WWE Legend Critical Of Sting Taking A Powerbomb Bump

During his recent podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was critical of Sting taking a powerbomb from Brian Cage on last week’s AEW Dynamite:

“You want to be a team player. You don’t want to be a guy that’s sitting on the sidelines or sitting on the bench. You want to get in the game. I know that’s Sting’s mentality. He’s not gonna wanna go in their and get a paycheck – ‘Don’t treat me like I’m one of the old guys.’ One way you can ingratiate yourself with the boys is go out and take a big bump. Go out there and do something crazy. That’s what Sting did. He went out there and took the biggest bump he could possibly take which is a powerbomb by Brian Cage.”

“It was a hard bump. It was definitely one of those deals coming off the bump with Seth Rollins – ‘Let me test myself. Let me see if I can still take it.’ At 61 years old like that, taking a bump like that – I know for me, I’ll be 56 here in a couple of weeks. I know I would be in a straightjacket. I can only wonder how he feels today after taking a powerbomb like that. The thing is, was it something that was warranted is my question? My answer is no. I’d say, ‘Man, just beat me down. All ya’ll have to do is beat me down. Put the boots to me. Ya’ll don’t have to do anything else.’ I would sell it like a car ran over me. But for him to actually go and take a powerbomb cold, because you can’t warm up and take a powerbomb if you had to have a match. There isn’t enough stretching in the world.”

“I might’ve taken five powerbombs in my career. That’s a shoot. That’s because I was never one to take one because it was sure gonna hurt. I’ve worked with The Steiner Brothers and some of the biggest guys you can be out there with. Kevin Nash has given me a powerbomb. He may be one of the only guys that has ever given me a powerbomb. The only reason Kevin gave it to me was because it was his finisher, and he knew how to do it where I wasn’t gonna get hurt. If you ever watch Kevin Nash do a powerbomb, it’s one of the most beautiful powerbomb a guy is ever gonna take. He’ll guide you like a feather. I wouldn’t want to be taking one from Brian Cage, let’s just get that out there right now. But nah, like I said, was it wise? There again, I don’t think it was wise. But there again, when you’ve got the juices flowing and want to be one of the boys, you’re gonna jump back out there.”

(quotes courtesy of 411Mania.com)