WWE Fines Lars Sullivan $100,000 For “Offensive Commentary Uncovered From His Past”

WWE issued a statement today announcing that Dylan Miley, who performs as Lars Sullivan, has been fined $100,000 for “offensive commentary uncovered from his past.”

Miley will also be required to complete sensitivity training for his remarks.
WWE will facilitate meetings for Miley with community organizations to foster further discussion around the power of social media and the impact of words.

The statement, which WWE issued to media outlets, reads, “WWE supports a culture of inclusion regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, and we are committed to embracing all individuals as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide.

“Dylan Miley (aka Lars Sullivan) will be fined $100,000 and required to complete sensitivity training for offensive commentary uncovered from his past. WWE will also facilitate meetings for Dylan with community organizations to foster further discussion around the power of social media and the impact of your words.”

WWE issued a statement on behalf of Miley last Thursday in which he apologized for his remarks.

“There is no excuse for the inappropriate remarks that I made years ago. They do not reflect my personal beliefs nor who I am today, and I apologize to anyone I offended,” Miley stated.

On Wednesday, a Reddit user compiled a comprehensive list of controversial remarks Miley made on the Bodybuilding.com message board. The sentiments expressed in the posts range from crass jokes to controversial views on race and other touchy topics. He also ripped a number of wrestlers that he now works with in WWE.

The remarks were made from 2007 to 2013, as Miley was a wrestling fan and aspiring bodybuilder at the time. Miley signed a developmental contract with WWE in late 2013 and he stopped posting entirely shortly thereafter.

Those who have followed Miley closely since his arrival to WWE would likely be aware of his remarks since it’s not a secret that he used to post on Bodybuilding.com. When it was announced that he was joining the main roster late last year, his remarks gained some attention on social media but weren’t covered on too many news sites. However, the situation blew up this time around after Big E addressed his comments on Twitter.

A fan brought the Reddit post to Big E’s attention on Twitter, writing, “Are you aware of this racist asshole that you’re going to have to work with?”

Big E responded to the fan by saying that a lot of people in WWE are aware of Miley’s comments. He indicated that could be a problem with his co-workers since many of them are minorities.

“Many are aware. If true, he has to bear the albatross of being a bigot & working in a company that is now filled with minorities,” Big E replied.

The controversy drew the attention of Mars Wrigley Confectionery, one of WWE’s top sponsors, who said that they engaged with WWE “to discuss this situation and seek to understand what actions they will take to swiftly address this matter.”