WWE NXT Level Up Results – March 17, 2023

(Image Credit: WWE)

WWE NXT Level Up Results – March 17, 2023

Lyra Valkyria vs. Dani Palmer

Match starts off with a lock up and Lyra Valkyria takes things to the mat then Dani Palmer tries an armdrag but Valkyria just cartwheels out. Valkyria gets a backslide for two and then a rana into another pin attempt. They do a pinfall reversal sequence into a bridge and then into a Palmer backslide for a two count.

They start trading roll ups and pin attempts again and ends with Palmer getting a seated dropkick for two count. Valkyria starts firing off strikes and kicks and then a northern lights suplex holding the bridge for a two count. Palmer lands a leg kick and gets a two count.

She hooks a modified camel clutch but Valkyria is able to free her hands and get to her feet with Palmer on her back. Palmer transitions to a sleeper but Valkyria runs Palmer into the corner to break but a charge misses but Palmer runs into a back elbow then she misses a flying splash then Spinning Heel Kick for the win.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria

Backstage Eddy Thorpe cuts a promo and he faces Xyon Quinn tonight. He talks about lifting his Native American people up as he grew up watching Cowboys kill Indians on TV.

Eddy Thorpe vs. Xyon Quinn

Xyon Quinn controls with a side headlock and then runs Eddy Thorpe over with a shoulder. He catches Thorpe trying a crossbody, but Thorpe escapes and ends up getting a crossbody off the middle ropes. Thorpe misses his shot in the corner and crashes into the middle buckle. They start trading chops and Quinn nails Thorpe with an elbow. He buries a knee to the gut and gets a backbreaker out of the corner which gets two.

Modified Cobra Clutch as Thorpe fights to his feet. Quinn drops him with a short arm clothesline and then goes to a bow & arrow. He steps on the back of Thorpe’s head while pulling on his arms for good measure. Thorpe fights out and goes to the knee then he starts to run wild and gets a head kick.

Running boot in the corner connects this time and he sticks a Saito Suplex. Quinn is out at two and comes back with another shoulderblock. A clothesline misses and Thorpe hits a release German suplex follow by Roll The Dice for the win.

Winner: Eddy Thorpe

Charlie Dempsey vs. Oro Mensah

Oro Mensah controls early and he gets a side headlock. Charlie Dempsey tries to suplex out but Mensah rolls it to the mat. Dempsey transitions to an armbar but Mensah gets to his back and lands an up kick. Dempsey lands a forearm but gets caught with an elbow to the gut. Mensah misses a strike in the corner but catches Dempsey on the way back. Mensah springs in and Dempsey catches him on the way down with a forearm.

Dempsey works the arm and gets a sweet capture suplex into a bridge for two then a hammerlock from Dempsey as he goes to work on the damaged arm. He bridges and applies enough pressure to the arm that Mensah goes flipping over. Mensah sells the pain really well as Dempsey just tortures the arm here. Mensah fights to his feet and gets a suplex to get some breathing room.

He lands a clothesline and gets a springboard moonsault press off the middle rope. Flipping head kick by Mensah as he is using his unique style to combat Dempsey here this time the springboard hits as he lands a kick for two. Dempsey with another forearm and then a back hand slap. Mensah fires back but a kick gets caught and Dempsey whips the knee.

He hooks an anklelock and transitions to a waist lock. Mensah lands on his feet off a suplex, but the knee is damaged. Mensah is able to get a sleeper but Dempsey rolls out and out and hooks a cross armbreaker that he turns back into the ankle lock.

He gets a crossface and keeps pressure on the knee as he bends Mensah in half and he has no choice but to tap out.

Winner By Submission: Charlie Dempsey