WWE Hell In A Cell Results – October 27, 2013

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WWE Hell in a Cell Results

The opening hype video for the three big matches is shown. The opening pyro explodes and we soon go down to ringside with Michael Cole, who welcomes us to the show. He is joined as always by JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

The WWE Tag Team Championship Match will start things off tonight. Cody Rhodes and Goldust come down to the ring with their tag team championships around their wastes. They have new remixed entrance music.

A recap of The Shield’s tag team title loss is shown.

The Usos make their way down to the ring after doing their Samoan battle dance. The crowd is behind them as much as they are The Rhodes Boys.

The Shield comes through the crowd and makes their way down to the ring. Dean Ambrose is not with Roman and Seth. It is now official, Dean Ambrose will face Big E. Langston for the United States Championship.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Rhodes Brothers (c) The Usos vs. The Shield

Goldust and Seth Rollins start things off in the ring but Seth quickly tags one of the Usos. Cody tags in and it met with a Crucifix by one of the Usos for two. Jimmy Uso slams Cody to the ring but Cody is able to power through and tag in his brother Goldust. Jey is brought into the ring. Roman blind tags Jey and now Goldust is taking a beating from The Shield. Rollins boots Goldust in the head as he was leading near the apron. Goldust tries to tag in Cody but Seth elbows Cody out of the picture. Roman is now in the ring with Goldust and puts him in a neck lock submission. Baseball slide for 2 by Goldust. Roman begins to stomp on Goldust as he tries to tag in Cody. Goldust is hit with a big elbow for two.

A DDT plants Roman and Goldust tries to make the hot tag to his brother but Seth Rollins takes him out of the ring. Roman comes charging and Goldust pulls down the ropes. Roman is back into the ring with a Back Drop Suplex on Goldust. Roman and Rollins taught Goldust and the fans. Goldust hits a huge powerslam and makes the hot tag to his brother. Cody with a missle dropkick and a sunset flip for two. He goes up top and hits a moonsault for two on Rollins. Cody goes for the Disaster Kick but misses. Jimmy makes the blind tag and hits Rollins with the Saoan Ass Thrust. Jey with a HUGE Samoan Drop to Rollins for two. Cody makes a tag and goes for CrossRhodes on Rollins but it is reversed.

Cody and Rollins are on the top rope and Cody suplexes Rollins onto the floor, taking our EVERYONE in the match! Jimmy hits the Top Rope splash to break up the tag. Cody again misses the Disaster Kick but Cody hits Rollins with a right hand and Cody nails Seth with CrossRhodes for the win.

Your Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Rhodes Brothers

Backstage, HBK is shown to laughing and joking around with HHH.

A video for John Cena’s video game App is shown.

The Miz makes his way down to the ring. He told Vickie Guerrero on the YouTube Pre-Show that if she would not make a match with him and Bray Wyatt, then he would just fight him.

The Miz tells Bray Wyatt to come and get him. Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen and tells The Miz that his words mean less than salt to him.

In the ring, Roman and Harper are in the ring and begin to dismantle The Miz. KANE makes his way down to the ring and takes out The Wyatts. Kane chokeslams The Miz for good measure.

Summer Rae and Fandango make their way out of the ring.

Fandango cuts a promo about how the fans don’t know how to salsa dance…yes…really. Fandango and Summer Rae begin to dance.

The Great Khali, Natalya, and Hornswoggle come out and it appears that we have a mixed tag team match.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Fandango and Summer Rae vs. The Great Khali and Natalya

Fandango and Khali will start things off. Fandango tries to kick Khali but he is simply pushed away and met with a big chop. Summer Rae is tagged in and that means Natalya must come in. The girls have a better series than their men and it ends with Summer kicking Natalya in the head and dancing around. Summer is taking down with a toe hold and she quickly tags Fandango back in. Natayla doesn’t leave and she tries to lock in the Sharpshooter on Fandango. He goes to the outside and messages with Hornswoggle. Khali comes into the ring and gets chopped down by a knees strike. Khali is about to gain control after Natalya slaps Fandango and he tags Summer. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Summer is about to roll her up for the win.

WINNERS: Fandango and Summer Rae

The Preshow panel talk about the matches that have happened so far.

Dean Ambrose makes his way down to the ring through the crowd with the championship around his waist.

Big E. Langston chalks up his hands and comes down to the ring, ready for impromptu United States Championship Match.

