WWE NXT Results – September 18, 2019

WWE NXT Results – September 18, 2019

We begin with Triple H saying that there are moments in life when things change at the blink of an eye. Don’t Blink. We will show that we are not the future. We are the now. There is something special in the atmosphere. We are not your kind. We are here. We are live.

Now, let us show you.

Triple H makes his way into the arena at Full Sail.

We are at Full Sail University and your announcers are Nigel McGuinness, Mauro Ranallo, and Beth Phoenix.

Match Number One: Io Shirai versus Candice LeRae versus Mia Yim versus Bianca Belair in a Number One Contender Match

LeRae goes after Io as the bell rings while Bianca with forearms to Mia. Io and MIa are sent to the floor. Bianca with a shoulder tackle to LeRae and Bianca presses Candice over her had and drops her to the mat. Bianca with a handspring moonsault to Candice for a near fall while knocking Io off the apron. Mia with a guillotine but Bianca with a suplex to counter for a near fall. Io with a Tiger Feint Kick to Mia. Io kicks Candice from the apron and then hits a springboard drop kick for a near fall on Bianca.

Mia with a tornado DDT on Belair for a near fall that is broken up by Candice. Candice with forearms and chops in the corner. Candice with a splash into the corner and then she hits a faceplant on Io on the apron. Belair with a Fallaway Slam to Candice on the floor. Mia with a suicide dive to Candice and Belair. Io with a moonsault onto Candice and Mia as we go to commercial.

We are back and Candice with a power bomb to Io while Mia hits a superplex on Bianca in a Tower of Doom. Candice with an Octopus on Io but Mia with a boot to the head and Bianca with a spinebuster to Mia. Io with a butterfly back breaker to Belair. Candice with a German suplex to Io and Io goes to the floor. Candice goes for a reverse rana but Bianca blocks it and sends Candice into the turnbuckles. Mia stops the KOD and Mia hits Code Red on Belair but Io breaks up the cover. Mia with a waist lock and Io with a standing switch. Belair spears them both. Belair with the KOD on LeRae but Mia breaks up the cover. Mia with Protect Ya Neck to Belair but Bianca goes to the floor.

Io drop kicks Mia to the floor. Io with a running double knee strike on LeRae. Mia pushes Io off the turnbuckles onto Belair on the floor. Candice stops Mia on the turnbuckles and they exchange punches. Mia tries for a power bomb but Candice holds on to the ropes. Candice with a reverse rana and Candice with a quebrada for the three count.

Winner: Candice LeRae

Shayna Baszler comes out with Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke to confront Candice on the stage. Shayna holds the title belt in Candice’s face.

We go to Adam Cole. He says there is only one man who deserves to rule the world. That is not a threat, that is Undisputed.

Adam Cole is with the other members of Undisputed Era as they watch Roderick Strong get ready for his match against Velveteen Dream.

We see Velveteen Dream getting ready as well.

We go to commercial.

We are back.with a video package for Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee.

Nigel mentions that we will see them wrestle next week on NXT.

Mauro mentions the Street Fight between Matt Riddle and Killian Dain. We have a video package.

Match Number Two: Sean Maluta versus Cameron Grimes

Grimes with a jumping double stomp as Maluta charges at him and Grimes gets the three count.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

We have a video package for Velveteen Dream and Roderick Strong to show what led to tonight’s title match. We see Roderick setting Dream’s couch on fire. Dream says his championship will not go up in flames and if you believe that you are lying to yourself. Dream says he has a message for Roderick Strong. Fire is catching and if the Dream burns, you will burn with us. Dream over.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video for Damian Priest. He says this is where his name will live forever.

Match Number Three: Roderick Strong versus Velveteen Dream for the North American Championship

Strong backs Dream into the corner and Dream with a front face lock. Strong goes for the leg but Dream does not go down and he backs Strong into the corner. Dream with a clean break. Strong with a double leg take down but Dream with a front face lock. Dream with a wrist lock. Dream with an arm bar and he keeps Strong on the mat. Strong with a hammer lock. Dream with an Irish whip and Strong floats over and Dream clotheslines Strong to the floor. Strong gets back on the apron and Dream waits for Strong to re-enter the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dream with a shoulder tackle and he gets a near fall. Dream with another shoulder tackle and another near fall. Dream goes to the floor and he punches Strong. Dream with a drop kick for a near fall. Dream with an uppercut and a chop off the turnbuckles. Strong goes to the floor and Dream with a double sledge to the floor. Dream is knocked off the apron by Strong. Strong with a back drop driver onto the guardrails. Dream rolls to the floor but Strong with a drop kick through the ropes. Strong runs Dream back first into the apron and then Strong kicks Dream.

