WWE Live Event Results Match 15, 2015: Portland, OR – Daniel Bryan Headlines, Roman Reigns In Action & More

– WWE Live Results Portland, OR March 15, 2015

Match 1: Erick Rowan got a good pop and defeated Fandango with Rosa Mendes.

Match 2: Sin Cara and Kalisto defeated Bo Dallas and Tyler Breeze. Breeze and Bo did entertaining pre-match promos and Bo called themselves BoBreeze. The Lucha Dragons hit their double team combo finisher for the win.

Match 3: Emma and Natalya defeated Sasha Banks and Summer Rae when Summer tapped out to the Sharpshooter. Unfortunately Sasha didn’t get a lot of time in the ring.

Match 4: R-Truth defeated Luke Harper in a dull match. Truth was in possession of the Intercontinental Title belt but Bad News Barrett came out and took it during the match. This led to Harper hitting a huge super kick but Truth came back with his finisher for the win.

Match 5: Roman Reigns defeated Big Show in another bad match. Reigns did get a big pop and Show got great heat but the match was just bad. Reigns took a knockout punch but kicked out and hit a spear for the win.

Match 6: Bad News Barrett retained the IC Title over Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose. The finish saw Ziggler super kick Ambrose and Barrett hit a Bullhammer on Ziggler. After the match, Ambrose laid out Barrett and grabbed the title but Luke Harper ran down and kicked him in the face. Harper took the title to the stage but R-Truth attacked him and left with the title.

Match 7: Big E and Xavier Woods defeated The Ascension. The Ascension cut one of their promos before the match and dissed The Hart Foundation, The Road Warriors and Demolition. The New Day came out and it was like crickets in the arena. This match finally ended after Big E and Woods hit a double team finisher. Another bad match.

Match 8: Daniel Bryan defeated Kane in a Portland Street Fight. Bryan was the most over all night by far. They used the stairs, kendo sticks, a chair and the usual. Bryan hit the running knee into a chair that Kane was about to use and pinned him for the win. Great main event and great way to end the show.