WWE United States Championship Match
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Big E. Langston

Langston takes Ambrose down with a massive clothesline for two and starts to dominate this match off the bat. Ambrose goes for a crossbody but is met with a backbreaker. Ambrose tries to punch and chop Big E. but he no sells it. He hits Ambrose with a high knee to the gut and locks in a bear hug. Big E launches Dean over the top rope and he makes like he hurt his leg. Langston comes out to continue the attack but Ambrose is ready with an attack. Dean is looking for a countout victory but Langston gets back into the ring. Dean is now in control and he puts his knee against Langston’s head. Ambrose dropkicks Langston in the gut as he was held against the ropes.

Big E is about to power out of a Camel Clutch but Dean Ambrose locks in a sleeper hold. Langston explodes with several clotheslines and a back body drop. Langston goes for a big splash but misses. Langston its a belly to belly for two. Another splash by Langston and he gets two. He goes for the Big Ending but Dean gets out of it and heads for the hills. Langston chases after him and rolls him back into the ring. Langston is planted with a DDT for two. Langston spears Ambrose through the ropes. Ambroses refuses to get back in the ring and Big E. wins via countout.

WINNER via Countout: Big E. Langston

After the match is over, Big E. grabs Ambrose as he tries to leave the ring and bring him back into the ring and hits him with The Big Ending.

A recap the CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman and Ryback feud is shown as the Cell lowers.

CM Punk comes out to a massive ovation from the Miami crowd.

Ryback makes his way down to the ring alone.

Paul Heyman comes out in a sort of cherry picker. It takes him awhile to get to the ring. The cuts a promo about how he is Satan. The cherry picker puts Paul Heyman on the top of the cell.

Hell in a Cell Match
CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman

In the ring, Ryback goes for a miltary press but he gets hit with a chop block and then gets the boots taken to him. CM Punk hits a Suicide Dive and grabs a Kendo Stick. Ryback rams CM Punk into the steel cage and begins to whack him with the stick as the fans chant, “Goldberg.” Back in the ring, Paul Heyman taunts Punk from the top of the cell as Ryback dominates in the ring. Ryback shoulderblocks CM Punk in the corner and then hammerthrows him into the other turnbuckle. Ryback is sent to the outside by Punk who goes to the top and hits and elbow on the standing Ryback. Punk brings out a table but he is sent into the steps by Ryback.

Ryback suplexes CM Punk against the cage several ties and taunts the fans. In the ring, Ryback hits a Back Suplex for two. Ryback hits the Backpack Stunner for two. He locks in a bearhug on Punk but he comes back with a crossbody. Punk hits the running high knee and goes for his springboard clothesline. Ryback catches him and hits a powerslam for two. CM Punk fights out of Shellshock and grabs the Kendo Stick. He wacks Ryback with it before hitting another high knee. Punk hits the Macho Drop for two. Punk grabs the stick again and begins to beat Ryback raw. Punk goes outside and brings the table into the ring. Ryback crotches Punk on the edge of the table before it can be set up.

Ryback hits the Meathook Clothesline for two and goes to set up the table. Punk hits Ryback in the balls and he lays on the table. Punk goes for the Macho Drop again and hits it, sending Ryback through the table. Punk whacks Ryback in the head with the Kendo Stick and nails the GTS for the win.


CM Punk grabs another Kendo Stick from under the ring and makes his way to the top of the Cell. Punk begins to beat Heyman like he was a government mule! Punk hits the GTS on Paul Heyman on the top of the cell as he declares himself The Best in the World!

A video about the Susan G. Komen foundation is shown.

Renee Young is backstage with Daniel Bryan, who cuts an emotional promo about his upcoming main event match against Randy Orton.

Los Matadores come out to the ring with El Torito

The Real Americans make their way to the ring with Zeb Colter in tow. He cuts a promo against the Matadores and the Miami crowd.

Los Matadores vs. The Real Amercians

Deigo and Antonio start things off for their teams. Deigo hits Cesaro with several hurricanranas before being dumped to the outside. On the outside, Swagger clips Diego’s leg and hits the Swaggerbomb followed up by the double stomp by Cesaro. The commentary for this match is hilarious! Cesaro with a necklock on Deigo but he fights out of it and dumps Swagger to the outside. He tries to tag in his brother Fernando. Cesero begins the big swing on Diego for around 31 swings. Cesaro goes for the cover but only gets two. Cesero gets hit with an enziguri and Diego makes the hot tag to Fernando. Fernando is taking out by Cesero and in the ring. Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock on Diego but are able to fight out of it and gets the win.

WINNER: Los Matadores

After the match, El Torito takes out Swagger, Cesero, and Colter.

A hype video for John Cena’s return is shown. He will face the World Champion, NEXT!

