WWE NXT Results – December 6, 2022

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WWE NXT Results – December 6, 2022

Triple Threat Iron Survivor Qualifying Match
Axiom vs. Andre Chase vs. Von Wagner 

Andre Chase wastes no time. He delivers a big boot to Von Wagner, then fires off several right hands. Wagner plants him, then delivers a shoulder tackle. He gets Chase & Axiom into side headlocks, but both men manage to escape before Wagner delivers a double shoulder tackle to them. Axiom & Chase team up to take out Wagner, and deliver a double suplex to take him out. They then begin to brawl with one another. Chase rolls up Axiom, but Axiom kicks out. Axiom hits an arm drag to Chase and a dropkick to Wagner, then locks in a submission on Chase. Wagner breaks the hold with a stomp, then sets his sights on Axiom. Axiom delivers a pair of chops, then takes Wagner down. He then delivers a belly 2 belly suplex and a standing moonsault to Chase, then goes for a pin. Chase kicks out and Wagner levels both men with a double clothesline. Chase rolls to the outside and Wagner throws Axiom on top of him that takes us to a break.

After the break, Chase pulls Wagner off the middle rope with a powerbomb. Chase & Wagner exchange right hands in the center of the ring before Chase plants Wagner and delivers a side Russian leg sweep. He hits the Chase U stomps, then clotheslines him out of the ring. Axiom hits Wagner with a top suicida, then delivers an enziguri to Chase. Chase fires back with a sit down powerbomb, then goes for a pin. Axiom kicks out and looks for an armbar. Wagner breaks the hold, and gets Axiom up on his shoulders. Axiom manages to counter it into a triangle, but Wagner escapes by hitting a powerbomb. Chase delivers a double DDT to both men, then ascends to the top and delivers a splash to Wagner. He rolls out of the ring as Axiom delivers Golden Ratio to Wagner for the win.

Winner & Gets Into The Iron Survivor Challenge: Axiom

We head to a video hyping up Cora Jade ahead of the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge.

We go backstage Diamond Mine in the medical area. The doctor checks his leg and clears Julius Creed. Ivy Nile asks the doctor to check on his ribs and Brutus Creed tries to stop her. He asks what she’s doing and she says she’s protecting her brother. The trainer feels his ribs and says they’re swollen. He then deems him not fit to compete in the ring.

After the break, we head to a video of NXT Champion Bron Breakker teaching Apollo Crews how to fish ahead of their upcoming NXT Title. They compliment one another’s moonsaults and joke with one another. Crews asks Breakker if fishing helps to take the pressure off being champion and Breakker says he finds peace. He says one loss could destroy everything he worked so hard for. Crews catches a fish and they celebrate, then begin to talk about their strategies for Deadline. They shake hands and continue to fish.

Javier Bernal vs. Bryson Montana 

Bryson Montana waits in the ring. Indus Sher run in out of nowhere and Sanga chokeslams Montana. Javier Bernal then makes his way to the ring for his scheduled match with Montana. He fakes a hamstring injury, then retreats from the ring

Winner: No One (Match Never Got Started)

Indus Sher then grab a mic. Veer Mahaan says they said they would not face Creed Brothers until they were 100% and decline their challenge until Julius Creed is ready to go.

Diamond Mine heads to the ring and the two stare one another down.

We head backstage to Chase U. Thea Hail runs in excitedly and says she has a match with Isla Dawn later. Duke Hudson advises her not to participate in the match, but Andre Chase tells her that she can face Dawn.

Tony D’Angelo vs. Xyon Quinn 

Match starts off with a lock up. Tony D’Angelo delivers a shoulder tackle, but Xyon Quinn fires back with several shoulders to D’Angelo’s midsection. D’Angelo delivers a clothesline, followed by a suplex. Quinn delivers a few right hands and a headbutt, then follows it up with a Samoan Drop. D’Angelo delivers a spinebuster, followed by the spinning fisherman suplex for the win.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo 

After the match D’Angelo brags about his in ring abilities, then says he made some new connections while rehabilitating his knee. He says he hasn’t forgotten about Wes Lee and says he’s coming for the North American Title.

