WWE NXT Results – November 13, 2019

WWE NXT Results – November 13, 2019

We see what happened last won NXT when The OC sent a message to NXT.

We are at Full Sail University and your announcers are Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix.

Match Number One: Lio Rush versus Angel Garza for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Both men stare each other down and Garza offers his hand to Rush. Garza misses a slap and Rush stops and goes around Garza. Garza holds on to the ropes on an O’Connor Roll attempt. Garza flips Rush and Rush lands on his feet. Garza goes into the crowd and removes his outer pants and tosses them to Lio’s wife. Rush with a plancha. Rush with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Rush misses a round kick and Garza avoids a slingshot cutter. Rush sends Garza to the floor and Rush with a drop kick through the r. Rush with a suicide dive but Garza catches Rush and hits a power slam on the floor.

Garza sends Rush into the apron. Garza with a slingshot reverse suplex. Garza gets a near fall. Garza sends Rush into the turnbuckles and connects with a series of knees to the midsection. Rush with punches and then Garza with a pop up knee to Rush. Garza gets Rush on his shoulders and Rush counters with a rana and he gets a near fall. Garza with a punch to Rush and then he applies a wrist lock and traps the other Garza with a bow and arrow. Garza with punches but Rush punches back. . Rush with a springboard back elbow for a near fall. Garza with a chop. Rush has a kick blocked and Garza with a knee to the chest. Rush with a series of kicks. Garza with a drop kick to counter the slingshot cutter. Garza misses a moonsault. Rush with a swinging Unprettier for a near fall. Rush goes up top and Garza crotches him. Garza goes up top and hits a super Fallaway slam for a near fall.

Garza goes to the ropes but Rush grabs the leg.. Rush with punches and he hits Spanish Fly. Rush with a round kick. Rush hits the slingshot cutter and holds on. Rush with a slap and he goes for a second one but Garza blocks it and he hits the Wing Clipper for a near fall. Garza sets for the Wing Clipper and he goes to the turnbuckles and climbs. Rush and Garza with head butts oon the turnbuckles and Rush with a rana. Rush goes up top and hits a frog splash for a near fall.

Rush goes up top again and hits a frog splash with Garza holding on to the ropes to get to his feet and Rush gets the three count.

Winner: Lio Rush (retains Championship)

We go outside and Tegan Nox and Rhea Ripley are down as officials check on them.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what has happened with Shayna Baszler over the last two weeks.

Match Number Two: Xia Li versus Aliyah (with Vanessa Borne)

Borne distracts Li but Aliyah cannot capitalize. Aliyah sends Li to the mat but Li with a rollup. Li with spinning back fists and Li pulls Borne into the ring when Borne grabs Aliyah. Aliyah goes into the ropes and she pulls Li into the ropes. Aliyah with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Aliyah with kicks to the back. Aliyah with a kick and Li with a forearm and kick. Li with an Irish whip and cartwheel into a forearm. Aliyah gets out of a fireman’s carry but Li with a spinning back heel kick for the three count.

Winner: Xia Li

After the match, Vanessa and the medical staff check on Aliyah.

We have a video package for Killian Dain and Pete Dunne.

Killian Dain is in the back.

We go to commercial.

Finn Balor makes his way to the ring.

Finn says this is it? This is NXT now? What happened to this place and this business that he loved? He used to be proud of this place, but now it is a joke. That was the heart of NXT? That was what the hype was all about? Johnny Gargano? Johnny is still sore about something from three weeks ago. Finn says he built this place and a bunch of boys moved in. People looking for sympathy after getting hurt. Don’t get him started about Matt Riddle. Finn says he is begging for someone to come into this ring and challenge him.

Matt Riddle comes from behind and attacks Balor but Balor with a kick. Riddle kicks Balor and they go to the floor. Riddle sends Balor into the guardrails and Balor is kicked over the guardrails.

Riddle says Balor can’t run forever. Riddle calls Balor a putz and . . .

The Undisputed Era makes their way to the ring and they circle Riddle.

Adam Cole says wrong place at the wrong time.

Tommaso Ciampa comes out and do does Keith Lee.