Alberto del Rio makes his way out to the ring to little reaction with the World Title around his waist while waving a Mexican flag.

John Cena makes his way down to the ring to the usual chorus of cheers and boos.

Lillian Garcia come in the ring and gives the champion and the challenger their championship introductions.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Alberto del Rio (c) vs. John Cena

We start things off with a headlock to Del Rio but Del Rio quickly goes right for the injured arm. Shoulder thrust to Del Rio but it looks like Cena injured himself. Del Rio begins to hit Cena with a fury of punches but Cena comes back with a bulldog for two. Del Rio kicks Cena in his arm and he rolls out of the ring. Big boot by Del Rio to Cena and he follows up with another. Cena with a drop toe hold and goes for the STF. Del Rio fights out and hits a German Suplex. Del Rio begins to work the arm again. Cena dropkicks Del Rio but Del Rio comes back and stomps on Cena’s chest. Another arm-lock by Del Rio, trying work over the injured arm of Cena. Cena goes for the AA but Del Rio fights out and kicks Cena in the back. Del Rio goes for another dropkick but he is sent through the ropes. Del Rio hangs Cena up in the ropes and goes to the top, only to get met with a dropkick.

John Cena begins to hit his Moves of Doom. He goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and hits it. Del Rio fights out of another AA and hits a Backstabber for two. Del Rio goes for the Cross Armbreaker but Cena fights out and hits a Tornado DDT for two. Del Rio hits a top rope enziguri and motions for another but he can’t get it. Cena bounces off the ropes and takes a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Cena is hung in the Tree of Woe but Cena lifts himself up as Del Rio charges. Cena is on the top rope and hits a flying crossbody for two. Del Rio goes for the Armbreaker but Cena reverses into the STF and Del Rio gets to the ropes. Del Rio hits his Kneeling Superkick but only gets two. Del Rio has the Cross Armbreaker in on Cena’s bad arm. John Cena powerbombs Del Rio to break the Armbreaker. John Cena hits the AA on Del Rio and we have a new champion!

WINNER and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena

John Cena poses with his new World Championship and Damien Sandow chooses not to show up tonight.

The Pre-Show panel takes about the World Title match and then goes into taking about the Divas title match.

AJ Lee makes her way out to the ring with Tamina.

Brie Bella comes out to the ring with her sister Nikki.

Divas Championship Match
AJ Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella

AJ bitch-slap Brie to start off the match but is met by an elbow by Brie. Brie goes for several quick roll up but none of them work. AJ hangs Brie up in the ropes. AJ locks in a Dragon Sleeper hold but before Brie can gets out of it, AJ slams her head to the mat. AJ with neckbreaker and she begins to bounce around her downed opponent. Brie starts to fight out and nails AJ with a knee to the gut. AJ leaps up and lock in a Guillotine Choke onto Brie. Brie hits several dropkicks onto AJ and gets a two count. AJ sends Brie’s head into the ropes and goes for the Black Widow. Brie reverses into a Single Legged Boston Crab. Brie accidentally knees her sister in the head and AJ locks in the Black Widow for the win.

WINNER and STILL WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee

Backstage, The Prime Time Players are playing WWE 2K14 when Bob Backland shows up and talk about how kids needs to read and write. The segment ends with Bob doing the Millions of Dollars Dances with Titus and Young.

A hype video for the WWE Championship Match is shown.

HBK comes out in his referee shirt but gets his opening pryo to the delight of the fans.

Randy Orton slowly makes his way down to the ring.

Daniel Bryan comes out to a sea of Yes chants.

HHH comes down to the ring with the WWE Championship in his hands.

The champion and challenger get their championship introductions.

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

The match begins with a slugfest before Orton tosses Bryan to the outside. Bryan comes back into the ring and is met with a powerslam by Orton. Bryan goes for the missile dropkick and follows up with several kicks to Orton’s chest. Orton catches Bryan with a dropkick. Orton hangs Daniel up in the ropes and then smashes him into the Cell wall. Orton sends Daniel into the Steel Steps. Orton grab the steps and rams them into Bryan shoulder. Orton tries to whip Bryan into the stairs again but Bryan reverses and sends Orton into them. Bryan begins to smash Orton’s head into the Steel Steps and The Cell Wall. Back in the ring, Bryan gets a two count. Orton gets hit with several kicks and gets hung up in the tree of woe where he gets hit with a missile dropkick. Orton gets dropkicked over the top rope and then gets hit with a suicide dive.

