WWE Lied To Employees About Sami Zayn’s AEW Reference?

Regarding the report about Sami Zayn’s reference to AEW on RAW being scripted, Dave Meltzer noted the following on F4WOnline.com’s message board:

“It was scripted. They just lied to their own employees to make it out like Sami went against the script, not realizing anyone with a brain knows about the 15 second delay. Not to mention the people who did know would eventually tell those who don’t.

This is Bischoff WCW and they didn’t learn a thing from it. It draws no money and only makes paranoid talent even more paranoid, and makes employees think they’re working for an insane company, neither of which is a positive.”

Meltzer also commented on conflicting reports being out there:

“We no longer have conflicting reports. Zayn was of the belief he was supposed to say it.” Meltzer explained. “Most in the company weren’t aware so the original word was it wasn’t scripted but several sources have called it a miscommunication issue but he didn’t say it on his own.”