WWE NXT Results – June 14, 2022

WWE NXT Results – June 14, 2022

Your announcers are Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph.

Match Number One: Julius Creed and Brutus Creed versus Edris Enofe and Malik Blade for the NXT Men’s Tag Team Championship

Brutus and Blade start things off and Blade gets a near fall. Brutus with a front face lock into a waist lock. Blade escapes but Brutus with a shoulder tackle. Brutus with a shoulder in the corner. Julius tags in and Blade avoids Julius and applies a side head lock. Julius with a shoulder tackle. Blade with arm drags into an arm bar. Enofe tags in and he Irish whips Julius. Blade with a trip and Enofe gets a near fall. Enofe with a kick and a hesitation sunset flip for a near fall. Enofe has an Anaconda Vice and Julius rolls through to get a series of near falls. Julius gets a near fall and escapes. Brutus tags in and Julius sends Enofe to the mat and Julius with a gutwrench suplex for his brother onto Enofe for a near fall.

Brutus with a front face lock. Enofe with an inside cradle but Brutus’ shoulders stay off the mat. Brutus holds on to the front face lock. Enofe with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Blade tags in and Brutus with forearms to Blade. Julius tags in and they pass Blade back and forth with knees. Julius gets a near fall. Brutus tags in and he knees Blade and pass him back and forth. Brutus gets a near fall. Julius tags in and Brutus with a judo throw of Julius onto Blade but Blade moves. Julius grabs the leg and Blade sends Julius into the corner and Enofe tags in. Julius voids Enofe and Blade. Enofe with a drop kick. Enofe is back dropped to the floor and then they back drop Blade. Blade goes to the floor.

Brutus with a waist lock into a front face lock on Blade and he gets a near fall. Brutus with a reverse chin lock. Blade tries to escape but Brutus holds on to the head lock. Julius tags in and he gives Blade a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Enofe tags in and Julius with a bear hug. Enofe with forearms to escape the hold but Julius goes for an ankle lock. Brutus tags in and he connects with a knee drop. Brutus with a reverse chin lock. Enofe with elbows and Brutus catches Enofe and hits a power slam for a near fall. Brutus returns to the reverse chin lock. Enofe with punches and Brutus with a forearm. Enofe with a jumping knee and Blade tags in. Enofe trips Brutus and Blade with a kick. Enofe with an elbow and Blade gets a near fall. Blade with a belly-to-back suplex.

Enofe tags in and hits an elbow drop from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Enofe with double sledges to Brutus. Enofe with more double sledges to Brutus’ back. Enofe with a side head lock and punches. Brutus with a belly-to-back suplex and Julius tags in and connects with forearms. Julius with a slam and then he hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Blade. Julius with a face lock suplex. Julius with a German suplex but Blade makes the blind tag and hits a clothesline off the turnbuckles. Blade with a drop kick to Julius followed by a forearm to Brutus. Blade with another drop kick to Julius. Blade with a clothesline in the ropes and Blade goes up top and goes for a cross body but Julius catches Blade. Brutus tags in and Julius with a Finlay Roll or two. Brutus with a clothesline for the three count.

Winners: Julius Creed and Brutus Creed (retain championship)

After the match, both teams shake hands and show each other respect.

Indi Hartwell, Cora Jade, and Roxanne Perez are in the locker room and Indi talks about how she had a best friend. Indi tells them this place is crazy because you never know what is next. Cora and Roxanne point out that Indi is only 25. Indi says she became the tag champion before they could drink or drive. Cora and Roxanne tell Indi she is not the third wheel and they are going to take care of Toxic Attraction together.

As Tiffany Stratton makes her way to the ring, we see Wendy Choo bouncing behind her in the entrance.

We are back and Apollo Crews is at DINER and he is writing in his journal. He talks about the achievements he has made but he hears the echoes of NXT. When his music hit last week, time stood still. He has the opportunity to fill a hole.

Crews stops when he hears a customer in DINER complaining about the service.

Crews goes up to the man and aks if there is a problem and he fixes it. We see that it is a dream but he sees the same thing and he takes care of the problem.

