WWE Hell In A Cell Kickoff Show Results – October 27, 2013

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WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff Results

The WWE PreShow is live and is brought to you by WWE 2K14! Josh Matthews welcomes us to the show and we see our PreShow panel for tonight. Josh Matthews is joined by Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, and Kaitlyn.

The topic of discussion that kicks off the night is the World Championship Match and the return of John Cena.

Backstage, Vicki Guerrero is stopped by The Miz, who wants a match with Bray Wyatt. The Miz is not medically cleared. The Miz said if Vicki will not give him a match, then there is gonna be a fight between him and Bray.

If you have not be tuned to PWMania today, then you may not know that the Intercontinetal Championship Match between Curtis Axel and Big E. Langston has been cancelled due to an injury sustained by Axel.

Big E. Langston joins the panel to talk about the Hell in a Cell match between CM Punk, Paul Heyman, and Ryback.

The Shield cut a promo backstage about their upcoming tag team match against The Rhodes Brothers and The Usos.

Big E. Langston and Dean Ambrose get into an argument and it appears that Big E. will get a title match after all…but against The United States Champion Dean Ambrose

A hype video for John Cena is shown.

Due to Curtis Axel’s injury the new pre-show match will feature Mr. Money in the Bank Damien Sandow vs Kofi Kingston.

Damien Sandow makes his way down to the ring with a microphone in one hand and the Money in the Bank in the other match. He cuts a promo about the World Title Match.

Kofi Kingston comes out to the ring to a decent pop.

“Mr. Money in the Bank” Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston
Sandow starts things off with a decent fury of punches and knees Kofi in the corner. On the outside of the ring, Kofi dropkicks Sandow to the floor. Sandow tries to send Kofi into the steps but he leaps over them and bounces back with a Senton. Back in the ring, Kofi gets for a springboard crossbody but eats it. Damien Sandow begins to stop on Kofi as we got to a commercial.

Back from commercial, Sandown hits Kofi with the Elbow of Distain for 2 and hits him with a series of headbutts. Kofi tries to fight back but it met with an abdominal stretch. Kofi is about to fight out of it and soon hits Sandow with a hurricanrana as he was seated on the top rope. Kofi sets up for the Boom Drop and nails it. He motions for the Trouble in Paradise but misses. Sandow goes for the Full Nelson but Kofi reverses it and hits a cross body. Kofi gets hung up in the ropes by Sandow and eats a Full Nelson Slam. Damien Sandow picks up the win.

WINNER: “Mr. Money in the Bank” Damien Sandow

Rey Mysterio is in the house tonight and he has joined the Spanish Announce Team.

Renee Young is in the Social Media Center where a poll that they have set up eariler reveals that the WWE Universe believe that The Undertaker is Mr. Hell in a Cell.

A recap of the WWE Championship Match is shown and the panel make their picks. R-Truth talks about a conspiracy before choosing Daniel Bryan. Dolph Ziggler picks Randy Orton.

The PreShow comes to a close and I ask you to please join us for our Hell in a Cell coverage.