WWE Hall Of Famer Reacts To Liv Morgan And Dominik Mysterio Storyline

Becky Lynch won the WWE Women’s World Championship this week on RAW after a battle royal in the main event. Before the match, there was a backstage segment with Liv and Dominik Mysterio. There were no words exchanged, but the segment left fans with many questions.

Bully Ray stated on Busted Open Radio that he believes the seeds are being planted for a Liv and Dominik story.

Bully said, “The planting of the seed of Liv and Dominik, I believe is the story that’s going to be told moving forward.” Bully continued, “Now maybe it’s the story of Liv seducing Dominik, making googley eyes at Dominik, wants to be Dominik’s new mami. And she’s gonna use Dominik to get into The Judgment Day. She’s gonna manipulate Dominik. Maybe some guys in The Judgment Day are not happy about it. And this is how she is going to use Dom to get what she wants. Liv wants that championship. The revenge tour.”

Bully believes that the plan was not for Liv Morgan to win the championship right now, which is likely why Becky Lynch was scheduled to win the battle royal on Monday Night RAW.

Bully said, “There’s been a lot of building with Liv and then stopping with Liv…she’s had her day in the sun but maybe this is the opportunity to truly build Liv with real depth, real character and a real story because Liv and Dominik is going to work. Period. I could give you six months off the top of my head right now on how to do that. It’s very easy…I know there was no exchanging of words between Liv and Dominik but I would have loved to hear Liv say, ‘Hello Dominik.’ I would have heard Liv say Dominik’s name and then they would have went off. Just that little added something…I would have love to have heard one little thing from her that kind of eased the tension.”

Bully also mentioned that he could see Liv taking over The Judgment Day and Dominik’s heart to prepare for Rhea’s return. Ripley is expected to be out for several months, giving plenty of time to tell the Liv/Dominik story.

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)