WWE NXT Results – January 24, 2023

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WWE NXT Results – January 24, 2023

Kicking off this week’s NXT with a video posted to Grayson Waller’s Instagram, showing outside of the Performance Center last week. He says he’s there to surprise NXT Champion Bron Breakker before he walks inside. We see NXT Anonymous spying on Waller as he calls out Breakker. They end up brawling before recruits and staff separate them.

Tiffany Stratton vs. Indi Hartwell 

Indi Hartwell attacks Tiffany Stratton. She delivers a chop, then tosses her into the ring. The bell rings and Hartwell sends Stratton into the corner. She delivers a pair of snapmares and a dropkick, but Stratton manages to send her into the middle turnbuckle. She delivers a kick to Hartwell’s midsection, but Hartwell tosses her to the outside.

Stratton gets back inside, then sends Hartwell into the middle rope. She delivers a hip toss, then hits a handspring elbow and the double knees. Hartwell manages to deliver an arm drag and a boot, then follows it up with a pair of clotheslines and a spinebuster. She gets Stratton on the apron, then delivers a boot.

She pulls her back in, then delivers another boot. Stratton grabs onto her knee, and the referee calls down a medical official. Stratton then delivers an explosive clothesline while making a miraculous recovery then hits a moonsault for the win.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton 

We go backstage to McKenzie Mitchell is with Jacy Jayne & she asks Jayne about the events of last week, and Jayne says she’s been carrying Gigi Dolin. She says she’s the reason Toxic Attraction held on to NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles, then says she refuses to let Dolin hold her down anymore.

After the break we head to a video of Diamond Mine training with Drew Gulak & his students in preparation of their upcoming match with Indus Sher. Julius Creed & Gulak grapple, and Creed gets the better of him. Gulak shoves him, then says they aren’t finished with one another.

We go back to ringside where Chase u are waiting in the ring.

Andre Chase welcomes everyone to the awards ceremony, then says they have assembled to celebrate someone who has worked extremely hard. She says she’s excelled in the classroom and changed her fortunes last week, then says she looked fear into the eye. He says it is his honor to present an award for her first victory to Thea Hail. Chase gives Hail the award and they pose for a picture.

Hail grabs the mic and thanks everyone. She tells fans she loves them, but before she can continue, JD McDonagh’s music hits and he cuts her off. McDonagh asks if this is what they’re doing now. He asks if the standard has slipped so much now that awards are given for just one win. He tells Hail that when you hang around with losers, every win means something. He says fans are losers just like they are. Hail charges at him, but Duke Hudson holds her off. Chase tells McDonagh he won’t let him drag the good name of Chase U through the mud before McDonagh questions Hudson’s loyalty. He says Chase can’t scare him off, then tells Chase to get out of his ring. He says he’s dressed for a fight while Chase isn’t. Chase tells him that one of the first lessons he teaches his students is to always be ready, then takes off his ceremony clothes and sends McDonagh out of the ring.

JD McDonagh vs. Andre Chase 

JD McDonagh sends Andre Chase crashing into the mat, but Chase fires back with a suplex. He follows it up with an inverted atomic drop and a side Russian leg sweep. He then delivers the Chase U Stomps, then plants McDonagh. McDonagh fires back with a back body drop, then follows it up with a clothesline.

He delivers a headbutt, but Chase delivers a Code Red. He goes for a pin, but McDonagh gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the fall. Chase ascends to the top, but McDonagh trips him. Duke Hudson becomes frustrated and walks away, allowing McDonagh to take advantage and connects with Devil Inside for the win.

Winner: JD McDonagh 

Backstage Kiana James & Fallon Henley talked strategy ahead of their match against Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley after the break.

Tag Team Match
Fallon Henley & Kiana James vs. Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley 

Fallon Henley & Ivy Nile lock up to start this match off before they exchange submission holds before Tatum Paxley tags in and delivers a dropkick off the middle rope. Kiana James tags in and delivers a clothesline. Paxley delivers a series of back elbows and kicks, then delivers a shoulder to Paxley’s midsection.

Henley & Nile tag in. Nile delivers a series of kicks and a shoulder tackle, then follows it up with an arm drag and a kick. Henley looks for a bodyslam, but Nile locks in a submission. James helps Henley escape while the referee is distracted, and James helps Henley escape the hold. She hits the Shining Wizard for the win.

Winners: Fallon Henley & Kiana James 

We go backstage in the locker room area where NXT Tag Team Champions New Day are singing Randy Orton’s old theme song before Edris Enofé & Malik Blade walk in and ask if they can get a NXT Tag Team Title match. The Schism walks in and requests the same thing. New Day then announces they will be holding an invitational next week, and the winner gets to be added to the Triple Threat NXT Tag Team Title match at Vengeance Day.

We are back from the break, we head to a video of Apollo Crews in the same barber shop Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams go to. Crews says he isn’t done chasing after the NXT Title. Hayes & Williams walk in. Hayes becomes irate and they traded insults with one another. Crews challenges Hayes to a 2 out of 3 Falls Match at Vengeance Day and Hayes accepts.

Tag Team Match
Creed Brothers vs. Drew Gulak & Hank Walker 

Match starts off with Julius Creed & Drew Gulak starts this match off a lock up then they go back & forth with submission holds before Hank Walker tags in and delivers an arm drag. Walker delivers a shoulder tackle, then tags Gulak back in. Gulak delivers a clothesline that takes us to a break.

After the break Gulak delivers a right hand to Brutus Creed. He fires off a 2nd one, but Brutus delivers a German suplex. He rains down right and left hands, but Gulak manages to hit a DDT. Walker & Julius tag in. Julius delivers a spinning heel kick and a pair of right hands, then tags in Brutus.

Brutus delivers a standing moonsault before Gulak & Julius tag in & they exchange right hand strikes, but Gulak gains the upper hand and tags in Walker. Walker delivers a Wheelbarrow, then locks in an armbar. Julius escapes and tags in Brutus.

They level one another with clotheslines as Charlie Dempsey makes his way to ringside. Gulak asks him why he’s there and begins arguing, distracting Walker and leaving him alone this allows Julius to tag in and deliver a belly 2 belly toss. Brutus tags back in and hits the Brutus Bomb off the top for the win.

Winners: Creed Brothers 

After the match, Gulak yells at Walker for being distracted before they leave ringside. Ivy Nile joins Creed Brothers in the ring with a mic in hand. Julius says he knows he can be a pain, but that’s how he has to be. He thanks Nile for sticking with him and his brother. Brutus thanks her for not leaving their side, then says she inspired them to be the old Creed Brothers.

Indus Sher’s music hits and they head to the ring. Jinder Mahal congratulates Creed Brothers on finding themselves, then says Indus Sher are sick of trying to earn everyone’s respect. He challenges them to a match next week and Nile accepts on behalf of Creed Brothers.

We head backstage to McKenzie Mitchell is with Gigi Dolin. Mitchell asks Dolin for her thoughts on Jayne’s comments from earlier and Dolin says she’s not surprised by them. She then says Jayne is a bad person, and says she is nothing like Jayne when Mitchell challenges her. She says Jayne can say whatever she wants because she has nothing to hide. She says she will give Jayne a piece of her mind during their contract signing later tonight.

Stacks & Tony D’Angelo were in a restaurant dining about Stacks’s role as the underboss. Stacks said that he wanted to face the biggest man possible before the two did a toast.

Elektra Lopez vs. Wendy Choo 

Match starts off with a lock up then Elektra Lopez sends Wendy Choo to the mat, then follows it up with a gut wrench suplex. Choo rolls to the outside as Valentina Feroz heads down to ringside. Lopez follows Choo to the outside, then looks to throw Choo’s pillow at her. Choo ducks out of the way and the pillow hits Booker T.

They get back in the ring before Choo delivers a suplex and a kick to Lopez’s face. Lopez delivers a swinging uranage, then delivers a clothesline and an elbow drop. Choo delivers a kick and fires off several right hands. She then delivers a pair of back elbows, then follows it up with a crossbody off the middle rope. Lopez fires back with a right hand for the win.

Winner: Elektra Lopez 

Brooks Jensen revealed to Fallon Henley that she & Kiana James would get a NXT Women’s Tag Team Title Match at Vengeance Day. Henley says she has to think about it.

After the break we see Elektra Lopez & Valentina Feroz arguing about Lopez’s actions.

We then go backstage to McKenzie Mitchell. Stevie Turner joins Mitchell over a live stream, then starts answering questions. A fan asks Turner when fans can expect to see her in the ring and she announces that she will be making her debut next week.

Grayson Waller asks Bron Breakker where he is. He says he embarrassed Breakker at the Performance Center then takes off his jacket to reveal his own version of the NXT Title. We see Breakker watching on from backstage before he walks off and heads to the ring followed by a bunch of other superstars. Waller keeps running his mouth and says he will be the new NXT Champion  after Vengeance Day then says he can smell Breakker coming.

Breakker’s music hits and he angrily heads to the ring as the male locker room follows him in an effort to stop him. Waller and Breakker begin brawling, but the locker room pulls them apart and separates them. Breakker manages to break free but Waller sends him crashing through the bottom part of the barricade.

