WWE Fans Take To Twitter To Vent After Painfully Short RAW Divas Segment, Sparks Top Trend

– One night after the WWE Divas had predictably the shortest match on the WWE Fastlane PPV featuring Paige vs. Nikki Bella for the WWE Divas Championship, an even shorter segment aired on RAW that seemed to send some fans of the WWE Divas and women’s wrestling over the edge.

After Paige came to the ring, WWE took a commercial break as Emma made her entrance. RAW returned to a long video package recapping Sting’s career, the Bella Twins then made their entrance after the in-depth video package. The Divas match eventually began a full 10 minutes after Paige made her entrance. Brie knocked Paige off the ring apron and hit her facebuster finisher on Emma for the three-count, ending a match that lasted a grand total of 30 seconds. The Bellas attacked Paige after the bell and walked out (to extend the segment by maybe another 45 seconds).

Following the segment, fans took to Twitter and got the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance trending. The hashtag reached as high #3 worldwide, being tweeted over 24,000 times.

While some fans still see the WWE Divas matches as “bathroom breaks,” the tide of that opinion appears to be shifting. It certainly seems like the excellent work done by the NXT Divas, including the Women’s Fatal 4-Way Title Match at NXT TakeOver: Rival, is one of the reasons for the recent change. Some in the wrestling media even pointed to this example of a double standard in WWE directly. Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald wrote:

It will be interesting to see if WWE ever does start to close the gap between the quality and length of their NXT Diva matches vs. their main roster Diva matches. One thing is for sure though, fans have definitely taken notice.

  • Molto89

    LOL. Enjoy that punishment Emma & Paige. Next time dont party until 7 am the night before RAW

    • Sylvia Amis-Faris UserOfTheYea

      Please shut your dumb ass up. Thx :)

      • RReigns15 #OneVsALL #HEELRoman


    • RReigns15 #OneVsALL #HEELRoman

      You just got told by a girl/woman (below). Want a Kleenex? Lemme see if I can find one…

  • no

    Is that good enough?

    • Hindu

      That would be amazing

    • Lunatic Fringe

      Fire Vince lol

  • Sylvia Amis-Faris UserOfTheYea

    I can feel it, a change will be coming http://i.imgur.com/rmRrLcr.gif
    Us Diva fans need to fight even harder for more respect for the Divas #GiveDivasAchance #RespectTheDivas

    • Goldman

      Have Charlotte bring Women’s Title over with some other women. Then send Bellas with the diva title to nxt. Then everything will be Awesome!

      • Sylvia Amis-Faris UserOfTheYea

        No send all the women to NXT where they will be respected. The main roster is where wrestling careers go to die.

        • Woman

          Dumb hoe, get your ass over on talking divas. Me and Lily are waiting to drag.

      • Cage

        We were saying the same when AJ was the champion and Paige was on NXT, that Paige would save women’s division, nxt divas are given time and are allowed to compete in matches and it’s controlled by hhh, and Emma summer Rae are talented wrestlers, wwe has restricted them to being bimbos.

      • RReigns15 #OneVsALL #HEELRoman

        No no according to Lilian Garcia, Nikki already holds the WWE Women’s title. .

        • News of the Bored

          Wasn’t Eden announcing that night? She was flubbing lines regularly all evening.

          • RReigns15 #OneVsALL #HEELRoman

            They both were announcing..

  • Johnny_Felix

    Honestly when they did the mixed tag with the usos vs tyson, cesaro, and Natalyla it was Trinity and Natalyla that diaplayed talent. Its not that they arent pushing the divas its they arent pushing the RIGHT divas. Push wrestling talent, not a reality show talent.

  • arlowoodenhead

    HHH complained in the Stone Cold podcast about how it was hard to fill up Raw for three hours, then they do that to the divas. Stupid.

    • Hindu

      Because Vince is an idiot

    • Cage

      HHH also wanted divas to get more air time.Its still Vince’s company.

      • Hindu

        Vince should give HHH a chance to run atleast SD. He is doing a great job with NXT and if Vince sees HHH doing a good job with a bigger show like SD, he may change his mind

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    Good stuff.

  • http://marcktvmovies.blogspot.mx/ Marck-WWEDivas

    It was incredible see so many people together on twitter claiming the rights of the Divas.

    • Hindu

      It is a good thing

    • Arvind

      Poor Paige. Worked her ass off for nearly 10 years as a WRESTLER and gets this treatment.

  • Hindu

    Natalya vs Charlotte was better than most matches last year

  • Hindu

    If given a chance, Charlotte can put a better match than most male wrestlers

    • Woman

      Correction: Sasha, Bayley and Natalya. All women more experienced than her in all areas of wrestling. Charlotte is just basking in their glory.

      Watch Charlotte against Summer Rae or Emma.

  • Hindu

    AJ Lee

    So many talented Divas, that just need a chance to shine

    • Woman

      Don’t even list Charlotte’s untalented, horrible selling cocky ass in the same sentence as Paige. Don’t you dare!

  • Hindu

    I want Charlotte and other NXT Divas destroy the WWE Divas Nexus style except Paige to retirement

  • Hindu

    It is unfortunate that Vince is giving more importance to Kevin Dunn over Triple H. Triple H wants to give Divas a chance, more importance to Tag Team Wrestlers and prefers slow burn story lines over random matches..

  • K4L

    holy shit this is why it was trending? I missed RAW last night.

  • Ashkan Motamedi

    Hopefully they get some time at Wrestlemania

  • Lunatic Fringe

    WWE Creative team vs Divas at WM31!

  • Kyle Piper

    I think a large portion of the problem is that the divas division on the main roster is not good. There are only a small handful of girls that can put on an entertaining match. So when we do get a Divas match it’s usually considered a bathroom break because it will probably be a dreadful promo and a bad match to help push their terrible story. You look over at NXT and those girls are stealing the show. If you give the girls some time on the show and help push the talented ones you’ll be surprised what greatness you can get out of them.

  • Hindu

    3 hours of Raw and not even a minute of Divas match. Shame

  • Jam

    Just watch when Triple H gets full control of the company.

  • Woman

    The divas need atleast 10 minutes in total! It’s a three hour show but I guess roided brains such as HHH, SMH, McMahon are too dumb to understand. #GiveDivasAChance