WWE NXT Results – June 28, 2022

WWE NXT Results- June 28, 2022

Your announcers are Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett.

Match Number One: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter versus Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade in a Number One Contender Match

Cora and Carter start things off and they lock up. They go around the ring until a stalemate. Cora with a wrist lock. Carter with a reversal into a waist lock. Carter with a double leg take down. Carter with an arm drag and chop. Jade with a chop and they go back and forth. Carter with a wrist lock and knee. She goes to the turnbuckles and Chance tags in while Carter hits a springboard wrist lock take down. Chance with a seated splash for a near fall. Chance springboards over Jade and then poses in front of Cora. Chance with a head scissors for a near fall. Chance with an elbow but Jade with a take down and a near fall. Chance with a waist lock and Jade with a kick and uppercut. Jade with a snap mare and a drop kick.

Perez tags in and connects with an uppercut. Perez with an elbow and a handstand head scissors into a rollup for a near fall. Perez with an arm drag into an arm bar. Jade tags in and she works on the arm. Jade with an arm wringer for a near fall. Jade with an Irish whip and Perez tags in. Perez with a wrist lock and she takes Chance to the mat. Perez holds on to the arm bar. Perez with an arm drag into an arm bar. Chance with a boot and Carter tags in and she kicks Perez from the apron. Carter with forearms to the chest and an elevated clothesline for a near fall. Carter gets Perez on her shoulders and Chance tags in. Chance with a slingshot senton for a near fall.

Chance with an arm bar. Perez blocks a rana and drops Chance on the top rope. Jade tags in and hits a springboard double stomp to the back. Jade with a drop kick for a near fall. Perez comes in and Chance escapes a double suplex and Carter tags in. Carter and Chance with drop kicks but Carter with a forearm to Perez and Chance pulls Perez off the apron. Carter sends Jade to the floor. Perez sends Carter into the apron and chops her. against the apron. Perez sends Carter back into the ring and gets a near fall. Perez with a front face lock and Jade tags in. Carter with a rollup for a near fall. Carter with a clothesline and she sends Jade to the floor. Jade trips Carter and connects with an enzuigiri. Jade with a running knee into the corner and she gets a near fall.

Perez tags in and they go for a double suplex on Carter and hit it. Perez gets a near fall. Carter rolls to the floor to avoid Perez. Perez goes to the apron and connects with a forearm. Perez sends Carter into the apron. Carter slams Perez into the apron. Carter brings Perez back into the ring and gets a near fall. Carter stands on the leg while Perez tries to crawl to her corner to make the tag. Carter stretches Perez and stomps on the back. Carter with an Irish whip and Carter with a lungblower and Chance tags in and hits a splash for a near fall. Carter tags back in and she applies a Boston Crab. Carter gestures to Toxic Attraction on their balcony and Jacy dances.

Chance tags in and she applies a Boston Crab. Perez gets a near fall with a rollup. Perez powers out of a Boston Crab attempt. Jade and Carter tag in and Jade with elbows and a head scssors take down. Jade knocks Chance off the apron and hits an enzuigiri on Carter. Jade gets a near fall. Carter with a forearm and Jade fires back. Carter with a thrust kick and then both with forearms at the same time and both go down. Perez tags in and Carter is unable to tag in because her partner is not in the corner. Carter with a kick to Perez and she knocks Jade off the turnbuckles. Chance tags in and Jade pulls Carter down to help Perez avoid the neck breaker and 450 splash combination. Perez with Code Red for the three count.

Winners: Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez

The Creeds and Ivy Nile are in the Diamond Mine Dojo and Joe Gacy shows up with his hooded men. Joe tells the Creeds if Roderick Strong does not appreciate their brillance, he does. He will welcome them just like he did with the Dyad.

Julius says that Diamond Mine might fight but they are family. Roderick says that is right and that they are willing to show how tight of a family they are.

Joe says he feels the hostility inside them. Why not do this tonight.

We are back and McKenzie asks Toxic Attraction about their opponents for next week.

Jacy says they were unimpressed. If that is what they bring next week, their match will be so easy. Gigi says next week will be no problem. Mandy says Roxanne should have cashed in her contract for the tag titles because she better not use it against her.

Nikkita Lyons shows up and says Roxanne never would have gotten the contract if I was in the tournament. I am back in the ring tonight. My eyes will be on you.

Mandy says all eyes are on her, but when they wre in the ring together, she will be the king of the jungle.

Match Number Two: Giovanni Vinci versus Ikemen Jiro

Jiro with a cartwheel before locking up. Vinci with a hammer lock and he pushes Jiro away. Vinci with a wrist lock. Jiro with an arm bar but Vinci with a drop toe hold and he walks over Jiro. Jiro with jacket punches but Vinci with a German suplex. Vinci with a chop in the corner. Vinci with more chops. Jiro is on the mat in shock over those chops. Vinci gets Jiro up fo ra slam but Jiro escapes and connects with a jacket punch and a rolling jacket punch. Vinci with an Irish whip but he misses a splash. Jiro with a kick but he misses an Arabian Press. Vinci with a springboard tornado DDT. Vinci with Last Ride for the three count.

