WWE Main Event Results – May 25, 2023

WWE Main Event Results – May 25, 2023

Tegan Nox vs. Dana Brooke

Tegan Nox & Dana Brooke lock up to start the match off and Nox shoves Brooke after a clean break in the corner then Brooke catches Nox’s leg and just goes to a side headlock. Brooke knocks Nox on her ass and then gets several waist lock takedowns. Nox with a standing reverse but gets caught with a kick to the gut.

Nox bails to the apron as she yells that she is going home. She suckers Brooke in and hangs her up on the top rope before Nox slaps Brooke around a bit and uses the middle rope to choke then a suplex gets a two count then Nox stomps away in the corner and then gets a modified cannonball splash in the corner.

Brooke rallies back with a flapjack which leaves both women down. Brooke throws a bunch of forearms and hits a couple of clotheslines followed by a handspring elbow in the corner and then the bulldog counter for a two count. Nox slides off Brook’s back then throws her into the middle buckle and then gets a roll up with her feet on the ropes for the win.

Winner: Tegan Nox

Back to Smackdown where The Usos attacks Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn but Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns wasn’t happy as it wasn’t part of the plan.

Later in the night The Usos loses to LWO’s Santos Escobar & Rey Mysterio.

Back to Raw where Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn & Riddle get a win over Imperium.

Back to Smackdown 2 weeks ago where Liv Morgan took a knee to the face from Dakota Kai and now she is injured causing the Women’s Tag Team Titles to be relinquished.

Back to Raw as Trish Stratus & Becky Lynch sign the contract for Night Of Champions. Stratus takes credit for single handily changing woman’s wrestling while Lynch was doing Irish jigs in a dumpy bar. Stratus notes this is her 1st contract signing and this will be Lynch’s last one. Lynch notes that Stratus is scared of time passing her by and of the fans remembering her for being better than she is today. Lynch references Stratus barking like a dog for Vince McMahon and finishes with welcome to the big time b*tch woof, woof then Stratus knocks the table into Lynch.

Nikki Cross vs. Emma

Match starts off with a lockup then Nikki Cross gets an arm but Emma with a trip then Cross back to the arm and this time Emma pulls the hair to break. Emma uses the ropes to keep Cross away and then lands a kick to the gut.

Cross tosses Emma into the ropes and drops behind her to trip her up. Emma gets tossed into the top buckle in every corner and then Cross jumps on her back with a sleeper. Emma tries to break in the corner but fails so she just drop straight back as we go to a break.

After the break Emma in control as she traps the head then she throws some knees and gets a double underhook suplex. Cross blocks being sent into the corner and fights back with right hands. She looks for a bulldog but Emma goes to the hair then more hair pulling as she yanks on the hair while having Cross trap between the ropes.

Emma catapults Cross throat first into the bottom rope for a two count. Emma misses a wild swing which lets Cross gets a roll up for a two count then she hits a jawbreaker next and avoids a charge in the corner. Cross throws some forearms and gets a knockdown. Cross avoids two clothesline and connects with two basement dropkicks.

Splash in the corner and Cross hits Emma down with a tornado DDT then Cross heads up top but Emma just ducks as Cross crashes then a running kick to the head gets a two count.

Cross collapses getting tossed into the corner which lets Emma hit the basement cross body then misses a charge in the corner and hits her shoulder on the post. Cross hits the swinging neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Nikki Cross

Back to Raw where Brock Lesnar destroys Cody Rhodes when he arrives to the arena then he goes after the arm by slamming a beer keg into it as it’s against a garage door.

Back to Raw as Lensar mocks Cody Rhodes and tells the fans he won’t be out here tonight and won’t be fighting at Night Of Champions then Rhodes with his arm in a sling, heads down to fight as officials try to talk him out of it. Lensar gets a kimura and breaks Rhodes’ arm as he screams fight me at him.

Later in the show Triple H visits Rhodes and tries to talk him out of the match with Lensar. He tells Rhodes he can tell his arm is broken. Rhodes tells Triple H he is not afraid and Triple H says he is afraid the doctor is going to find the arm is broken and Triple H will have to rule him out on Saturday. Triple H puts over Rhodes toughness and references last year’s Hell In A Cell. Rhodes is no coward and says of all people Triple H should understand. He will fight this Saturday and Triple H just smiles at him.