Strong gets a near fall. Strong with punches to Dream and then he applies a reverse chin lock. Dream gets a near fall. Strong with a chop in the corner. Strong with another chop and Dream feels the impact. Strong with a forearm to the back and Strong with a kick to the back. Strong kicks Dream in the back and he applies a front face lock and gets a near fall. Dream with a jaw breaker but Strong with a back breaker. Strong gets a near fall. Strong has his feet on the ropes and the referee refuses to make the count. Strong sets for a half nelson back breaker but Dream with an elbow. Strong with a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Strong with a single leg sweep and he goes for the Strong Hold.

Dream escapes and goes for a Sharpshooter but Strong kicks Dream away. Strong misses a drop kick through the ropes and Dream sends Strong into the ring steps.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Strong with chops to Dream. Strong puts Dream on the turnbuckles and sets for a superplex. Strong with forearms on the turnbuckles. Dream with punches to try to stop Strong. Dream and Strong with punches and Strong is sent to the mat. Dream goes for a double sledge and hits it off the turnbuckles. Dream with clotheslines and a kick. Dream with a super kick for a near fall. Dream rolls through for the Dream Valley Driver but Strong escapes. Dream with a rollup for a near fall. Dream sets for a swinging reverse DDT for a near fall.

Dream goes up top and Strong rolls to the floor. Dream goes to a different turnbuckle. Dream with punches to Strong on the apron and Dream tries to suplex Strong back into the ring. Strong blocks it and brings Dream onto the apron. Strong escapes a Death Valley Driver on the apron and Strong with a kick to stop Dream. Strong with a butterfly hold but Dream gets to his feet and he slaps Strong. Strong with a running knee. Strong ties Dream in the ropes. Strong with running forearms to Dream while Dream is caught in the ropes. Strong with a back breaker followed by a Gibson Driver for near fall. Strong with a Strong Hold. Strong keeps Dream from getting to the ropes. Dream finally gets to the ropes.

Kyle O’Reilly, Adam Cole, and Bobby Fish make their way to ringside.

Cole tells Strong to finish Dream. Dream and Strong with punches. Dream gets the advantage and hits a back body drop. Dream looks around and sees the Undisputed Era at ringside. Strong sends Dream into the corner and Dream accidentally hits the referee.

Dream with a Dream Valley Driver and he hits Cole with a super kick and he punches Kyle. Dream with a jumping knee and End of Heartache for a near fall. Dream hits a Dream Valley Driver and Cole super kicks Dream and Strong hits End of Heartache for the three count.

Winner: Roderick Strong (new Champion)

After the match, The Undisputed Era celebrate with all of the gold.

We are back and Undisputed is still celebrating with all of the men’s gold.

Mauro reminds us that Candice LeRae is the new number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.

We are told that we will see Candice LeRae versus Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship on October 2nd.

Match Number Four: Pete Dunne versus Arturo Ruas

Ruas avoids Dunne and then Ruas with a double leg take down. Dunne with a front face lock. Dunne with a take down and Ruas wtih a waist lock. Dunne with a break but Ruas with a flying body scissors. Dunne escapes an arm bar and applies one of his own. Dunne with a forearm. Dunne stomps on the foot to try to get out of a head and arm choke. Dunne with a clothesline. Dunne works on the hand and he puts the hand on the mat and stomps on the elbow. Dunne misses a second stomp and Ruas with a knee lift and kick to the head. Ruas with punches and he gets a near fall.

Ruas works on Dunne’s hand and slams it into the mat. Ruas with kicks to the chest and Dunne with chops. Ruas with a kick to the knee. Dunne blocks a kick and grabs the foot and then hits a dragon screw leg whip. Dunne with kicks to the leg and Dunne flips over Ruas and hits an enzuigiri followed by a German suplex. Dunne leaps onto Ruas’ hands and Dunne with a kick for a near fall. Dunne with another round kick followed by an X Plex for a near fall. Dunne kicks Ruas in the hand and then Dunne stomps on the head. Dunne with a triangle with elbows to the head. Ruas escapes with a cartwheel and he kicks Dunne and hits a German suplex for a near fall.

Dunne with a kick to the head and Ruas with a jumping knee. Ruas misses a kick and Dunne with an enzugiri followed by a suplex into a triangle. Dunne pulls at the fingers and Ruas taps out.

Winner: Pete Dunne

We are back with a video feature on Dakota Kai. Dakota will return next week.

