WWE Looking To Change Crown Jewel 2021 From Previous Shows In Saudi Arabia?

During the latest edition of the Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian discussed the 2021 Crown Jewel PPV and WWE’s mindset towards the event:

“It’s a big show, they’re giving away big matches in Saudi Arabia. It’s a money deal for them. Will there be any long-term changes to their storytelling? Most of the time, no but maybe we’ll see some changes happen this time around. Because I know the big deal for them has been [that] they are very much aware that the Saudi show seems like a nothing show. It just seems like a very big house show with no longer-term repercussions. But they want to change that and make this a show you want to watch. One o’clock in the afternoon on a Thursday is maybe not the most peak viewership but they don’t give a sh*t about peak viewership. They don’t care about any of that because they make the same amount of money no matter how many people watch live or not on Peacock. I would not be surprised if they continue on with these stories and stuff.”