WWE Fan Appreciation Day Results (10/30): HHH Returns

Thanks to George St. P for sending in the following:

Fan Appreciation Day Results

First match was the battle royal, Big Show wins it. Crowd wasn’t really into it that much. Hart Dynasty eliminated each other somehow? They were fighting with each other at ringside. The last 3 in the ring were the Big Show, Cody Rhodes, and Drew McIntyre. Cody Rhodes did a ‘don’t hit me in the face’ spot, and eliminated himself over the top rope, followed by Big Show reversing a future shock and eliminating him. Big Show wins a shot at Dolph Ziggler later on in the night.

Second match was The Miz w/ Riley –vs- Daniel Bryan for the US championship. The Miz came out first to some pretty good heat, did an awesome promo where he said it was a day the fans can appreciate him. Lots of good stuff. Daniel Bryan came out to a so-so pop. The match was pretty good, about what you’d expect from these two. Crowd wasn’t really into it. Daniel Bryan wins via roll-up after a mis communication with Alex Riley. After the match Miz and Riley beat and humiliate Daniel Bryan, again.

Then, we get an email from the raw gm. A ref runs out with a laptop. Special treat for fan appreciation day, divas dance off. Melina wins. …

Vince McMahon shows up! He struts to the ring and says he isn’t going to talk about politics, and then talks about politics. He also talks about “stand up for the WWE” and tells everyone to stand up right now and applaud. Cool to see Vinny.

Third match is Shaemus –vs- John Morrison. Very good match. Good offense from both men. Shaemus gets a ton of heel heat during the match. Morrison misses starship pain, Shaemus follows up with a brough-kick and wins it.

Another E-mail from the raw gm. He says because Big Show won the battle royal, Kane will have a new special mystery opponent.

Fourth match was Orton –vs- Barrett for WWE championship. Barrett comes out first to some good head. Very big pop for Randy Orton. Nexus interferes right before Orton is set to RKO Barrett. Orton RKO’s Otunga, Clothesline’s Slater off the apron, and ducks a big boot from Barrett that ends up hitting Gabriel. Then Orton RKO’s Barrett and wins the match. The ending was loud.


Big Show –vs- Dolph Ziggler for I/C title. No Vicky Guerrero. Hornswaggle comes out with Big Show. After running away for a while, Ziggler ends up slapping on a sleeperhold that sends both men to the outside. Ziggler keeps the sleeper on until the ten count gets to 8, then slides in the ring, and Big Show can’t make it in time. Ziggler wins it. After the match Hornswaggle and the Big Show beat up Ziggler for a while.

Next Alberto Del Rio came out, via his personal announcer. He gets on the mic and says that Rey Mysterio wasn’t there. So he wins by forfeit! He tells the ref to raise his hand, the ref doesn’t do it:

It’s all about the game, and how you play it.

Fans go nuts for Triple H; second biggest pop of the night by far. Awesome mark-out moment for me. Triple H comes out, Del Rio says he isn’t going to fight him and starts to head to the back. Triple H runs after him, clubs him, beats him up and throws him into the ring. Del Rio hits a couple enziguri’s on Triple H, and a tiny bit of offense before Triple H hits the trademark moves, the pedigree, and ends the match. Triple H pedigree’s Del Rio’s personal ring announcer before heading to the back.

Last match of the night Kane –vs- the mystery opponent. Kane comes out first. Then the mystery opponent is John Cena. Insane crowd reaction for John Cena. By far the loudest of the night. Cena and Kane put a decent match on before Nexus runs out and interferes, giving Cena the win by DQ. Nexus beat down Cena for a while, and then Orton runs out to make the save. Nexus beat up Orton, and then all of the heels from the show run out to help the Nexus. Triple H comes out from the back and waves in all of the faces, they clean the ring. Orton, Big Show, Triple H, and Cena all take turns hitting their finishers on the Nexus. Barrett gets the Attitude Adjustment to an awesome crowd reaction. Cena thanks the fans for coming, and says this event is for them.

All of the faces stayed around for a while after the lights came on signing autographs and even posing for pictures. Probably a good half an hour after the event ended, and Orton was still walking around.