Bryan goes for another but Orton sends him flying into the Steel. Orton crotches Bryan on the ring post on the outside and follows up with his patented backbreaker. In the ring, Orton gets a two count. Orton sits Bryan on the top rope and goes for the Superplex. Daniel Bryan reverses it into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. We soon have a European Uppercut Battle between Orton and Bryan. Daniel hits his signature clothesline and nails Orton with two dropkicks in the corner. Daniel Bryan hits a top rope hurricanrana and goes for the Headbutt. He only gets a two count. Daniel goes for the Buzzsaw Kick but Orton reverses and rolls up Bryan for two. Orton is about to slither out of the Yes Lock and on the outside, Bryan rams Orton into the Cell wall. He dropkicks Orton into the wall and pulls a chair out from under the ring.

Daniel begins to chop Orton down to size with those chair shots. Daniel Bryan is looking under the ring and pulls out every chair he can find, which is at least 10. Orton pokes Bryan in the eyes and begins to attack Bryan with chair shots. Orton hits several big chair shots and goes for the cover after each of them, only getting 2 counts. Orton stacks up the chairs in the middle of the ring. Orton puts Bryan up on the top rope and suplexes him. He misses the pile of chair though and gets a two count. HHH makes his way down to the ring and tells HBK to do his job. Orton clears the ring of the chair and hits a T-Bone Suplex on Orton. HBK can’t make the cover because he is arguing with HHH. Orton comes out and he yells at HBK. Bryan tries to get Orton in the Yes Lock but Orton reserves into the Viper DDT.

Orton is shoved into HBK by accident and we have a classic ref bump. HHH orders for the Cell door to be opened so HBK can be check on. HHH gets hit with a Knee from Bryan. HBK superkicks Daniel Bryan for attacking his friend. Orton goes for the cover and HBK counts it.

Your WINNER and NEW WWE Champion: Randy Orton

The air is sucked out of the room as Orton raises his championship over his head and Hell in a Cell comes to a close.

  • Allison

    The Miz is awesome. He should be the WWE champion.

    • Lee

      No, Dolph Ziggler is the best!

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    Kane needs to join the Wyatt Family!

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    Michaels is gonna turn on HHH in the WWE title match to allow Bryan to walk out as champion leading to HHH vs HBK!

  • Hello

    If you look at dolphins1925 cena and orton will win tonight

  • John Knopick

    I think its kind of bad that the WWE Diva’s championship has been relegated to be “filler” between WWE/WHC Title Matches. Granted… best case scenario would be Brie/DBry walking out TOGETHER with the titles, and being the true power couple in the WWE, but would that really be “best for business”? LOL :) Only time will tell.

    • Si

      As opposed to being either left off the card or on the pre-show?

      • john k

        That’s true but I was at the last great divas title match WM 22 Mickie vs Trish and it’s sad to see what that division has become since then.

        • Brittany Anne Lynn

          I agree.

        • Si

          I saw a really great 2 out of 3 falls match at a live show in Melbourne Australia between Beth Phoenix and Mickie James, it was one of the best shows of the night.

          Theres always the potential, but it never gets handled properly (thats probably the slogan for the divas division these days I guess)

          • GetatMedog

            These days? hahaha, more like since the womens division has been in existence. Fact is, and it has been said by him, himself. Vince has never been a fan of womens wrestling. Why do you think they treat the division like they do? Why havn’t they gone out of they’re way to pick up some decent talent from the indy’s. Cause he doesn’t care. The Divas and the womens division is just a bonus for us fans. Remember, this is a male dominated sport.

            Not that I feel the same way as he does. Honestly I wished it were better.

    • sup

      Actually the Divas/Womens Championship matches have always been contested right before the main event for years. This is nothing new.


    you people are stupid

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      And you’re posting on here and wasting your time why?

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    Fuck john cena! I’m so sick of this guy.some one needs to just best the living fuck out of him till he is so hurt he has to retire like edge…I hope u get hurt bad and never return you asshat!!

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      sure does need to lose

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      Can u shut up do u actually think that’s gonna effect the fact that john cena is brave not handed everything. And that he’s the whc

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        Your probably a a fat fuck who sits there and hate on john cena while your eating your fat cake… Don’t hate on a hard working dedicated person.. How bout get your ass up and do work maybe some day you’ll realize How great it is to be successful… Don’t make me go to your house and rape you boy..

