WWE NXT Results – August 9, 2022

WWE NXT Results – August 9, 2022

Kicking off this weeks NXT with a recap of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Title match from last week, with Katana Chance & Kayden Carter winning the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Trick Williams cuts a promo saying tonight’s about the Rounds Match and he’s going to knock Wes out. Lee appears and says he’s going to knock Trick out while Cora Jade says she’s going to eliminate Zoey Stark from the women’s division. Zoey Stark says Mandy Rose can put up all the roadblocks she wants, and Tony D’Angelo reveals where the face 2 face with Santos Escobar will be at a public park at night.

Before the first match, Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark talk about their golden opportunity in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Tournament.

Nikkita Lyons vs. Kiana James

Lockup to start, Nikkita Lyons ends up in the corner. Kiana James shoves Lyons, Lyons shoves back and pushes her into the ropes to run her over. James with a kick that gets caught but she hits a back elbow, wristlock and she works the shoulder but Lyons knocks her down. Lyons charges at the corner but James moves and Lyons gets her knee hung up in the corner, James with a leaping stomp on the knee.

James somersault snaps the knee of Lyons and slides to the outside, she grabs the knee and slams it into the apron. She tries to do it again but gets kicked, Lyons out and she goes for a kick but James moves and she kicks the steps. James rolls Lyons in, cover for two.

James continues to work the knee with a toe hold, bending Lyons leg way down. Kick to the back of the knee but Lyons shoves James off. Back elbow and a couple kicks, German suplex! Lyons back to her feet and charges in she doesn’t quite hit the cannonball but covers anyway and James gets her hand on the ropes at two.

James rolls Lyons up and tries to use the ropes, but Lyons kicks out. spin kick by Lyons then the split legged ledrop gets the win.

Winner: Nikkita Lyons

After the match Kiana James attacks Lyons with a steel chair then stands over her.

Backstage, Apollo Crews & NXT Tag Team Champions Creed Brothers are reviewing tape. Julius thanks Crews for helping out and Crews says he loves what they’re doing. Roderick Strong comes in and asks what the hell is this? Julius Creed says Roderick Strong no showed last week, Roderick says it was a test and they passed. They retained the NXT Tag Team Titles by themselves and he’s proud. Creed Brothers say he lied and that’s now what they do in Diamond Mine. Apollo Crews says it was shady, and Roderick Strong says he can’t even be in Diamond Mine. Crews suggests they watch the 6 Man Tag Team match from last week. Roderick Strong wants a match with Creed and says his two new best friends will be in his corner, not Crews.

Vic Joseph & Wade Barrett break down the rules of the Rounds Match, which is next.

Lash Legend was chatting with Malik Blade backstage.

Rounds Match
Wes Lee vs. Trick Williams

Round 1
Wes Lee & Trick Williams begin to jab at each other and Trick does some dancing, then takes a couple shots at Wes. Wes dodges a couple jabs and nails some bodyshots, Trick backs up and confers with Melo. They trade jabs, Wes dodges some shots and lays in the body shots until Trick takes him down. They jockey for position and then get back up, trading shots to the head. Punch dodges by Lee and a couple haymakers dodged as well, bodyshots by Wes. Trick grabs Lee’s head and hits a knee to the ribs, he goes to town on Lee in the corner but Lee battles back and gets his own shots in the corner. They’re back and forth as we hit 10 seconds on the clock, Trick looses in trouble but the bell saves him.

Round 2
No more gloves, Lee with a monkey flip and arm drags to start us off. Big dropkick by Lee and Trick gets clotheslined over the top! Lee leaps over on top of him right in front of Melo, he rolls Trick in and Carmelo Hayes grabs his foot to distract him, Trick with a big kick for the pin to go up 1–0 and we go to PIP break.

Round 3
This took place entirely during the break and no one got a decision.

Round 4
Trick is getting the loaded glove back on . Lee rolls him up for two and comes off the ropes into a kick, Lee dodges a shot with the glove and takes Trick out. Kicks to Trick’s legs but Trick whips Lee into the corner hard and he goes down. Lee keeps dodging the loaded glove, he hits a crucifix pin for a decision and it’s 1-1. Trick nails Lee with the loaded glove after and takes it off.

Round 5
Big diving clothesline by Trick for a two count, then a bodyslam and stomps to the chest. Push into the ropes and Trick shoves him up into an uppercut, cover for two again. Suplex by Trick and another, he goes for a 3rd and nails it cover for two again.