Winner: Giovanni Vinci

We take a look at Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs winning the NXT UK Tag Titles last week.

They walk in the back with Fallon Henley as we go to commercial.

We are back and Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are with McKenzie. He is asked how will he keep the momentum going. Carmelo says it takes a lot to become the A Champion. No one will get one over me and I an exceptional champion.

Grayson Waller shows up and he tells Carmelo all of his mates at home are big Melo fans. He wants Waller to sign a few things (including possibly a contract for a North American Title Match).

The new NXT UK Tag Team Champions Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen make their way to the ring with Fallon Henley.

Brooks yells out that they are the NEW NXT UK TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.

Josh says they love to fight and they crossed continents to fight the best in NXT UK. They brought the fight, but we fought back. Josh says they know injuries are part of the game and when Ashton is ready to come back, they have a rematch.

Brooks reminds Josh of the first time they met and how Josh told him he has potential. Brooks says he busts his ass for Josh and for everyone. He thanks Josh for picking him.

Josh says he is so proud of Brooks, but he says there is one thing left to do now that they have these tag titles.

Fallon says it is time to drink some beer.

The former NXT and NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly come out and Elton says that the titles now mean nothing because of the grubby hands of American trailer trash.

Brooks says he smells an Alabama Ass Whipping coming your way.

Elton says they do not deserve those titles. You have lowered the bar for the prestige they once held. That team is the former NXT UK Champions, who held them for 287 days.

Josh tells the Zoolander twins to shut up. They know the lineage of these titles. Some great teams held these titles and you aren’t one of them. We are going to be fighting champions here and in NXT UK. You can talk all you want or we can get to fighting. Josh says they will make the decision for them and Brooks punches Elton. Josh with an atomic drop to Kit and Fallon slaps Kit.

We have a video package for Bron Breakker.

We are back in the women’s locker room and Kayden Carter and Katana Chance are pissed that they lost again. They say they are better than Roxanee and Cora and Toxic Attraction.

Tatum Paxley tells Kayden and Katana not to get in her face because they lost a match.

Match Number Three: Indi Hartwell versus Kiana James

They lock up and Indi with a wrist lock. Kiana stomps on the foot and reverses the wrist lock. Indi with a waist lock and Kiana gets to the ropes. Indi blocks a kick but is sent into the ropes. Indi with a wrist lock take down. Indi with two arm drags but Kiana avoids a third one. Kiana gets a near fall. Indi with an arm drag into an arm bar. Indi with an Irish whip and snake eyes. Indi sends Kiana to the apron but Kiana drops Indi on the middle rope. Kiana with kicks. Kiana with a running shoulder into the corner and she gets a near fall. Kiana with a body scissors. Indi leans back and gets a near fall. Indi with elbows to Kiana and she leans back for another near fall.

Indi with a boot to the chest. Indi with shoulder tackles and she send Kiana face first to the mat and follows with forearms to the back. Indi with a European uppercut in the ropes followed by a forearm for a near fall. Indi gets Kiana on her shoulders but Kiana escapes. Indi with a shoulder but she misses a springboard elbow drop. Kiana with a double leg take down and she gets her feet on the ropes for the three count.

Winner: Kiana James

Vic and Wade talk about Tony D’Angelo and The Family.

We take a look at footage from last night and Tony is holding Troy’s watch as they look into the water. Tony says he gives him the world and you make a move for my chair. You broke my heart and now you sleep with the fishes. Tony throws the watch in the water. Tony gets a call and he gets a call from Santos Escobar asking if he is talking to the new North American Champion. Tony throws the phone into the water too and walks away with Channing.

We are back and Wes Lee says he was in the ring last week opening his heart out and Trick Williams interrupted him. Me showing my feelings is my strength. I will show you what happens when you disrespect me like that.

Match Number Four: Roderick Strong, Julius Creed, and Brutus Creed (with Ivy Nile and Damon Kemp) versus Joe Gacy, First Dyad and Second Dyad

Strong and Gacy start things off and they lock up. Strong with a wrist lock but Gacy with a reversal into a side head lock. Gacy with a shoulder tackle and Strong with a waist lock take down. Strong with a head lock. Gacy backs Strong into the corner and the First Dyad tags in and connects with forearms. Strong escapes a slam and Strong goes for a half nelson back breaker. Strong with a snap mare and arm bar. Brutus tags in and he gives First a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. First rakes the eyes and connects with forearms. Brutus with a gutwrench suplex. First with a wrist lock. Brutus with a judo throw and Julius tags in and Julius sends Brutus onto First with a gutwrench suplex. Julius with knees and Brutus tags in. Brutus with knees and Julius continues to pass First between them.