North American Champion Wes Lee’s music hits and he heads to the ring. He welcomes D’Angelo back, then says everyone knows he’s been eyeing him and his North American Title. Lee says he’s had his eye on D’Angelo just as much as he has, and says he’ll have to wait for his shot until he’s finished with Dijak. D’Angelo says he doesn’t care and he’ll have to wait to deal with Dijak.

Dijak appears on the screen and warns D’Angelo to stay out of his way. He tells Lee to keep his name out of his mouth and tells them they can’t do anything to stop him from dominating NXT.

Stacks gets in Lee’s face and shoves him. Lee pushes him to the mat before D’Angelo charges at him. Lee rolls out of the ring and retreats.

We head to a video of Hank Walker & Charlie Dempsey from last week. Walker requests a match against him in order to prove himself to Dempsey, & Dempsey accepts.

We head to a video hyping up Scrypts.

Hank Walker vs. Charlie Dempsey 

Match starts off with a lock up before Hank Walker delivers several shoulders to Charlie Dempsey’s midsection, then tosses him across the ring. Dempsey locks in the Kimura Lock, but Walker escapes by hitting a bodyslam. Dempsey delivers a gutwrench suplex, then goes to work on Walker’s elbow. Drew Gulak appears out of nowhere and watches on as Dempsey delivers a series of forearms and right hands to Walker. Walker strings together some offense, but Dempsey trips him and locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab Crossface combination & Walker taps out.

Winner By Submission: Charlie Dempsey 

We head to a video hyping up Zoey Stark before the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly are in the ring. They welcome the NXT Universe to their reading, then take their seat. Pretty Deadly say they wrote the book “themselves”, then begin to read their own version of The Night Before Christmas. They ask for respect and call themselves the greatest NXT Tag Team Champions. They say they have beaten everyone put in front of them and will never lose the titles because no one in NXT can stand toe 2 toe with them. They say 2023 will be their year, then hug one another.

New Day’s music hits before Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods appear. Kingston says he thought their story was amazing and Woods says they wanted to hear a story about who they will be defending their NXT Tag Team Titles against at Deadline. Kingston says they mentioned they had already beat everyone in NXT then throws out the challenge to them. Pretty Deadly launch themselves at New Day, but New Day quickly gain the upper hand and beat them down, destroying their set in the process. They toss them onto the apron, then put presents over their heads and superkick them off it.

We are back from the break, McKenzie Mitchell approaches Javier Bernal and catches him looking over his shoulder. Mitchell asks if he was looking for Indus Sher and Bernal says he has an uncontrolable twitch. Ikemen Jiro walks by and Mitchell calls him over. She asks him what he thinks of Bernal and Jiro says he’s a big, body chicken.

Thea Hail vs. Isla Dawn 

Match begins with a lock up. IslaDawn delivers a snapmare and a kick to Thea Hail’s back, then tackles her. Hail delivers a few forearms and a back elbow, then hits a suplex and a senton. She goes for a pin, but Hail kicks out. Dawn delivers a kick to Hail’s head, then plants her with her finisher twice for the win.

Winner: Isla Dawn 

After the match, Alba Fyre appears and launches a surprise attack on Dawn. Referees work to separate both women before Dawn spits her poison mist into one of their faces.

We head to a Kiana James promo ahead of the Women’s Iron Survivor Match.

we head to a video hyping up Lyra Valkyria who announces she will be coming to NXT next week.

Tag Team Match
Malik Blade & Edris Enofe vs. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jansen 

Edris Enofé wastes no time. He beats down Brooks Jensen with a series of offensive moves, then tags in Malik Blade. Blade delivers a dropkick, but Jensen fires back with a bulldog. Enofé tags in as we see one of Kiana James’ associates slip an envelope into Jensen’s jacket. Enofé delivers a knee to the back of Jensen’s head, then delivers an elbow drop. He goes for a pin, but Jensen kicks out. Von Wagner runs down and begins brawling with Odyssey Jones, allowing Jensen to deliver a spinning heel kick. Josh Briggs tags in and they deliver a variation on a half & half lariat combo for the win.

Winners: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jansen 

After the match both teams shake hands.

We then head to a video hyping up Roxanne Perez before the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge match.

Before Henley heads to the ring, Jensen & Briggs walk in, celebrating their win. Jensen opens the envelope from earlier and reveals it contains tickets for Deadline Henley gets upset and heads to the ring.

Triple Threat Iron Survivor Qualifying Match
Indi Hartwell vs. Fallon Henley vs. Wendy Choo 

Hartwell delivers a bodyslam to both  Fallon Henley & Wendy Choo. Henley & Choo deliver a double superkick and a double dropkick before Hartwell takes them both out with a double clothesline. She delivers a bulldog to Choo, but Henley delivers a kick to Hartwell’s head. Choo & Henley then exchange forearms before Choo rolls up Henley. Henley kicks out and Choo delivers a kick to Henley’s head. Henley returns the favor, then delivers a kick to Hartwell’s midsection. She takes both women down, then delivers a forearm to Choo. Harwell delivers a big boot to Choo.

We are back from the break, Hartwell throws Henley into Choo who is hanging off the top rope. Henley delivers a forearm to Hartwell and a lariat to Choo, then stacks the two women on one another and delivers an elbow. She hits a bulldog and goes for a pin but Choo breaks the fall. All 3 women begin to exchange right hands and forearms before Hartwell gains the upperhand and levels Choo & Henley. Choo delivers a belly 2 belly overhead throw to Henley and delivers an elbow, but Hartwell catches her with a spinebuster and goes for a pin. Henley breaks it up and delivers a forearm to Henley.

Hartwell & Henley teeter on the top rope before Choo pulls them down. Hartwell looks for a big boot on Henley, but Henley low bridges her to the outside. Choo catches Henley with a brainbuster, then delivers a splash. Hartwell tosses her out of the ring and delivers a Hidden Blade to the back of Henley’s head for the win.

Winner & Gets Into The Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge: Indi Hartwell 

Toxic Attraction were backstage in the Toxic Lounge before Indi Hartwell interrupted. Hartwell told her that she would dethrone Mandy Rose and that the clock would continue ticking on her.

We then head to the participants in the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge in the ring and on the set of The Grayson Waller Effect. Grayson Waller hypes up the match and says they will all be linked together forever. He says he’s honored to share the ring with all of them, then introduces Axiom, Joe Gacy, Carmelo Hayes, & JD McDonagh while poking fun at them. Waller calls for a question and one appears on the screen: What advantage do you have that will make you the 1st Iron Survivor?

Waller answers first and says he knows how to survive because he was on Survivor. Hayes cuts him off and says there was a reason he was the first participant. He says he never misses before McDonagh cuts him off. He brings up the fact he lost the North American Title twice and tells him that he’s been protected since day one in WWE. He says he can go through 25 minutes of hell because he has a bigger tank of gas than any other guy. Waller says he doesn’t need 25 minutes and Hayes says he’s never even gone 25 minutes. Gacy then answers the question and says when the stakes are high, people trample one another. He says his practices will allow him to see the field and act accordingly. Axiom says the Iron Survivor Challenge forces competitors to innovate, which is his greatest advantage. Hayes calls him a nerd.

Waller pulls up another question: What position would you like to enter the match?

Axiom says first or second to get the most amount of falls. Gacy says that also gives him the greatest chance to accumulate the most penalties. Axiom says ideally, McDonagh would enter second because he hasn’t forgotten that he sidelined him a few weeks ago. McDonagh says he should be thanking him it was only weeks and says he will put him in the hospital. Gacy eggs McDonagh on, then says he wants to be 4th because he will take advantage of everyone else being fatigued and put them in the penalty box. Hayes says McDonagh & Gacy have both shot their shots while Waller & Axiom aren’t high enough to do so. He says he never misses, but Waller cuts him off. He says he’s the favorite.

McDonagh headbutts Waller and the 5 men brawl with one another. Axiom takes out Hayes with a dive over the top rope while Gacy & McDonagh knock one another out of the ring. Waller takes everyone out with a flip over the top rope. All 5 men continue to brawl and officials run to the ring to break them up as the show comes to a close.

NXT Deadline Card (Dec 10th)

NXT Title #1 Contenders Iron Survivor Match
Carmelo Hayes vs. JD McDonagh vs. Grayson Waller vs. Joe Gacy vs. Axiom

Women’s Title #1 Contenders Iron Survivor Match
Zoey Stark vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Kiana James vs. Cora Jade vs. Indi Hartwell

NXT Title Match
Bron Breakker (c) vs. Apollo Crews

NXT Tag Team Title Match
Pretty Deadly (c) vs. New Day

Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn