WWE Hall Of Famer Billy Graham Released From Hospital

As reported earlier here on PWMania.com, WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham was hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix this past Sunday after dealing with some heart issues. His wife noted on his Facebook page how he had an irregular heartbeat, and fluid on his lungs.

In an update, Graham took to Facebook last night and revealed that he is back home. Graham said he’s been very weak since coming back home, and can barely lift a spoon of soup to his mouth. He called this most recent hospitalization a “very serious heart episode.”

Graham titled his post, “Steroid Damaged Heart”, and went on to write about how there has been talk of his heart damage being related to his past heavy and prolonged steroid use. He noted how when he was first diagnosed with Congestive Heart Disease and Atrial Fibrillation two years ago, doctors told him that his past steroid use was not related to his heart issues. He added that he asked two doctors the same question this past week and was told, “Absolutely not,” as his condition is one that millions of people around the United States are also dealing with.

You can read Graham’s full post below: