WWE Live Results March 15th, 2015: Minneapolis, MN – John Cena/Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins/Bray Wyatt & More

– WWE Live Results Minneapolis, MN March 15, 2015

Match 1: Goldust def. Stardust

Match 2: The Prime Time Players def. Adam Rose & Heath Slater

* Curtis Axel came out and did his “Axelmania” gimmick. They announced him from Minneapolis (he’s from Champlin, but close enough) which got a big pop.

Match 3: Adrian Neville def. Curtis Axel

Match 4: Zack Ryder def. Brad Maddox

Match 5: Rusev def. Ryback & Jack Swagger in a triple threat match for the United States Championship. Lana was noticeably not with Rusev, who cut a promo by himself.

Match 6: Paige & Naomi def. The Bella Twins. I guess AJ Lee just isn’t doing live events at this point, as she wasn’t on the Portland show, and she’d make a lot of sense with this crew given the upcoming WrestleMania match.

Match 7: Jimmy Uso def. The Miz. Damien Mizdow was ringside and was much more over than either guy. He was probably more over than anybody on this card except the main event.

Match 8: John Cena & Randy Orton def. Seth Rollins & Bray Wyatt. They had Cena do the grunt work, selling for the heels. Orton made the hot tag and hit the RKO on Rollins. Cena back in for an AA on Wyatt for the 1-2-3.