Julius tags in and connects with knees. First rolls to the floor and Gacy tells him that he trusts him. First gets back in the ring and Julius with a waist lock. First with a clothesline and a short arm clothesline. First with a forearm and he chokes Julius. First with an elbow to the collarbone. Second Dyad tags in and he connects with a clothesline and he gets a near fall. Julius with a double leg take down to Second but Second with a forearm and punch. Gacy tags in and he punches Julius and connects with a shoulder in the corner. Gacy with a punch. Gacy with a forearm and Second tags in and he punches Julius. Julius escapes a slam and gets a near fall with an inside cradle. Second with a knee to the midsection.

Julius with a suplex from a seated position on the mat but First and Gacy come in to stop it. Diamond Mine with stereo suplexes. Brutus with a back elbow to Gacy and Julus with a drop kick. Gacy has some words for Second and Strong tags in. Strong with a waist lock take down and a rear chin lock. Strong with a boot to Second and he chops him in the corner. Strong with a knee and forearm and Brutus tags in. Gacy tags in and he punches Brutus. Gacy with an arm bar. Brutus with a reversal and Gacy with a punch. Brutus with an uppercut and a gutwrench suplex. Gacy clips Brutus when Brutus focuses on Second on the floor. Gacy with a DDT for a near fall. Gacy with a chop.

First tags in and he connects with a forearm to the lower back. Brutus with a forearm and First with a kick and Irish whip. Brutus with a forearm to First and then an elbow to Gacy and Second. First with a kick to the midsection and Second tags in. Gacy tags in as well. Gacy hands in the ropes and he tries to Clockwork Orange him. Gacy with a uranage for a near fall. Gacy with a chop and punches. Brutus with an uppercut but Gacy puts Brutus in the corner and punches him. Brutus tries to make the tag but Second stops him. Second with a neck breaker and he gets a near fall. Second with a punch and First tags in. First with a clothesline and he rakes at the eyes. First with a reverse chin lock. First with a knee.

First knocks Strong off the apron and Second tags in. Brutus kicks Second and punches First. Julius tags in and he connects with forearms to everyone and then he hits a power slam to First and then hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Second. Julius with a spinning suplex followed by a rolling take down. Strong tags in and hits a jumping knee. Julius yells at Strong and Strong tells Julius to get back on the apron. Brutus stops a handspring clothesline from Gacy. Strong goes for an Olympic Slam but First switches and then Second tags in and they hit an elevated DDT for the three count.

Winners: Joe Gacy, First Dyad, and Second Dyad

After the match, Brutus stands over Strong and yells at him.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams leave the building but McKenzie stops them to ask about the Great American Bash. Trick talks about his match against Wes Lee. McKenzie asks about Carmelo’s match against Grayson Waller for the North American Title. Hayes says when you play Melo, you play yourself. Hayes says he will still be the A Champion.

We take a look back at last week’s match between Alba Fyre and Lash Legend.

We go to the medical staff and he says due to the trauma Alba Fyre suffered . . .

Lash Legend shows up and says due to her beat down on Ms. Firemaker, she has been put on the shelf permanently. Alba found out that Lash walks the walk and talks the talk. She tells the women’s division to get out of her way.

Match Number Five: Sanga veruss Xyon Quinn

Quinn attacks Sanga from behind as Sanga makes his way to the ring. Referees separate them and we go to commercial.

We are back and Brutus yells about losing. Roderick Strong enters the room and he tells them that they were winning and you didn’t listen. Julius says they are not going to listen to this. Strong says he will teach them in the ring. Next week, it will be Damon and him versus you for the tag titles.

The referee starts the match and Quinn goes to the floor. Quinn with a forearm when Sanga talks to the referee. Quinn with a boot to the head. Sanga with a punch but Quinn with kicks. Sanga with a shoulder tackle after Quinn fails with a shoulder tackle. Sanga sends Quinn into the turnbuckles and connects with a kick. Sanga clotheslines Quinn over the top rope to the floor. Sanga goes to the floor and sends Quinn back into the ring. Quinn with a kick as Sanga returns to the ring. Quinn chokes Sanga in the ropes. Sanga blocks a kick and then connects with a punch to the back of the head. Sanga gets Quinn up and hits snake eyes. Sanga with another snake eyes. Sanga with a chop to the back of the neck.

Sanga with a slam but he misses an elbow drop. Quinn with a flying shoulder tackle for a near fall. Quinn iwth a rear chin lock. Quinn with forearms to the chest. Sanga gets back ot his feet and Quinn with a forearm to the back. Quinn gets on Sanga’s back but Sanga backs Quinn into the corner. Sanga with a rear naked choke and a clothesline. Sanga gets Quinn up for a slam and Sanga signals it is over. Sanga grabs Quinn by the throat and hits a choke slam for the three count.