1:30 to go in the round spinning neckbreaker by Trick for two nearfalls in succession. Trick goes for a roundhouse kick but gets hung up on the ropes, running enzuigiri by Lee Lee with bodyblows, Irish whip into a European uppercut then a bulldog there’s 20 seconds left & Lee gets his glove on & nails Williams for the win.

Winner: Wes Lee (2-1) (4 seconds left in 5th Round)

Andre Chase is apologizing to someone as Thea Hail walks in. Arianna Grace is angry that she has a black eye because she got hit by a ball thrown by Hail & Chase says they’ll have a match. Grace says she wanted a lawsuit and Chase says she has no choice since it happened on Chase U grounds. Grace is mad, Hail is way too excited.

After the break North American Champion Carmelo Hayes is still in the ring, saying they were gonna have an hour long Melobration but that didn’t happen because Wes Lee cheated, so he’s going to speak. He talks about how last week Nathan Frazer responded to the open challenge and got stepped on, leaving him still the A Champion.

And here comes Nathan Frazer or not, because Giovanni Vinci is in the ring. He says Melo is a top tier athlete and makes the North American Champion the most important title in NXT, but he saw his title reign flash before his eyes last week before Nathan Frazer took his spot. He says he’ll deal with Frazer later, but in the meantime. He takes his jacket off and suggests they compete for the North American Title at Heatwave. Vinci says Melo calls himself the A Champ, but Vinci just sees A Guy.

Melo says Vinci has it twisted Frazer saved Vinci from him. He says he sees the potential but he isn’t Him, because Melo is. He says they can compete next week, but he will but Vinci on a T shirt and it won’t be designer.

Vinci goes for a shot and they trade reversals before officials break them up.

We get a preview for NXT Title match next week on Heatwave.

Lash Legend is still talking to Malik Blade, Edris Enofe walks in and Lash seamlessly transitions to explaining it all to him.

Arianna Grace vs. Thea Hail

Arianna Grace takes a swing but Thea Hail dodges and hits an armdrag. She gets knocked down and Grace grabs Hail, dropping her face first onto the top turnbuckle. She throws Hail but Hail rolls through. Grace takes her down and climbs on top for mounted slaps and tries to force her into a pin for one.

Grace with a shoulder lock and grinds her forearm into the side of Hail’s face. Hail gets to her feet and Grace grabs on, ending up on Hail’s back Hail drops backward on top of Grace. Grace starts throwing shots and then hits a could diving forearms, then two splashes in the corner and a dropkick to the knee. Spinning neckbreaker off the ropes and a kick to the chest, standing moonsault for two.

Grace tries to nail Hail but Hail dodges and hits Grace in the face. The ref gets involved, Grace with a big boot then plants Hail to the mat with the Wasteland for the win.

Winner: Arianna Grace

We get a recap of the Falls Count Anywhere match between Solo Sikoa & Von Wagner, which resulted in Sikoa picking up the win. Sikoa is talking with a medical official who says he’s out 4 to 6 weeks with a sprained PCL. Cameron Grimes comes in and congratulates him, and Sikoa says that means a lot. Solo says he’s going after the North American Title when he’s back for guys like him & Grimes. Grimes doesn’t look totally happy with that.

Roderick Strong vs. Apollo Crews 

Roderick Strong & Apollo Crews lockup to start the match off, they jockey for position, Strong with a headlock takedown but Crews turns it into a wristlock. Counterwrestling by these guys, Strong with a wristlock and works the arm, another headlock takedown. Crews with a headscissors to escape, Roderick rolls his way out of it and slaps Crews into the head as he escapes the referee gets involved as Strong escapes into the ropes.

They lockup, Crews with a wristlock and works the shoulder, he slaps Strong in the head and Roderick is pissed. Shoves by Strong, Crews shoves back, Strong charges and gets a wrislock takedown but is shoved off. Strong with a takdeodwninto a chickenwing, Crews rolls him off and Strong goes into the ropes right into a dropkick! Chops by Crews in the corner, Roderick floats out of a suplex and hits a backbreaker. Forearm across the face by Roderick and knife edge shot.

Crews fights back and they’re trading shots, Strong with a kneelift and then a backbreaker. Crews in the corner, Strong gets shoved out and Crews goes up top to leap, but gets nailed by a dropkick on the way down! Strong grabs Crews who is on the apron but gets brought out there as well. Crews gets Roderick on his shoulders, Strong slips off and goes for a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside but Crews holds on! Roderick drops to the floor and trips Crews up as we go to break.

After the break Strong locked in a carotid hold, which he eventually breaks and stomps on Crews. Strong goes for a suplex setup but Crews nails it instead, both men down. Crews gets to his feet and goes up top, Strong shoves him off and crotches him on the ropes! Strong covers for two and immediately goes for a kneeling abdominal stretch after.

Crews fights out and gets to his feet, Strong with a kneelift and then runs in but Crews moves! BIG clotheslines by Crews, he kips up after the third and charges in for a Stinger Splash! Crews to the 2nd rope, blockbuster only gets a 2 count

Crews back up this feet for two German suplexes, he goes for three but Roderick elbows out. Roderick moves in but is hit with a wheelbarrow suplex for a nearfall. Both men slow to get to their feet, Crews is up first and goes for a back suplex but Strong reverses, Crews sent to the apron and caught with a big knee. Roddy with a back suplex drop onto the apron, cover for two.

Roderick goes for the Strong Hold, he locks it in in the center of the ring! Crews fights to get to the ropes, Strong lets it go and gets shoved to the outside. Strong comes in and charges right into a powerslam, Crews picks him up in a gorilla press but Strong slips out for a backbreaker. Crews nails Strong and eventually hits him with a chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews 

Lash Legend is still talking to Edris Enofe & Malik Blade and Edris finally interrupts and says Lash, you lost! Pretty Deadly walks up and says never interrupt a woman when they’re speaking and they’ll wipe the floor with them. Malik says he has pent up aggression after hearing Lash talk for an hour.

Santos Escobar is driving and on his phone to Elektra Lopez, he says he’s alright and if anything goes down, he’ll give them the signal.

Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon aren’t happy they lost last week and ask Sanga how to improve. NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter & Katana Chance walk in and say they’ll be fighting champions and they will do battle again, they have no problem defending the titles against them.

Kayden & Katana leave and Sanga says Fernoz & Leon remind him of them and says next week they come with him to find balance and perspective.

NXT Tag Team Champions Creed Brothers & Damon Kemp are watching the tape of the 8 man tag team match from from a couple weeks. They notice something, but Roderick comes in and is pissed. Brutus Creed says it was a test and he passed. Julius Creed insinuates what he saw in the match tape and Strong says they shouldn’t be talking to outside people. He smashes the computer and leaves.

Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Giovanni Vinci for the North American Title is set for next week.

Face 2 Face
Tony D’Angelo & Santos Escobar 

Tony D’Angelo is waiting and complains that Santos Escobar is late. Santos shows up in his car and walks up. Tony asks if he came along, Santos says yes. Tony says it’s just them, and Santos extends a hand. What are you serious? Sit down.

Tony says Santos is lucky he kept him breathing, and Santos says he and his goon nearly ended his career, but he’s full of surprises. Last week was payback, nothing personal. Tony says he told Santos to stay in his lane but he didn’t. He says Santos works for him, and Santos asks if Tony’s North American or NXT Tag Team Champion. Tony says he’s not the boss but he makes the rules.

Santos says he’s a prideful person and talks about Legado Del Fastasma being built. Tony says Santos is walking behind him, but Santos says what’s he going to do. Tony says he called this meeting so he can get his head on straight. Santos says he knows what makes Tony tick; he’s only the Don of NXT because he sent Ciampa packing. Santos says a match next week and if he loses, he’s gone and never seen in NXT again. Tony says he’ll get to keep his three sheep. Santos says if he wins, Legado Del Fastasma is free. Tony says he has his match, but it’s gonna be under rules they’re familiar with: a Street Fight. It’s a deal, and they shake on it.

Tiffany Stratton walks backstage to her dressing room and walks in. Wendy is there and has night vision goggles. Tiffany screams, the lights go out and when they come back on Wendy has destroyed Tiffany. She says this isn’t over, and leaves.

Pretty Deadly vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade 

Elton Prince is starting off with Malik Blade, lockup into a headlock, Elton off the ropes and runs Blade over. Lockup, Elton with a headlock, he goes into the ropes and gets armdragged down a couple of times. Malik tags in Edris Enofe, who goes up top for a overhead hammer blow to the arm. Bodyslam by Enofe and an elbowdrop for a one count.

Elton into the hostile corner, he gets drop toeheld down and Malik tags in. He kicks Kip on the corner, but Elton takes him down and tags Kip Wilson in, Blade lifted into a European uppercut for two.