Cole asks how stupid can you guys be? Did you see what they did on Smackdown? Did you see what they did on Raw? They are the most dominant force on all of WWE.

Keith Lee says he doesn’t give a damn. He tells the Undisputed Era to get their asses in the ring.

Keith says if you don’t want to get in the ring, he will give you a little appreciation. You beat Daniel Bryan and you didn’t back down from Seth Rollins. Here is the thing champ . . . the question is right here and right now, are you going to stand up to him?

Roderick Strong tells Keith to shut his mouth. Do you know who you are talking to? This man had the most successful stretch of anyone in WWE over the last two weeks and Cole deserves a night off. If you want a fight tonight, you have to fight him.

Keith says he is not that picky.

Lee marks a line on the mat and Fish says they will cross that line.

Officials come tot he ring to keep both sides separated before the match can start.

Match Number Three: Keith Lee versus Roderick Strong in a Non Title Match

Lee biels Strong over the top rope into the ring as we go to commercial.

Strong with punches and Lee sends Strong high into the air and then down to the mat face first. Lee gets a near fall. Lee chokes Strong. Lee with a punch to the midsection. Strong with forearms and Lee with forearms of his own. Lee with a chop but Strong with a kick and he comes off the turnbuckles but Lee catches Strong and Lee curls Strong while Strong connects with elbows. Lee with a slam for a near fall. Lee with an arm bar and a rake of the face. Strong with a chop and kicks. Strong with punches and a shoulder tackle to Lee on his knees but Strong bounces off. Lee catches Strong with Strong tries to float over. Strong with chops but Lee chops back. Lee picks up Strong and sets for a superplex but Strong kicks Lee and crotches him in the turnbuckles.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Strong and Lee exchange forearms. Strong with a drop kick that sends Lee to the floor. Strong comes off the apron but Lee catches him and sends Strong back into the ring. Strong with two drop kicks to knock Lee down. Lee sends Strong into the guardrails and then they return to the ring. Strong with forearms to the back and the head. Strong with more forearms to Lee and Lee pushes Strong away. Strong with a flying boot for a near fall. Strong with a camel clutch and Lee gets to his feet. Strong rakes at the face and clips Lee. Strong with a forearm as he exchange words with Lee. Lee with punches as he holds on to Strong’s hand. Lee with a splash into the corner followed by a biel. Lee with a forearm and overhead belly-to-belly throw for a near fall. Strong with elbows to get off the shoulders. Lee with a back breaker for a near fall.

Lee pulls Strong into the corner and Keith goes to the turnbuckles. He picks up Strong and Strong with forearms to get to the mat. Lee pushes Strong down and Strong with a punch and Strong sets for a superplex. Lee pushes Strong to the mat but Strong with an enzuigiri. Strong goes back up top and he sets for a superplex. Lee knocks Strong off the turnbuckles but Strong with a knee. Strong hits a superplex for a near fall. Strong sets for the Strong Hold but Strong cannot turn Lee over. Lee kicks Strong away and Strong with a forearm to the back. Strong with a chop and Lee with a forearm. They go back and forth with forearms but Lee with a chop. Strong with a series of kicks and then he hits a series of running forearms as Strong runs the ropes until Lee takes Strong down with a clothesline.

The rest of Undisputed Era make their way tot he ring but Tommaso Ciampa comes out and attacks Cole and Kyle. Riddle deals with Fish and sends him into the ring steps. Riddle with a kick to Fish and Balor with Slingblade and a double stomp to Riddle. Balor drop kicks Riddle into the ring steps.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, there is a match going on as Lee watches what happened on the floor. Strong with a jumping knee and Olympic Slam for a near fall. Strong with a back senton but Lee gets Strong up for the Supernova and the three count.

Winner: Keith Lee

After the match, Undisputed Era attack Lee and then they also work over Ciampa in the ring.

Dominik Dijakovic make his way tot he ring and Dominik takes care of the Undisputed Era. Dijakovic with a double choke slam to Kyle and Bobby. Dominik with Feast Your Eyes to Cole.