After the break, we head to a video of Gallus shooting some pool talking about their NXT Tag Team Title Match at Vengeance Day. Wolfgang tells Mark Coffey to keep his eyes on the prize and says they will show the world what they already know on February 4th Gallus will be on top.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Title Match
Kayden Carter & Katana Chance vs. Alba Fyre & Sol Ruca 

Kayden Carter & Alba Fyre starts the match off & as soon as the bell rings Sol Ruca’s music hits. She tells Fyre she has her back while Fyre delivers a clothesline. Carter delivers a kick, then tags in Katana Chance. Chance delivers a cannonball into the ring, then tags Carter back in. Fyre rains down right hands before Ruca tags herself in. Ruca delivers a shoulder tackle, then follows it up with a split legged Stunner that sends Chance to the outside. Fyre then sends Chance into the ring steps that sends us to a break.

After the break Chance delivers an enziguri to Ruca. Fyre & Carter tag in. Carter delivers a hip attack and a splash, then hits a hip attack. Chance tags in and goes flying. Carter tags back in and delivers a kick. Fyre sends Carter to the mat face first, then tags in Ruca. Ruca delivers a splash off the top, but Carter fires back with a thrust kick and a superkick. Chance tags in and Chance delivers a 450 Splash while Carter delivers a neckbreaker for the win.

Winners & Still NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions: Kayden Carter & Katana Chance (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!)

After the match Fyre brushes past Ruca. Isla Dawn heads to the ring and walks to the back with Fyre.

Fallon Henley & Kiana James then appear and say that they will see Chance & Carter at Vengeance Day.

We head to a video of Dijak & North American Champion Wes Lee meeting up on Dijak’s turf. Dijak asks Lee if he’s sure that he still wants to face him at Vengeance Day. Lee says it may be a stupid decision to put his North American Title on the line against Dijak, but he’s made a lot of stupid choices. He says those decisions have made him who he is, then says he feels like he can overcome anyone. He tells Dijak he will see him in Charlotte. Dijak tells Lee that he doesn’t see sob stories, but he does see justice.

We then head to McKenzie Mitchell is with Cora Jade. Mitchell asks Jade about her growing issues with Lyra Valkyria, but they get cut off when Vic Joseph tells Mitchell something is going on in the parking lot. We head outside to the parking lot, where Nikkita Lyons is grabbing her knee as a car drives away. Indi Hartwell & Lyra Valkyria rush over to check on her and call for medical.

Back from the break we go backstage to Chase U. Andre Chase yells at Duke Hudson where he went when he left ringside earlier tonight, and Hudson says he went to Shawn Michaels to be put in New Day’s Invitational next week. Michaels told him to talk to New Day, so Hudson says he did so and they invited them to participate in the match.

Vic Joseph & Booker T announces that Nikkita Lyons has been taken to a local medical facility following the parking lot attack.

Back at ringside, Booker T introduces Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez as Toxic Attraction is already in the ring.

Booker T tells Gigi Dolin to kick things off, and Dolin says she’s sure Jacy Jayne would love to kick things off. Jayne says she’s been carrying Dolin and while the kick last week was an accident, she wishes it wasn’t. She says she would still be struggling on the independent scene if it wasn’t for her. Dolin tells Jayne that behind the curtains, she is the most insecure person and vomits before every match. Jayne calls Dolin a pathological liar. Booker T then addresses Perez. She says she’s enjoying herself and says the two of them have made every woman in the locker room, including her, feel bad about themselves. She says karma is a toxic b*tch then says she thought it was going to be a Handicap Match at Vengeance Day but it doesn’t look that way anymore. Dolin cuts her off and says she will make history by being the shortest reigning Women’s Champion of all time. Toxic Attraction begins to argue with one another again and they get in one another’s faces. They then start to beat down Perez together before they deliver a double chokeslam to Perez through the table, then hold up the Women’s Title to close out this week’s NXT.

Vengeance Day Card (Feb 4th)

Women’s Title Triple Threat Match
Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Jacy Jayne

NXT Title Steel Cage Match
Bron Breakker (c) vs. Grayson Waller

North American Title Match
Wes Lee (c) vs. Dijak

NXT Tag Team Title Fatal 4 Way Match
New Day (c) vs. Pretty Deadly vs. Gallus vs. TBD

2 Out Of 3 Falls Match
Apollo Crews vs. Carmelo Hayes

NXT Women’s Tag Team Title Match
Kayden Carter & Katana Chance (c) vs. Fallon Henley & Kiana James