WWE Main Event Results – June 1, 2023

(Image Credit: WWE)

WWE Main Event Results – June 1, 2023

Dexter Lumis vs. Akira Tozawa

Dexter Lumis & Akira Tozawa lock up to kick this match off and Lumis shoves Tozawa across the ring. Tozawa throws some strikes and gets a headscissors. He throws some chops and Lumis no sells, so Tozawa just punches him. Lumis back with a delayed suplex & that gets a two count. Lumis lands a back elbow and drops another one for a two count.

He goes to a neck crank then hits a slam from Lumis and then he hooks a nerve hold but Tozawa fights out, but and gets a flash roll up for a count two before a nother headscissors counter from Tozawa followed by a running knee. He heads up top and hits the back elbow for a near fall.

Back up top, but Lumis rolls out of the way and catches Tozawa charging in with an uppercut then Lumis hits a modified Rock Bottom to get the win.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

After the match Lumis slithers across the ring and offers Tozawa a handshake then Tozawa accepts this show of sportsmanship.

Back to Raw where Seth Rollins kicks off the show with his celebration as the new World Heavyweight Champion. AJ Styles shows up to congratulate Rollins and they shake hands. Judgment Day interrupt and we end up with a Tag Match for later in the show.

Highlights from Night Of Champions of Asuka ending Bianca BelAir’s  reign as Raw Women’s Champion.

Back to Raw as Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler win the vacated Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Back to Raw last week where Brock Lesnar broke Cody Rhodes’ arm and then beat him at Night Of Champions then on Raw Rhodes notes Lensar didn’t make him tap out and has a standing open challenge for Lesnar to face him again.

Back to Night Of Champion as Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn successfully defend their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles against The Bloodline’s Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa. The Usos get involved and accidentally hit Sikoa with a double superkick then Regins runs them down. Jimmy has had enough and hits him with a superkick. Jimmy  tells Jey he is doing what he should have done a long time ago and hits Reigns with another superkick.

Candice LeRae vs. Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox starts quick as she beats Candice LeRae down in the corner and the yells at Nikki Cross then LeRae gets a roll up for two count but an uppercut knocks her on her bum again then a suplex from Nox.

Now chokes LeRae on the middle rope and mocks the crowd as they chant for LeRae then Nox misses a charge in the corner and LeRae is able to get a basement dropkick to turn the tide a bit. They head out on the apron and LeRae looks for a German suplex but Nox uses the ropes to block. She ends up dropping LeRae face first on the apron as we head to break.

After the break Nox holding a headlock but LeRae breaks, so Nox uses her knee to choke and yells at the ref for not counting the pin. Nox hits a head kick and laughs as she is enjoying her work. Nox with a straitjacket choke but LeRae is able to break. She gets mowed down with a clothesline for two. Nox yells at Cross as she tells her to go away and calls her a psychopath.

LeRae reverses a suplex into a DDT and starts to run wild a bit then hits a clothesline, a back elbow in the corner, and then a trio of step up sentons for a two count. LeRae tries to go up but Nox catches her with a right hand. They fight up top and LeRae tries a neckbreaker, but Nox uses the ropes to block. She comes off with a back elbow, but then misses an uppercut in the corner. LeRae comes off the top with a missile dropkick and then connected with Lionsault for the win.

Winner: Candice LeRae

After the match Cross hugs a reluctant LeRae.

Back to Night Of Champions as Rhea Ripley retains the Smackdown Women’s Title over Natalya in quick fashion.

Back to Raw as Ricochet defeated The Miz and Nakamura defeated Bronson Reed in Money In The Bank Qualifying matches.

Back to Raw as World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins & AJ Styles defeated Judgement Day’s Finn Balor & Damian Priest via Crub Stomp on Priest.