Dominik tells Ciampa that he is in. Ciampa and Dijakovic shake hands. Dijakovic turns into Keith Lee and they go face to face. Lee offers his hand and Dijakovi shakes it.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the announcers talking about what just happened with the Undisputed Era, Tommaso Ciampa’s War Games team, and Finn Balor.

We go outside and we see Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir down.

We also see Candice LeRae down.

Match Number Four: Isaiah Scott versus Bronson Reed

Reed with a wrist lock and Scott uses teh ropes for a reversal into a waist lock. Reed with a shoulder tackle. Scott gets back to his feet. Scott with a wrist lock and Reed with a reversal. Reed misses a splash into the corner and Scott goes to the turnbuckles for a missile drop kick but Reed with a shoulder tackle. Reed with head butts to Scott. Scott with chops. Reed with a side head lock. Reed sits on Scott’s back. Reed with a sit down splash to the back. Scott with a deadlift waist lock and Scott is tossed over the top rope by Reed. Scott escapes from Reed on the floor and Scott sends Reed into the ring post as we go to commercial.

We are back and Reed with a waist lock and Scott with elbows. Scott lands on his feet on a German suplex attempt. Scott with kicks to Reed followed by a European uppercut off the turnbuckles to Reed’s back. Reed with a forearm but Scott with a rolling flatliner for a near fall. Scott with a short clothesline to Reed but Reed stays on his feet. Scott with a discus clothesline that does not move Reed. Reed with a clothesline and back senton. Reed goes to the turnbuckles and Scott with a thrust kick to the arm. Scott with a punch and he applies a double wrist lock. Reed gets Scott and sets for a super Tombstone but Scott with kicks and he kicks Reed to get him into the ropes and Scott hits a hanging DDT for a near fall.

Scott with an elbow to the arm and shoulder. Scott with a running back elbow and then he goes for a rolling move again but Reed with a sit out spinebuster. Reed with a Mori Driver for a near fall. Reed goes for a suplex but Scott is able to get to the apron. Scott drops the arm on the top rope and Scott goes for a slingshot move but Reed blocks it. Scott with a triangle. Reed with chops and Scott with a series of kicks. Scott goes for a sunset flip but Reed tries to drop down but Scott moves. Scott with a jumping back heel kick to the head for the three count.

Winner: Isaiah Scott

After the match, Reed and Scott shake hands.

We go to Cathy Kelley on the Game Balcony and she mentions that the men and women are on high alert after what has happened already tonight. She says she does not know who is behind the attacks. She mentions that Finn Balor will face Matt Riddle at War Games and Dominik Dijakovic will be taking Riddle’s place.

We see Pete Dunne getting ready for his match as we go to commercial.

We are back with a Forgotten Sons video package. They say if they are not going to be given an opportunity, they will take it.

Match Number Five: Killian Dain versus Pete Dunne

Damian Priest attacks Dain as Dain makes his way to the ring. Priest kicks Dain on the ramp. Dunne goes after Priest and they exchange punches. Dain joins in and he goes after Dunne but Prieest punches Dain. Officials come out to separate all three men.

Dain with a bicycle kick to Dunne. Priest sends Dain into the ring steps.

Priest with a round kick as Dunne is held by security. Priest takes care of security and he gives one of them Splash Mountain onto everyone outside the ring.

Dain and Dunne exchange punches on the floor and Priest with a springboard plancha onto Dunne and Dain.

Mia Yim is asked about her match against Io Shirai and the chaos that has happened so far tonight. Mia says she expects nothing less from Raw and Smackdown. Ciampa said it best when he said they are the main roster. Anyone can come after her. Last week, she got her spot in WarGames and tonight, she gets the advantage.

Dakota Kai enters the room and she says there are no hard feelings. Dakota says if anything happens tonight, she has Mia’s back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see that Riddle versus Balor is on for War Games, but Tommaso Ciampa needs a fourth member of his team.

Next week, Adam Cole faces Dominik Dijakovic in a Ladder match to determine the advantage for the men’s War Games match.

