WWE NXT Level Up Results – April 26, 2024

(Image Credit: WWE)

WWE NXT Level Up Results – April 26, 2024

Jakara Jackson vs. Arianna Grace

Lockup to start and Jakara Jackson gets an arm drag then another then hooks the arm and works that for a bit. Arianna Grace rolls over and over until she can reverse.

She has arm control and takes it to the mat with an armbar.

Jackson keeps the hands locked and is able to roll to get a one count which forces Grace to break.

Another got a Grace takes things right back to the mat.

Grace ends up on the apron and Meta 4 distracts long enough for Jackson to regain the advantage.

She knocks Grace to the floor and once back in the ring sends her into the corner. They fight over a backslide, which Grace gets for a two count.

She charges but Jackson moves and Grace gets caught throat first on the middle rope.

Slingblade gets a two count.

Jackson with a modified chinlock and that gets the crowd into it a bit as they cheer on Grace.

She is able to break and starts her comeback with a charge in the corner followed by a suplex. Lash Legend is up on the apron and eats a right hand.

Running knee from Grace gets a two count.

Meta 4 distracts the ref again which lets Jackson go to the eyes before Sugar Rush gets the win.

Winner: Jakara Jackson

Jaida Parker vs. Carlee Bright

Carlee Bright controls early with a side headlock before Jaida Parker escapes and tries a drop down but Bright goes right down to apply the side headlock again.

Dropkick by Bright and another before a 3rd is missed as Parker grabs the top rope.

She laughs at Bright and then catches her in the corner.

She lays Bright between the ropes lands a chop and then hits an ass splash in the corner.

She tells Kendal to watch what she is doing. Bright tries a crossbody but gets caught and Parker gets a backbreaker for two. Kneeling abdominal stretch.

Bright throws kicks from the mat to break and getting a running clothesline.

Another handspring kick in the corner but she gets caught and dropped on the middle rope throat first.

Parker with a flipping neckbreaker and a running hip attack gets the win.

Winner: Jaida Parker

Tag Team Match
Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs. Dion Lennox & Dante Chen

Dion Lennox starts with Malik Blade and they run around the ring for a bit before a tag to Edris Enofe. He gets a slam and drops an elbow on Lennox.

He rips off the shirt to show off that he is shredded but that backfires though as he gets picked up and ran into the wrong corner.

Tag to Dante Chen but he gets caught trying to charge in the corner. Tag to Blade and he grabs an arm to work on that. Blind tag to Lennox and he catches Blade trying a crossbody.

Lennox drops him for a two count and a tag to Chen & he buries a knee in the back and hooks a chinlock. Blade can escape and gets a sunset flip for a two count.

Chen cuts off the hot tag though and drives Blade back into his corner.

Lennox in and he gets a northern lights suplex for a two count.

Torture Rack as Reece gets on the apron for some reason.

Blade escapes and ducks a clothesline to make the hot tag. Enofe runs wild and plants Chen with a spinebuster. Both teams are in the ring and Lennox eats a superkick.

Chen hits Gentle Touch on Enofe which also takes out Lennox before Blade with a fireman’s carry into a cutter for the win.

Winners: Edris Enofe & Malik Blade