New Machine At The WWE PC, WWE Employees Running Marathon For Connor’s Cure, Natalya On Her Mom

– A group of WWE HQ employees & friends will be running the TCS New York City Marathon in November as Team Connor’s Cure. In the video above, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon talk about Connor “The Crusher” Michalek, the team and the 26-mile marathon. There’s also footage of the two speaking to the team at the gym inside WWE HQ.

– Natalya’s latest column for The Calgary Sun is now online at this link. The column is about her mother Ellie and how she’s the “rock” in Natalya’s life. It appears the wife of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart is also a big wrestling fan as Natalya wrote, “Oh, and wrestling fans, I’d put my mom’s wrestling knowledge up against anyone’s, any day, anywhere.”

– The WWE Performance Center picked up a Pit Shark machine for the talents to use this week. Mojo Rawley shows off the new equipment in this Instagram video. He wrote:

The WWE Performance Center got a #PitShark machine today. It is a #GameChanger. Worked up to 1,000 lbs for a set of 8 with my bro @fla_hayes. After regular squats, we used the #PitShark for lunges and sumo squats before continuing on with the workout. 1 hour of stretching today, 2 hours in the ring, then 2 hours in the gym. 5 hours of work at the PC today! Now at the @improvorlando with the fam then a 2 hour deep tissue massage after. Busy day as always! #NoOffDays #cantstopwontstop #nosleep #mojorawley #power #speed #mojorawley #strength #SDLive #StayHYPED #Smackdown #WWE #NoExcuses #JustResults