Match Number Five: Xia Li versus Aliyah (with Vanessa Borne)

They lock up and Li with a side head lock. Lia with a headstand on the turnbuckles and she goes to the apron and kicks Aliyah. Li with a running drop kick. Li with a waist lock and Aliyah with a standing switch and kick. Li with a jaw breaker and Aliyah misses a splash into the corner. Li with a forearm but she misses a splash into the corner. Li with a series of kicks to Aliyah followed by a spinning back heel kick. Li with a leg sweep and a tornado kick for the three count.

Winner: Xia Li

We see Oney Lorcan and Lio Rush in the back getting ready for their match.

Denzel DeJournette makes his way to the ring for his match with KUSHIDA.

As DeJournette makes his way into the ring, Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel, and Fabian Aichner make their way to the ring and Wolfe with a German suplex. Aichner gets DeJournette up for a European uppercut from Barthel from the turnbuckles.

WWE UK Champion WALTER makes his way to the ring to join the member of Imperium.

WALTER says we are Imperium and this mat is sacred. They are here to restore the honor and tradition of our sport. From this day forth, those who disrespect the tradition, their time will be spent answering to the Ring General.

KUSHIDA comes out and he says this is his time. Your time belongs to him. KUSHDA kicks Wolfe and he takes care of Barthel and Aichner. WALTER brings KUSHDA Into the ring and KUSHIDA with a kick and he goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Six: Oney Lorcan versus Lio Rush in a Number One Contender Match

Lorcan with a series of running European uppercuts into the corner followed by a Blockbuster for a near fall. Lorcan goes for a half and half suplex but Rush with an arm drag and then he kicks Lorcan off the apron and follows with a series of suicide dives. Rush sends Lorcan back into the ring and Rush with a running forearm into the corner. Lorcan with an Irish whip and Rush floats over and Rush misses a flying clothesline. Rush with a head scissors take down followed by a kick for a near fall.

Lio with a kick to the chest but Lorcan blocks a second kick and hits a dragon screw leg whip. Lorcan with chops. Lorcan with a hard Irish whip and Rush is caught in the ropes and Lorcan with a European uppercut or two. Lorcan drops Rush on the top rope and hits a European uppercut to send Rush to the floor. The referee starts his count and Rush struggles to get back into the ring. Lorcan with a gutwrench into a Doctor Bomb for a near fall. Lio with punches to Lorcan followed by a chop. Lorcan with a single leg take down into a single leg crab. Rush is able to turn over and he kicks Lorcan to get out of the hold.

Lorcan with a chop. Lorcan with a slam for a near fall. Lorcan with a chop and Rush goes down. Lorcan with another chop. Rush with a slingshot cutter for a near fall. Rush goes to the turnbuckles and he goes up top. Rush goes for a frog splash but he lands on his feet and his knee gives out. Lorcan sets for a power bomb but Rush gets to his feet. Lorcan with a boot and power bomb into a single leg crab. Rush kicks Lorcan away. Rush with a kick to the knee but Lorcan blocks a kick and he reapplies the single leg crab.

Rush tries to get to the ropes but Lorcan pulls Rush into the center of the ring and applies an STF. Lorcan turns it into a reverse chin lock and Rush gets to the ropes to force Lorcan to release the hold. Lorcan sets for a slap bur Rush ducks and hits a series of strikes. Rush with a slap of his own. Lorcan does not appreciate that and Lorcan slaps Rush many times. Rush with a Standing C4. Rush goes up top for a frog splash and hits it for the three count.

Winner: Lio Rush

We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven: Matt Riddle versus Killian Dain in a Street Fight

Dain with a flying drop kick as the bell rings. Riddle wtih a German suplex and an exploder. Riddle goes for a back senton but Dain gets his knees up. Dain goes to the floor.and he looks under the ring and gets a kendo stick. Riddle blocks the kendo stick and Riddle with an elbow and then he hits Dain with the kendo stick. Dain with a back body drop and Dain gets the kendo stick and hits Riddle with it. Dain with a back senton to Riddle on the floor. They fight into the back ans we see the Forgotten Sons as Riddle continues with forearms to Riddle. Dain sends Riddle into the production truck. Dain with forearms and we see WALTER watch Riddle hit a knee. WALTER with a forarm and he chokes out Riddle. Aichner, Wolfe,and Barthel attack Riddle. Everyone in the locker room join in the brawl.

Jaxson Ryker attacks Riddle but Dain stops Ryker and they return into the arena. Everyone else follows as the mayhem spreads into the arena. Dain and Riddle are in the ring and Riddle with a spear and security separates Dain and Riddle. Riddle with a German suplex to a member of the security detail. Dain attacks anyone who tries to stop him. Everyone gets into the ring as things continue to break down.

Aichner and Riddle brawl in the aisle while Dain takes care of Barthel.

Dain wants Riddle and Dain with a suicide dive onto a number of people.

We go to credits.

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