Match Number Two: Tiffany Stratton versus Fallon Henley (with Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs)

Stratton retreats into the ropes when the bell rings. They lock up and Stratton slaps Henley. Henley slaps Stratton and takes Stratton down and connects with punches. Henley with a jumping side kick and Stratton pulls the ring skirt when Henley slides to the floor. Stratton punches Henley and then tosses Henley to the mat by the hair. Stratton with a hesitation slingshot senton for a near fall. Stratton with a bridge using her legs in a full nelson. Henley with a near fall. Stratton and Henley with chops. Henley pulls Stratton to the mat by the hair and connects with a clothesline. Henley with an elbow into the corner but Stratton with a knee to the midsection and a double stomp. Stratton gets a near fall.

Henley kicks Stratton in the head and then Stratton gets Henley on her shoudlers and hits a fallaway slam.

Wendy Choo bounces to the ring and throws confetti in Stratton’s face. Henley with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner: Falloon Henley

Cameron Grimes walks in the back and he is praised for his match at In Your House, but Grimes says he isn’t looking for sympathy.

Bron Breakker stops Grimes and praises his work.

Grimes tells Breakker he is not looking for sympathy.

Duke Hudson shows up and he reminds Bron that the record book says that he beat Bron. Bron reminds Duke it was by disqualification.

Bron suggests they have a rematch tonight and Bron says it will be for the title.

Duke says he likes that.

We are back and Lash Legend says she is done with Alba Fyre and her ancient history. Let’s talk about Lash Legend. She says she is a world class athlete. She was ranked in many track and field events, but I also played basketball. She was a McDonald’s All American. She talks about how she broke the rebound record at Texas A&M. Then she went on to the WNBA. She says she went to tryout with the WWE and she will take care of Alba Fyre next week.

Match Number Three: Wes Lee versus Xyon Quinn

Lee with a rollup for a near fall. Lee with punches and a kick. Quinn blocks a kick and he goes for a power bomb but Lee counters with a rollup. Quinn with a gutwrench and he drops Lee on the ropes. Quinn with punches and then he rebounds Lee off the ropes but Lee lands on his feet. Lee avoids Quinn but then he bounces off Quinn and goes to the mat. Quinn stomps on the chest and gets a near fall. Lee kicks Quinn but Quinn adds more pressure to the chest. Quinn picks up Lee and tosses him across the ring. Quinn with a shoulder in the ropes. Quinn picks up Lee and gives Lee a back drop. Quinn sets for a charge into the corner but Lee flips over Quinn and hits a handspring back heel kick. Lee goes up top and hits Spiral Tap for the three count.

Winner: Wes Lee

Joe Gacy says it is time to show the world what the Dyad can do.

We go to commercial.

We are back wtih a Nathan Frazer video package. He says he grew up in Jersey, and small island in the Atlantic. He says you are never more than 5 minutes from a beach and that is where he would be. He was always pretending to be one of his favorite WWE Superstars while playing soccer. His dream saw him in the ring, not in the pitch. He says he had tryouts for professional clubs, but he knew where his haart was. He took the biggest chance in his career.

Match Number Four: Dante Chen and Javier Bernal versus The Dyad (with Joe Gacy)

Bernal and Shorter Dyad start things off. Dyad with a forearm but Bernal with punches and a drop kick. Bernal with a splash into the corner and Chen tags in and hits a splash. Bernal with a drop toe hold and Chen with an elbow drop for a near fall. Chen with punches. Chen with an Irish whip but Shorter Dyad with a shoulder. Taller Dyad tags in and he punches Chen in the midsection. Chen is sent into the turnbuckles. Taller Dyad punches Chen and connects with a forearm. Taller Dyad with forearm and the shorter one tags in and he connects with forearms. Chen with a boot and Taller Dyad tags in. He stops Chen from making the tag but Chen with a forearm and Bernal makes the tag. Bernal with kicks and a drop kick followed by a reverse atomic drop and a side Russian leg sweep. Bernal with a clothesline.

Bernal goes for a tornado DDT but Taller Dyad blocks it and punches Bernal. Shorter Dyad tags in and knocks Chen off the apron. They hit an elevated assisted DDT for the three count.