Wilson with a bodyslam on Blade, a kneedrop follows. Blade in the hostile corner and gets battered, Elton in and he picks Blade up into a gutbuster, cover for two. Kip tags in and they slip out of the ring for uppercuts to Blade similar to Jensen and Briggs’ move. The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs come out and Pretty Deadly escape to the inside but Enofe tags in. Big shot to Kip & Enofe goes up top, big Edrie Elbow for two before Elton makes the save.

Elton goes out of the ring and slides a chair into the ring, Kip grabs the chair and Jensen tries to grab it. Enofe ends up colliding with the chair, Kip tags in, Spilt Milk gets the win.

Winners: Pretty Deadly 

After the match Lash Legend attacks Fallon Henley.

Cameron Grimes is sad-walking backstage when someone jokes careful walking through the door. Grimes almost attacks but is stopped by security. Joe Gacy asks where he’s going and Grimes says he’s going home. To who? Grimes looks hesitant but leaves.

Nikkita Lyons tells Zoey Stark she got her win, now it’s time for Zoey to get hers. Zoey says she’s got this and leaves.

We get a vignette recapping the NXT Women’s Tag Team Title win and Toxic Attraction’s loss. Toxic Attraction say they held the titles so long they felt like home. When you lose something so dear, you can reflect or rebel.

Jacy Jayne walks into a record store and talks about why she locks rock music, while Gigi Dolin walks into a bar and says she’s never going to change. Toxic Attraction lives the rockstar life and they say they’re wounded, but the most dangerous kind of animals. They shatter our false reality.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Crews, who says it was a huge victory and the world saw it. He says he’s stacking up wins and gaining momentum. Grayson Waller walks in and says congratulations. He asks why Crews is here: he’s here to take from them and he’s not welcome. Waller says he already ran one guy out of here and Crews is next.

Set For Next Week:
North American Title Match: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Giovanni Vinci
Street Fight: Santos Escobar vs. Tony D’Angelo (If Escobar wins Legado Del Fastasma is free from the D`Angelo Family If D’Angelo wins Santos Escobar is banned from NXT)
NXT Title Match: Bron Breakker (c) vs. JD McDonagh
Women’s Title Match: Mandy Rose (c) vs. Zoey Stark
Cora Jade vs. Roxanne Perez

Cora Jade vs. Zoey Stark

Cora Jade shoves Zoey Stark, they talk trash and Zoey knocks Cora over. Rollup by Cora, but Zoey quickly turns it around. Stark with an armdrag, but Cora quickly escapes into the ropes and onto the apron. Cora nails Zoey and comes back into the ring, she stomps Zoey and covers for one.

Stark back up and chops away at Cora, she knocks her down off the ropes and covers for two. Suplex but Cora floats over, she tries to roll Zoey up off the ropes but Zoey holds on. Waistlock takedown by Stark, Cora gets up and is taken down again, Zoey with a suplex and cover for two. She takes Cora down and hits a slingshot senton for two. Cora hangs Zoey in the ropes and kicks her down, and we’re on PIP break.

Back from the break Cora with a double stomp to Zoey’s back as we come back and covers for two. Short-arm whip into the ropes by Cora, she comes off the ropes for a knee smash but Zoey moves. Cora still takes Zoey down and wraps her up, wrenching the neck. Zoey gets rollup for two, Cora goes for a leaping knee but gets caught and slammed down. Cora crawls to the corner and grabs a pipe! She swings, Zoey ducks and hits a German suplex on Cora.

Both women are down and slow to get to their feet, they start to trade shots in the center of the ring. Zoey takes over and clotheslines Cora down, big kick to the knee and a dropkick off the ropes, cover for a nearfall.

Zoey charges in the corner and catches Cora’s foot, big suplex and cover for two. Zoey goes for a superkick, Cora dodges and hits the jaw. She goes for a Sliced Bread and doesn’t quite land on the turnbuckle, Zoey with a superkick. Zoey lies in wait, she goes for a slingshot senton, Cora moves and Zoey rolls through. Cora with a big knee strike, Hammerlock DDT and cover for two.

Cora grabs Zoey, she goes for Sliced Bread again and connects! But it’s only a nearfall. Cora goes for the pipe but Roxanne Perez has it! Cora turns around, Superkick, flipover Go 2 Sleep gets Stark the victory.

Winner: Zoey Stark 

After the match Roxanne swings the pipe at Cora and chases her to the back. Mandy Rose attacks in the ring but gets nailed with Zoey’s finisher! Zoey poses with the Women’s Title.