Match Number Five: Io Shirai versus Mia Yim in a Which Team Gets the Advantage in War Games Ladder Match

Io with punches and a biel. Yim keeps Io in the ring but Io lands on her feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt. Io drop kicks Mia to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Io tries to get the ladder but Mia stops her. Mia sends Io into the apron. Mia gets the ladder and puts it into the ring but Io with a drop kick. Mia pulls Io to the floor and then drops Io onto a ladder on the floor. Mia enters the ring and tries to set up the ladder but Io with a kick from behind and she sends Mia to the floor. Mia grabs the ladder to stop Io and she pulls Io into the ropes with the ladder. Mia Irish whips Io towards the ladder but Io goes under. Mia goes after Io and Io kicks the ladder into Mia. Mia closes the ladder onto Io’s hands. Io is sent to the floor and Io pulls Mia out of the ring and drops her on the floor. Io picks up the ladder on the floor and she tries to hit Mia with it but Mia gets out of the way. Mia with a chop.

Io with a forearm and she sends Mia into the guardrails. Io with a chop. Mia grabs Io’s ankle to keep Io from getting back into the ring. Io kicks Mia. Mia sends Io into the apron and then into the ring steps. Mia gets back into the ring. Io grabs the ladder to stop Mia. They each hold an end of the ladder and Mia sends Io to the mat. Mia goes for a suplex but Io blocks it. Io goes for a suplex and Mia blocks it. Mia suplexes Io onto the ladder. Mia pulls the ladder towards the corner and then puts the ladder against the turnbuckles. Mia with a forearm to the back but Io tries to Irish whip Mia into the ladder but Mia stops short. Io avoids being sent into the ladder. Io puts Mia on the ladder and Io runs into a drop kick. Mia with a forearm and Io fires back. They continue to go back and forth with forearms.

Io with forearms and it staggers Yim. Io with an uppercut and Mia goes down. Mia struggles to get back to her feet and Io kicks Mia in the back and chokes Mia in the ropes. Io with a Tiger Feint Kick. Io goes for the ladder but Mia stops her. Io with a flapjack and both women are down. Mia stops Io from moving the ladder. Io goes for a Tiger Driver and Mia with a back body drop but Io lands on her feet. Io charges at Mia and Mia with an overhead belly-to-belly throw onto the ladder. Mia is the first to set up the ladder under the case. Mia climbs the ladder but Io grabs the ankle. Mia kicks Io. Mia with more kicks to Io. Mia is sent face first into the ladder by Io and Io pushes the ladder over. Io puts Mia in the ladder and Io closes the ladder onto Mia numerous times.

Io goes to the floor and gets another ladder from under the ring. Io kicks Mia and kicks the first ladder to the floor. Mia with Protect Ya Neck to Io. Mia grabs the ladder but Io with a springboard drop kick into the ladder and Mia is bleeding heavily from the face. The medical staff checks on Mia due to the damage she suffered from the drop kick. Io tries to get the ladder set up despite the damage done to her hand. Io struggles to be able to climb the ladder as referees check on Mia and Io. Mia pulls Io off the ladder and Mia climbs the ladder and Io pulls Mia off with a German suplex. Io with a running double knee strike to Mia in the corner. Io is dropped on the turnbuckles and Mia with a rake of the back. Mia with a forearm to the back and Mia sets for a superplex. Io with a head butt and Mia falls to the floor.

Dakota Kai makes her way to the ring to check on Mia. Io with a moonsault onto Dakota and Mia. Io gets back into the ring and she pulls the ladder into position. Io climbs the ladder but Dakota with a forearm and sit out power bomb. Dakota helps Mia into the ring. Mia climbs the ladder but Kay Lee Ray sends Dakota into the ring steps and then Mia is pushed off the ladder and Mia falls to the floor through a ladder. Ray helps Io up the ladder. Io gets the case for the advantage.

Winner: Io Shirai

After the match, Bianca Belair joins Io and Kay Lee in the ring.

Shayna Baszler makes her way to the ring and Kay Lee waves to her and Shayna applauds what is going on in the ring.

Bayley hits Shayna from behind with a chair. Bayley with a snap mare driver onto the NXT title belt.

Bayley escapes before Io, Bianca, or Kay Lee can get out to help her.

We go to credits.

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