Winners: The Dyad

After the match, Gacy takes the mic and he says the Dyad have taken the steps to the next point in their progression. He says not to judge these two men for wanting a sense of belonging. This society. This cesspool. Your negativity have made these two men feel inferior. When they both deserve to feel superior. I know in my heart they are not alone. There are many who feel the same way. There is a schism between the three of us and NXT. It will continue until this becomes a place of acceptance and believes in our message.

Sanga is with Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon and Sanga says something to Xyon Quinn as he walks past.

Quinn asks if Sanga thinks he is funny.

Sanga says he has found his next opponent.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Nikkita Lyons says she was ready for that contract, but she got injured. It makes her hungrier. She is training in the gym every day and you will hear this Lyons roar.

The D’Angelo Family makes its way to the ring for a special ceremony.

Tony says it is time to get to business. He tells Two Dimes when he first met him and he mentions how Two Dimes punches someone. Tony says he met Stacks when they were six years old. Your father asked me who I thought was going to win the Kentucky Derby. Your father’s business took off ever since then. Ever since I made the call for you to be here, you have given everything for the family. You have stepped up for the family.

Tony says he is so proud. Ever since you got here, you have given everything to the family. Congratulations. You are getting promoted from associates to soldiers of the family. Tony says since business has been booming, this gift is a bit of appreciation for you. Tony tells Two Dimes to get a steak dinner and something nice. Tony tells Stacks he wants him to take Marie someplace nice.

Tony tells Santos there is a code they live by. A code of silence. An oath of loyalty. Not only in words, but actions. You never rat on your friends and you always keep your mouth shut. Tony shakes Joaquin and Cruz’ hands. Santos hesitates before shaking Tony’s hand. Tony says he has the strongest family in NXT and it is about time he not only has the title of The Don, but a title around his waist.

Carmelo Hayes interrupts and he comes to the ring with Trick Williams.

Carmelo says he did not hear Tony talking about his championship. I promise you that you want no problems with me or my title.

Tony tells Carmelo he has been warned to stay out of his business. You interrupt me, bad move. You and your title have become my business.

Trick says that they don’t deal with threats so Carmelo will be coming for Tony.

Tony says Carmelo may think he is great but he is not the Don of NXT. You don’t call the shots, I do. Tony D’Angelo versus Carmelo Hayes for the NXT North American Championship next week.

Two Dimes suggests that they face Hayes and Williams tonight.

Tony asks them if they want a match.

Hayes says he does not call the shots, he makes them and he says they look like an easy lay up.

Duke Hudson walks in the back.

Bron Breakker walks in the back as well.

We go to commercial..

We are back and Mandy Rose says that Roxanne Perez steps into the big league. After our match, you will be begging for that contract back. Jacy says that Cora and Roxanne are perfect for each other. Gigi says that Indi is the most desperate person in NXT.

Mandy says they will show why they are the most dominant faction in NXT.

Match Number Five: Bron Breakker versus Duke Hudson for the NXT Men’s Championship

Hudson attacks Breakker before the bell rings. Hudson misses a splash and Breakker with a series of slams to Hudson. Breakker with a spear. Breakker presses Hudson over his head for a power slam and the three count.

Winner: Bron Breakker (retains championship)

After the match, Cameron Grimes makes his way to the ring. He tells Bron he wanted to come out here and finish their conversation from earlier. Since you took this place by storm, we haven’t really had a chance to talk yet. Grimes says where he is at in this business, he doesn’t care. He is going to say what is on his mind. Everyone knows if you didn’t have that last name, you wouldn’t have that championship. I respect the hell out of you. You didn’t eat off a silver platter, but you ate better than me. That is how this business is. Your daddy is a legend. He even has a Hall of Fame ring. Everyone knows who your daddy is but no one knew who mine was.

That’s fine. That’s the problem. You get everything because of your dad. He got to sit in the crowd and watch you win the title, but mine didn’t. My dad had to look down to see me win the title. You are built like a truck and every time you step in the ring, you get better. You don’t have my heart and I will put it up against anyone in this business. I am tired of cutting the line and using catchphrases. He challenges Bron for the title at the Great American Bash.

