WWE Legend Comments On Fan Intelligence Being Insulted

During a recent appearance on Jim Ross’ podcast, Bully Ray talked about WWE insulting the intelligence of fans with booking decisions:

“There are so many things that don’t make sense. And when I watch, I try to watch as the professional, but I also try to watch as the fan because then I have to talk about it on Busted Open [Radio] and the things that don’t make sense I find are often insulting my intelligence. And I’m wondering if other people feel that way. Does the 13 year old in Sheboygan, Wisconsin really know whether his intelligence is being insulted?

No, but the 40 year old man in New York [New York], Philadelphia [Pennsylvania], and Chicago [Illinois] knows that it is; however, when WWE looks at its numbers, JR, I think that everything is pointed in a positive direction for them, so why should they change their product?”