WWE Main Event Results – March 16, 2023

(Image Credit: WWE)

WWE Main Event Results – March 16, 2023

Cedric Alexander vs. Dante Chen

Cedric Alexander controls early on the mat, but gets caught with a pair of armdrags into an armbar. Alexander gets to his feet, but Dante Chen maintains arm control and gets a hammerlock. Alexander sends Chen to the apron where MVP provides enough of a distraction to let Alexander get in a kick and then connect with a single arm DDT.

Alexander gets a running elbow in the corner followed by a dropkick to the back of the neck. Alexander works the arm and shoulder then Chen tries a slam but Alexander slides out and lands an elbow. Chen with a sunset flip for two, but gets blasted with another elbow in the corner. Alexander lays the beats in the corner, but misses a charge in the corner.

Chen hits a pump Kick & it gets a two count follow by a splash in the corner and then again. Alexander goes back to the arm he has been working on and finishes with Lumbar Check for the win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Back to Raw a few weeks ago as Sami Zayn saves Kevin Owens from a Bloodline beating. Zayn offers a hand but Owens walks out as he doesn’t want any help.

Rey Mysterio video package announcing him as the 1st member of the Hall Of Fame Class of 2023.

Back to Raw as Dominik challenges Rey to a match at WrestleMania and Rey turns him down as he won’t fight his son Rey gets booed for turning it down.

Back to Raw as Edge accepts a match with Finn Balor at WrestleMania but then ups the stakes as he says it will inside Hell In A Cell.

Back to Raw as Omos & Brock Lensar have their first face 2 face encounter & they shake hands but Omos won’t let go. The crowd pops for the suplex attempt but Omos blocks and sends Lesnar over the top to the floor.

Back to Smackdown as Drew McIntyre pins LA Knight while Sheamus pins Xavier Woods and we have to winners in the match to determine who faces Gunther at WrestleMania.

Akira Tozawa vs. Trick Williams

Match starts off with a lock up and Trick Williams uses his power and then mocks Akira Tozawa by dropping to his knees to make it a fair fight. Williams tells Tozawa to leave, but instead he dropkicks Williams in the face. Tozawa off the middle ropes with a headscissors that sends Williams to the floor. Tozawa is set to fly but Williams rushes back in and hits a pop up elbow as we head to a commercial break.

After the break Williams mauling Tozawa in the corner. He tells Tozawa to remember his name. Hard whip into the corner and then some chops from Williams. A comeback from Tozawa is cut off by a leaping clothesline for a two count. Williams hooks a cravat and then tries for the pop up elbow again, but Tozawa counters and plants Williams face first into the mat with Pay Dirt.

Running knee from Tozawa and then he comes off the top with the back elbow for a two count. Williams lands an up kick and then a neckbreaker for two. Splash in the corner misses and Tozawa gets a head kick. He heads up top and gets the Senton for the win

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Back to Smackdown as Sami Zayn & Cody Rhodes have a brawl with Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos.

Back to Raw as Cody Rhodes defeated LA Knight and then cuts a fired up promo to sell his WrestleMania match with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

John Cena/Rhea Ripley WrestleMania commercial as we get a parody of Stranger Things & Cena tells Ripley she is the Main Event of WrestleMania.

Back to Raw as Kevin Owens & Solo Sikoa have a street fight with Sikoa getting the win after a double superkick from The Usos them Samoan Spike.