They shake hands and Bron tells Grimes he’s got it.

Tatum Paxley is on the phone and Ivy Nile shows up. Ivy says she has been watching the work that Tatum has been putting in and she tells her to keep it up.

Roderick asks Ivy why is she talking to Tatum after running her down. Ivy says that she has been impressed with what Tatum has done. Strong tells her no excuses and that is the Diamond Mine way.

The Creeds show up and Strong asks them why did they shake hands with their opponents. Julius says they got Roderick and Damon a match for next week.

Strong says his ankle isn’t 100 percent and Ivy tells him no excuses.

We have a video package for Giovanni Vinci because he is next.

We are back with a look at highlights from the NXT house shows over the past weekend.

McKenzie Mitchell is with Robert Stone, Von Wagner, and Sofia Cromwell. McKenzie asks Von about his match next week against Brooks Jensen.

Stone calls Brooks Jensen a Liar because of what happened last week. Sofia says it will never happen again. Next week, it will be one on one and Von will show his dominance.

Match Number Six: Giovanni Vinci versus Guru Raaj

They lock up and Vinci with a wrist lock take down into an arm bar. Vinci with an arm bar. Raaj with a reversal and Vinci with a wrist lock take down. Vinci with a head butt to the midsection and a side head lock take down. Raaj with punches but Vinci with a forearm and he tries for a slam but Raaj escapes. Vinci with a shoulder tackle. Vinci with kicks to the head. Raaj with punches and Raaj goes for a sunset flip but Vinci stays on his feet. Raaj with a drop kick and Vinci does not move. Vinci with a chop and a springboard cross body. Vinci with chops. Vinci with an Irish whip and Raaj gets his boot up but Vinci with a clothesline and a sit out power bomb for the three count.

Winner: Giovanni Vinci

Solo Sikoa is in the back with McKenzie Mitchell. Solo says he wants the North American championship.

Grayson Waller shows up and says that Sikoa says he has next but he rode the coattails of the guy from Raw. Solo says that Crews took care of Waller.

Sikoa challenges Waller to a match next week.

Waller says that is fine.

Edris tells Malik not to be depressed about their loss. They are ready to go to the club.

Grimes shows up and asks them where are they going. Grimes says you lost and you are going to the club. Edris says they will get another chance. Grimes asks if there will be more opportunities. We do what we want at the place we want to work. Do you think it is right to leave before the show is over? You need to go to the club. You could be the biggest star in the company but you aren’t hungry. Grimes tells Edris he doesn’t want him to waste his talent because Cameron Grimes doesn’t.

Match Number Seven: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams versus Troy Donovan and Channing Lorenzo (with Tony D’Angelo, Cruz del Toro, Joaquin Wilde, and Santos Escobar)

Williams and Donovan start things off. Donovan with forearms and a wrist lock. Williams with a punch to Donovan. Lorenzo tags in and he connects with elbows. Williams with a punch and Lorenzo punches back and applies a side head lock. Hayes tags in and hits a drop kick. Hayes with punches to Lorenzo. D’Angelo distracts Hayes when Hayes goes for a springboard move. Lorenzo sends Hayes to the floor and tags in Donovan. Donovan sends Hayes into the ring steps and then he gets a near fall when they get back into the ring. Lorenzo tags in and Donovan puts Hayes in the tree of woe and Lorenzo with kicks. Donovan tags in and he kicks Hayes. Lorenzo tags in and Hayes with elbows. Lorenzo with a knee and Hayes with a clothesline.

Donovan tags in and connects with an elbow drop for a near fall. Donovan with a knee and a snap mare. Donovan with a bow and arrow. Donovan with forearms to Hayes. Lorenzo tags in and he goes up top. Donovan with a back breaker and Hayes pulls Donovan out of the way and Lorenzo misses an elbow drop. Williams tags in and connects with a punch and a flying shoulder tackle. Donovan is sent to the floor and Williams with a flap jack. Wilde and Cruz get on the apron. Cruz with a springboard cross body to Lorenzo.

Hayes tags in and hits a leg drop for the three count.

