WWE Hall Of Famer Takes Shot At Cody Rhodes’ Behavior On WWE RAW

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley) appeared on an episode of Busted Open Radio to talk about a number of topics including Cody Rhodes’ behavior on RAW.

Ray said, “A babyface lives in the middle of a ring with his hands held high, ready to fight. Last Monday, Cody came down to make a save … and he popped one guy, and then he got in the ring and he ducked and he hit a Cody Cutter. The minute Cody hits a Cody Cutter on a run-in, I get lost.”

On how Rhodes should act when he beats people up:

“Cody — for the love of God, beat the s*** out of these guys with your hands. Take your jacket off, take your tie off, rip your own suit off. Be Superman with your fists.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.