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          You have serious issues man….. WOW

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        bull sh*t he is always handed a title come on some one else could of had a shot that wasnt injured and out

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      im sick of Cena getting handed title shots/wins over and over and over again but what happened to edge shouldnt be wished upon on any wrestler/entertainer thats harsh

    • http://www.ring-rap.com/ Jay Ciaravino

      You are the worst kind of fan. I agree that Cena is way played out, and I’m tired of seeing him too, but to wish career ending injury on any of these guys is about the most ridiculous, immature shit I’ve ever heard of. As far as someone beating the crap out of him, why don’t you step up and give it a shot?

  • luke

    how bloddy typical cena wins title after being out on injury and wins there are more superstars that could of contended for that title cena gets every thing handed to him he needs to lost the title

    • Colton

      I agree with you I don’t like Del Rio though but he carried that title for long time and then Cena comes back and just beats him like that? Really dumb WWE needs to use other guys for once……..

  • Brittany Anne Lynn

    And AJ Lee retains the title. Congratulations to her. She has grown on me again.

    • Colton

      AJ is the only person keeping the divas division alive I agree glad she won.

      • Brittany Anne Lynn

        I wasn’t too fond of her the last few months, but in the last few days she has grown on me.

        • Colton

          She’s just improved so much in the ring and she plays her character of being bad so well it’s good to see. They just need to do more with the divas division and use like Naomi, Layla, and Natalya more.

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    cena hater is a faggot

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    Everything has turned put the way I’ve wanted it to! But no so sure Daniel Bryan is gonna win the championship but hopes he does! And I love shawn so much!

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    YES! Orton wins the WWE title now that’s what’s best for business!

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      what orton best for bussiness oh please there is more superstars that are best for bussiness

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    Fuck u orton u bitch ! U better be stripped off your title on raw because if danial won the title and got stripped off so should u asshole!

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    This Is so messed up. I mean HBK superkicking Bryan ? We all knew HBK was going to turn heel, but this is just stupid. So what next? HBK apologizes to Bryan for taking away his championship?

  • wwe5

    So they promise that there would be no interference and nothing will go wrong but Triple h comes down to the ring and hbk ends up superkicking bryan. Orton gets handed the wwe championship. Wtf. Whyyyy!! For once can we get a fair wwe championship match! Bryan is screwed once again!

    • luke

      yup how many times is this now that bryan has been screwed like 5

  • wwe5

    I’m 100% sure that Triple H won’t strip orton of the title since it didn’t win fair. It will come down to its best for business. Bryan is such a talent wrestler he deserves to at lease have his time as champion.

    • Colton

      Orton is Triple H’s corporate champ he is not gonna strip him of the title.

  • daniel cena

    randy orton he should be could randy snorton

    • Atl The Sports Town

      Huh!! I’m still trying to figure this one out lol

  • daniel cena

    at RAW it should be randy ORTON vs. …

  • That Guy

    They’ll probably move on to Bryan vs HHH or Bryan vs Shawn. Since Shawn is pretty much a one appearance in a while guy, I’m going to assume HHH.

  • Ben Fuller

    It was obvious shawn wouldnt be impartial being hhhs friend tells u all u need to no. As for cena I doubt he will hold the title long dispite the brand seperation beingbarely there the whc is still a smackdown title and cena is a raw superstar

  • cj

    Brie accidentally kicking Nikki = Nikki’s heel turn , maybe. It could be Bella vs Bella , Nikki being jealous of Brie getting the attention, title shots, and carrying the team while she was injured, feeling that Brie cares more about D.Bry and being champion more than her own sister. And while they fued AJ gets a new challenger for the diva’s title. (Way I would write it)

  • Josue

    First of all Randy Orton and HHH should not be celebrating because the only reason he won is because HBK. HBK should be ashamed of himself because he kicked his own student.I hope big show comes on Monday night raw and Knoxs HBK and HHH out.

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    When is the dead man coming back

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    wake up same old story lines all the time. HBK superkick to end match! Really how old is that one. WWE need writers with fresh Ideas.

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    Think about just how much this is putting DB over. The wwe is working your asses. Holding back Bryans title win. And then when he gets the title ypu will all think that they had to give in to the marks AND the smarks. You are all being worked just so you know. This is how the wwe have learned to work the smart fans.

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    cheater hbk

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    WrestleMania will either be Shawn VS Bryan or HHH VS Bryan. Mark my words on this one.

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    Ugh I wish Brie and Daniel won j love them both and don’t u bitches be talking about John cena he is the best man in the world

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    Plz reply don’t talk about johncena his my man. Lemme say my fab wrestlers johncena then cmpunk then Daniel Bryan then big show then Brie then Nikki then whateverb but I really love johncena cmpunk danielbryan and bigshow

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    cena is champ forever