Winners: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams

After the match, Tony yells at Wilde, Cruz, and Escobar.

We go to commercial with the two teams in the main event walking in the back.

We are back and Tony tells Santos, Joaquin, and Cruz to do what he tells them. They were supposed to help Stacks and Two Dimes. He tells them to be better next time. Next time, is next week when he faces Carmelo Hayes for the North American Championship.

Next week, Lash Legend faces Alba Fyre. Grayson Waller faces Solo Sikoa.

Match Number Eight: Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, and Jacy Jayne versus Roxanne Perez, Cora Jade, and Indi Hartwell

Cora and Mandy start things off. They lock up and Mandy backs Jade into the ropes. Mandy with a clean break. Mandy backs into the ropes to avoid Cora. Jacy tags in. Jacy pie faces Jade and Jacy with a shoulder tackle. Jade blocks a hip toss and gets a near fall with a rollup. Jayne with a neck breaker for a near fall. Jade with a jaw breaker and a forearm. Mandy tags in and Jade with an arm drag into an arm bar. Indi tags in and she works on the arm. Indi with a wrist lock. Mandy with a reversal. Mandy with a hammer lock. Mandy backs Indi into the ropes. Indi with a side slam and she gets a near fall. Mandy goes to the floor to regroup.

All six women get in the ring and Cora, Roxanne, and Indi kick Mandy, Jacy, and Gigi to the floor. Mandy with a waist lock to Indi and Indi backs Mandy into the corner. Indi sends Mandy into the turnbuckles. Perez tags in and she connects with a forearm. Roxanne sends Mandy into the turnbuckles and connects with a European uppercut. Cora tags in and she connects with a forearm to the back. Cora with a front face lock but Mandy with an Irish whip. Gigi tags in and she snap mares Cora and applies a reverse chin lock. Cora with elbows and a double sledge. Cora with a snap mare and drop kick for a near fall. Perez tags in and they hit a double super kick.

Roxanne gets a near fall. Jayne tags in and chops Perez. Jayne with a snap mare and she stretches Perez. Perez with arm drags and she tries for a head scissors but Jayne blocks it and gets a near fall. Perez gets a near fall. Jayne with a rolling elbow and a back senton for a near fall. Jayne gets Perez on her shoulders but Perez gets to her feet and she chops Jayne. Jayne chops back. They go to forearms. Jayne with the advantage. Perez with a knee and Indi tags in. Mandy tags in and Indi with a shoulder tackle or two to Mandy. Indi blocks a kick and sends Mandy face first to the mat. Indi with punches for a near fall. Indi with a European uppercut and Jade tags in. Mandy with a forearm and Jade with a head scissors take down. Jade with a kick and a springboard double stomp to the back for a near fall.

Jade with a knee in the ropes. Gigi and Jacy distract Jade and Mandy grabs Jade but Jade with a forearm. Mandy with a spinebuster for a near fall. Jayne makes the tag and she snap mares Jade and kicks her in the back. Jade with forearms to the midsection and Jayne with a kick. Jayne with a suplex and she gets a near fall. Jayne backs Jade into the corner and Gigi tags in. Gigi with a punch to the midsection for a near fall. Mandy tags in and she punches Jade. Jad with a rollup for a near fall. Jade with a clothesline. Jade crawls to make the tag and Indi makes the tag but the referee does not see it. Gigi tags in and she applies an arm bar to Jade. Gigi with a bow and arrow and Jade with a lateral press counter for a near fall.

Gigi kicks Jade and then she knocks Indi off the apron. Perez tags in and she connects with a clothesline. Perez with a Thesz Press and punches to Dolin. Perez with an elbow into the corner followed by an uppercut. Perez with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Jayne stops the cover. Indi stops Jayne. Mandy sends Indi to the floor and Indi sends Mandy to the floor. Indi keeps Jayne outside the ring and Indi clotheslines Mandy on the floor. Perez kicks Gigi and Jade tags in and hits a back senton off the turnbuckles. Perez tags in and she gets the three count.

Winners: Indi Hartwell, Cora Jade, and Roxanne Perez

Credit: PWInsider.com