Both men get to the top of the ladder. Cena muscles Edge up onto his shoulders to deliver an FU off the top of the ladder through 2 tables that were stacked on top of each other. This is an infamous moment for both Edge and Cena that everyone remembers.

Cena unhooked the title from above the ring and won the match. It is a match that ended their 2006 feud, and in the most memorable way.

The Aftermath

John Cena would follow this feud up by holding the WWE Championship for 380 days. Only for it to be cut short by an injury the following year during his feud with Randy Orton. Edge meanwhile formed a team known as Rated RKO, with none other than Randy Orton. They would begin feuding with DX through Survivor Series. The following year Edge won the World Heavyweight Championship on Smackdown from The Undertaker after cashing in the briefcase he won from Mr. Kennedy after Wrestlemania 23.

The feud that Edge and Cena had really put them on the map, and elevated each others careers substantially. They would renew their feud shortly over the World Heavyweight Championship in 2009, resulting in a last man standing match at Backlash.