Winner: Sanga

We have a video package for Cameron Grimes.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Wendy Choo dreams about Tiffany Stratton’s comments. Then her nightmare turns into something not a nightmare. Wendy wakes up and goes to brush her teeth and she wonders about what is stupid or not stupid. Wendy tells Stratton it is simple stupid. I get under your skin and go for the pin.

We are told that the Creeds will face Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp for the tag titles.

Match Number Six: Nikkita Lyons versus Mandy Rose (with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne) in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Lyons with a take down as they hold on to the collar and elbow tie up. Lyons with a clean break. Mandy with a waist lock and Nikkita with a double wrist lock take down. Mandy with a kick to the injured knee and a kick to the back of the leg. Mandy with forearms and Lyons with an elbow. Lyons with a kick to the leg. Lyons with shoulders in the corner. Lyons with a biel and a splash into the corner. Lyons with a biel. Lyons with another splash in the corner and a biel. Mandy rolls to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lyons kicks Mandy while Mandy works on the leg. Lyons with a take down but Mandy with a reversal and punches. Mandy kicks the hamstring and works on the knee. We see footage from the break when Mandy kicked Nikkita in the leg and then sent her into the ring steps. Nikkita with forearms. Lyons with punches to Rose. Mandy with punches to Lyons. Nikkita with a triangle but Mandy gets to the ropes to force a break. Mandy with a kick to the injured knee. Mandy pie faces Nikkita while she taunts Lyons. Lyons blocks a punch. Lyons with kicks to Mandy. Lyons with a forearm in the corner and a German suplex. Nikkita with a near fall. Lyons backs Mandy into the corner and puts her on the turnbuckles.

Nikkita with punches and a superplex attempt but Mandy blocks it. Mandy sends Nikkita to the mat and Mandy with a missile drop kick. Mandy misses a boot when Lyons rolls through. Lyons with kicks and a spinning back heel kick. Jacy and Gigi attack Lyons and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Nikkita Lyons (by disqualification)

After the match, Gigi and Jacy hold Lyons for Mandy to slap her.

Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade come to the ring and hit Mandy with a double super kick.

Solo SIkoa and Apollo Crews are in the back and Solo says he cannot believe he lost to Grayson Waller. He says Waller got lucky.

Crews tells Solo that he will get revenge on Waller.

Xyon Quinn shows up and Crews tells Solo he has this.

Quinn says it has been three years since you were here and things have changed. He says if you want to be the perfect WWE Superstar, that is me.

Crews says on paper, your future looks so bright, but the thing is when I look at your future, it don’t look too good.

Cameron Grimes walks in the most dangerous parking lot in Sports Entertainment and he enters the building.

Bron Breakker walks through the parking lot but he enters through the front door.

We go to commercial.

We are back with JD McDonagh driving and he says nice guys finish last. That is why he always finishes first. He does not like it when his athletic IQ is challenged. He says he is the necessary evil to bring balance to NXT. He is the Ace not just in NXT UK, but everywhere.

Wade Barrett is in the ring to bring out the men who will compete in the main event of the Great American Bash. He brings out Cameron Grimes first. Then he brings out the NXT Men’s Champion Bron Breakker.

Bron says they have it and they just want to talk so he asks Wade to leave the ring.

Bron says he has had the great honor of defending this title against a lot of great opponents. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Grimes says he might think that is the case, but if you lose the title, you might go up to Raw or Smackdown. You lose the title, they put you on SummerSlam. I lost my North American Title and I put all my chips in the middle to go all in on Bron Breakker. I don’t have a back up plan. I lose that championship and that is it for me. You don’t have a back up plan since this is your back up plan. You wanted to play in the NFL. They said you weren’t good enough so you called daddy to tell him you wanted to be in the WWE and that is where you are.

Bron says he cannot believe Cameron brought his father into this and we know what happened to the last person. He says Cameron Grimes is going to the moon but you are not going to like what you see there because I am going to spear you in half.

Grimes says you may knock him down but he gets up. You can knock me down again and I will get back up.

Bron tells Grimes he will keep knocking him down and then after we are done, you can call your buddy Ted DiBiase to see what to do next.

Grimes says we see that you are bigger and stronger, but you don’t have heart and you don’t have his heart. It is not your fault. It is genetics. Your daddy didn’t have heart and that is why he was never world champion.

Bron grabs Grimes and presses him over his head but Grimes gets to his feet. Bron misses a charge into the corner and he goes shoulder first into the post. Grimes sends Bron into the turnbuckles shoudler first and the top rope comes off the ring post. The medical staff checks on Bron and Grimes says at 100 percent, you may beat me, but you aren’t at 100 percent.

We go to credits.

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